Electronic cigarette side effects


If you are a smoker, then you might be concerned about the possibility of side effects from electronic cigarettes. I am sure you are already well aware of the dangers of tobacco, and that you should either smoke less or, preferably, give up smoking entirely. However, you may be wary about the alternatives to smoking, which are all fairly recent additions to the market.

This may include being a little unsure about electronic cigarettes. Are these really as amazing a product as is claimed? What might the effects be on your health? The last thing you would want to do is to switch your tobacco cigarette to other alternatives while you are not sure if they are safe enough either.When you first begin using an E-cigarette, you may experience several unusual side effects. However, these side effects are most often withdrawal symptoms due to quitting smoking – your body is addicted, so it experiences cravings for normal cigarettes.

In this article, I will do my best to explain all the possible causes of and reasons behind the most common problems resulting from using an E-cigarette. Although first, let me point out that I have no medical background, and all articles are based on my own research and personal experience. However, most people find that they switch to E-cigarettes without experiencing any of these issues. If you do have any of these symptoms, and they are persistent, then you should go and see your doctor.

Electronic cigarette side effects

electronic cigarette side effects infographic

Headaches – To begin with the most common problem, you might find yourself with a headache. If you do get a painful headache, then a possibility is that you have taken in too much nicotine. If this happens, simply relax, put down your E-cigarette and drink plenty of water. Then, the next time you are ready to vape, try using lower nicotine strength e-liquid, or otherwise, don’t vape quite so much.

When you are trying to stop smoking, it is not just difficult for you, but also for your body.

This is another reason you might experience headaches. When you quit smoking, your brain oxygen and chemical levels change. Some of the possible effects are temporary sleep disruption, increased caffeine levels and changes in your diet. All of these result in headaches, but in most cases, you will feel better after a few days.

Sore / Dry Throat or Nose – This problem can be related to Propylene Glycol (PG). PG is a humectant, meaning it absorbs moisture, and can therefore leave your throat dry or sore. Usually, this side effect subsides within a few weeks, mainly because your throat is adjusting from your usual smoke to vapour. If you have this problem, then try to drink a lot of water, and if it becomes very painful, please visit your doctor straight away.

Muscle Aches – PG is converted into lactic acid in your body, which can cause muscle aches. Always drink plenty of water to get rid of the excess lactic acid.

Spots or Acne – This is a result of giving up smoking – your body begins to detoxify itself, so there are a lot of toxins being pushed out, and the pores in your face are a pretty good escape route for them.

So it is really trapped toxins being released which causes the acne and spots.

Coughing up Tar – This is another common issue when quitting traditional tobacco cigarettes. The explanation for this is extremely simple – your lungs are finally able to start cleaning themselves out!

Hiccups – If you keep getting the hiccups, it might be because there is too much nicotine entering to your body. Additionally, you should make sure you are not swallowing any drops of e-cigarette liquid from your cartridge! If e-liquid is frequently entering your mouth, then you should stop using it and buy a new electronic cigarette immediately!

Bleeding Gums – This one is a common issue when you are trying to quit smoking; It seems that many people report bleeding gums when brushing their teeth, and this is quite a common symptom of withdrawal. One possibility might be that smokers develop thicker gums to protect against the smoke. You don’t need to worry about this, since it should heal up after a week or so. Although, if it does continue for longer, then please see your doctor.

Benefits of the Electronic Cigarettes

This is a small list of common benefits of using the E-cigarette:

  • Fingernails / tips turning from yellowish to clear.
  • Your teeth become whiter.
  • Your gums return to their natural dark pink colour instead of grey.
  • Your moods become more balanced.
  • Breathing is easier and stamina is higher during exercise.
  • Food tastes and smells better.
  • Your sexual potency increases.

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  1. E-cigs are the best feel better energy level gone up don’t have food cravings eat less losing weight don’t have allergies highly recommend

    • I have been using the electronic cigarette for 1 month and 3 weeks, I still have food craving and im gaining weight too, and still have craving not really working for me, maybe I wil have to try some thing else

      • If you find yourself craving, then try drinking more water when you are hungry or mint -tea. Mint acts like an appetite suppressant. If your tummy is filled with liquid, there is no room for the heavy food ,so you won’t gain weight.
        Try this detox water: 10 slices cucumber, 1 sliced lemon, 4 slices ginger, 12mint leaves and 1 litre of water. Mix in a jg or water bottle and chill over night. Sip during the day when you feel the cravings coming on. Not only will this keep you full, it will detoxify your body and your symptoms will clear up quicker.

      • I saw your post about weight gain, do you still have this issue. Ifso I would like to get in contact with you.

    • I started smoking e cigarettes in the Spring of 2013 and have been really pleased with them and myself for having stopped smoking, however this year I experienced burning in my knees, then in my whole body, [including my brain!]. Next came lots of body aches and pains, stiff neck and so on. It took me a few days after the last attack to make the connection between propylene glycol [anti-freeze] in the e cigarette and my reactions. I stopped vaping immediately and have been ill since. I saw my GP and he is having a lot of people coming to see him with the same complaints after vaping for a while. The most worrying is the pain and heaviness in the lungs. Apparently this is from deposits of nano particles of heavy metals from the heated coil which are transported via the vapour into the lungs. My GP has no idea if this will ever go away.

      • I too had first headache and then stiff neck and sore throat. I still a little sore throat for last 3 day with body ache. Can you tell me how long did you have all these symptoms and are you better now. Did you also have flue.

      • Oh gosh that sounds awful how are you now? I seem to get a lot of bubbles in my stomach / lungs / chest – not sure where it’s coming from really – is this how you felt?

      • How are you now? Hope you feel better?

        I get what I call bubbles in my stomach/lungs/chest – not sure where it is coming from – is this how you felt ?

        Quite painful at times is this how you felt ?

    • Ive had my e-cigarette since 9th of jan started on 24mg im now on 12mg best thing ever getting healthier everyday have put a stone on but managing well to not gain no more would highly recommend. …..

  2. I have been using e-cigs for a week now and used to smoke 20 a day. I am concerned though is that I am puffing on my e-cig frequently and hold it close to at all times. I know the cartilages are the equivalent to 40 cigarettes so does it matter how many you go through a week?

    • Hannah dont worry I did the same when I first started on mine i now go through 1 a wk you will slow down after a couple of wks keep it up your body will find its pace soon. good luck xx

      • I have recently started using e cigarettes instead of conventional cigarettes, I have noticed I am getting mouth Ulster is this common?

        • Did you get a response to your query?

          I too suffer with ulcers in the mouth, they are painful, soon clear and then another appears, I have noticed that I smoke my e cig on the right side (being right handed) as I did a cigarette.

          I have been on my e cig for over three weeks now and thought that this side effect would clear, but it hasn’t. Not sure if this is something to worry over.

          • You may have a intolerance to the PG in the liquid/cartridge that causes you to develop mouth ulcers. To combat this try a liquid/cartridge with a higher VG ratio. Most brands of cigalikes are around 80% PG 20% VG so try eaither 50/50 or 70-100% VG and they shouldn’t bother you again :) …. if the manufacturers of you ecig dont do higher ratios have a look around because there are plenty that do :)

          • i,ve had same sadly i went back to smoking and mouth ulcers have gone so i need to find a alternative to e.cigs they worked for me except for mouth ulcers

          • Most people start with a high nicotine and slowly reduce down to 3mg try 18mg in used to buy 36mg juice from Hong Kong and have it imported. You still can.

        • I have been using my e cigarette for two months now after 30yrs of 20 a day, it’s brilliant! However, I did get mouth ulcers last week that were quiet painful, but only lasted about four day’s, I’m very impressed I haven’t had one ciggy in two months

    • Hannah

      Please remember you cannot smoke and e- cig like a normal ciggie!! check with your supply about the amount of nicotine in the oil perhaps you need a stonger one. I am using the 9mg and it is okay for me.
      I only use my E- siggie lunch times at work and not for long just a few drags then on my way home from work and then at home. I keep the mind and hand busy. It is mind over matter.
      Best of luck to you

    • Hi my name is shannon I quit smoking 13 yrs ago at age 32 .
      2 yrs ago I saw the vapor cigs and thought how cool.
      No cigarette smell however after starting them I have had extreme fatigue over time also in the last 9 mos sore left tonsil off and on itchy scalp. Most of all the sore throat and fatigue are all to much. I quit yesterday and my throat hasn’t hurt. I slept way better. I went to bed earlier. I really think that

      • There is not enough info on e cigs they haven’t been around long enough. But I haven’t had any energy thought I was dying. I’m 48 . Has any one else had this?

        • Also had to have e cigs with me at all times.i will let you know how I am a week from now. I will miss them. But not at the expense of my body feeling horribly tired sore throat. I never would have started had I known this would happen

  3. After 20 yr of 30 a day I stopped 8 wks ago feel much better. Best thing I did was try it on advice of my workmate as like her had tried all the other stuff out there.

  4. So I’ve been on my e cig for a week, was a 20 cigarette a day smoker. I’m happy with my progress in quitting an the e cig is without a doubt helping me ALLOT but I feel strange. Like nauseous almost, can’t really be myself in somesituations like at work. It’s such a strange feeling, almost trippy. Like I’m numb and deep in thought most the time. Any idea if this I cuz I’ve been taking to much of my e cig or if its just my body adjusting to a life without tobacco… Thanks

    • Hi Dave,

      I am really happy that you are trying to quit smoking! Keep going and you will achieve it! :)

      Now to your problem. Actually it’s a bit hard to say, why this happens to you. I am sure, that it’s hard for your body, because it was your habit, you took a lot of chemicals daily, so now your body is cleaning itself and you can feel ill and bad.
      Also it could happen if you smoke too much E-Cigarette.

      I would suggest you to lower your nicotine intake – try to smoke your E-Cig less. I hope that this will help! :)

      If you have more questions Dave, please post here or Contact Us!

      Have a great day,

    • Hi mate..ive only been on my ecig 4 days and i feel exactly how you described yourself….travel sick feeling too…hope it goes soon …cheers mark

    • This is my 2 month of using e-cig. This happens all the time. Basically you feel a little high and maybe sick a little in the beggining. This will go away. This is partly to do with your body trying to clean itself and getting used to your e-cig. Like normal nicotine, anything unusual will be rejected by your body but will get used to it eventually. Same as first time drink/smoke.

      Hope this helps and keep it up and try to quit it all together.

    • Hi Dave

      I quit smoking 6 weeks ago (25/30 a day), from the first day I bought an e-cigarette.
      I was experiencing the same symptoms as you described and found the cause to be eliquid (small droplets ) being pulled into my mouth. Essentially, those symptoms refer to nicotine overdose.
      Beware that atomizers/clearomizers behave differently, and all have their limitations. If you can hear gurgling when you draw, that’s probably it.

  5. 5 weeks without a cigarette. Went from being a pack a day smoker to not smoking cigarettes at all thanks to my ecig. Went from spending 8 dollars a day on a pack of cigarettes to 8 dollars a week on e-liquid. Strangely, I can take deeper breaths, I have more stamina when I exercise, my sense of smell has greatly increased, and food tastes better. Plus, stealth vaping on the airplane while the flight attendant’s back is turned is just plain fun! Vape on everybody!

  6. I’ve been using e-cigs for about 4 months. It took a while to find one I like, but I don’t cough any more, I have more energy and I love them way better than cigarettes. I recently have been having some strange symptoms tough, like swelling of my hands and arms, which has been going on for about a week now. I can’t seem to find any other reason for it. Any answers will be helpful.

    • Hi Cindy,

      I am happy to hear that E-Cigarettes are working for you! Here are few reasons why you could have symptoms like that.

      1) Circulation improves and while it’s adjusting to being normal again this can cause water rentention.
      2) Blood pressure lowers. As blood pressure lowers futher when you sleep anyway it can cause pooling of blood in extremities so your hand are swollen upon waking.

      So in this situation I would suggest you to drink water! Yep, that’s simple and healthy :)

      When we quit smoking, our body faces with a lot different symptoms, and that’s the price we pay for being smokers. However, all symptoms are temporary, so no worries!

  7. Hello

    So nice to read all the stories. 22 days without a siggie only using my E – cig and I LOVE IT ! So proud of myself and since last year I have been on a packet a day – how disgusting.
    I feel awesome and fresh, can smell again.I am really happy to be on this e- cig I have already bought me the 0- nicotine oil will try it out soon.. HAPPINESS and best of luck to all.
    PS: i received my e – cig on a monday- so I had the weekend to prepare my mind which I did. I am really really so very very happy about this e-cig now I am preparing to buy me the iwand or the twisp.

    • Hi nicci

      I am on day one with my twist clearo. I smoke 40 a day at12 mg tar, 1,0 mg nicotine per sig. It has been a day and every time I see my pack of smokes on my desk it just has no appeal. Hope this helps

  8. Five days I got sky cig great.used to be a cigar smoker have not had a cigar for five days and still on the first cartridge of the sky cig .very proud of my self hope I can break this habit for good.is there a nicotine free cartridge ? .

    • Hi Carl,

      I am afraid that Skycig does not have any 0mg cartridges :(

      However, Green Smoke offers nicotine free cartridges, so maybe it’s worth to try it in time :)

  9. I do not miss smoking at all after one day of using the e cig. I was a social smoker and it really started to take a toll on my athletic abilities. I hated my teeth getting stained and my skin getting wrinkled. I was really not wanting to use patches or pills……so I was delighted that I can enjoy a smoke once in a while without the risk. I have only experienced a headache and this I am reading is a withdrawl condition.
    So far so good…..cannot wait to feel even better. Now I must persuade my husband to quit and use the E cig…my name for my cigarette.
    Looking to find to find extra hep with my health with vitamins. Already taking extra C with E to counter balence the lack with smoking tobacco.

  10. I was a 30-a-day cigarette smoker for 50 years – until 5 weeks ago. My eldest son bought me the starter kit, and I haven’t looked back!
    Apart from the fact that I breathe easier and feel much better – I love it that I have no ashtrays anymore, my house smells fresh – and I’ve had no side-effects except a dry mouth.
    And I still have money in my bank account on Sundays, before my pension goes in! I reckon I’m spending 75% less money. Now to convert my youngest son !

    • Hi billy I was. 20 /30 a day and I have been stopped for 6 days and feel really sickly all the time don’t no if its something to do with the vapour nicotine we using maybe we inhaling to much or it’s a side affect from stopping smoking but I also heard that that the electric cig is only to be used when really craving a cig and not to be used all the time x

  11. Having smoked 25-30 cigarettes a day for over 50 years I decided to try the e-cig. It was’nt easy at first but now the e-cig is all that I use. Side effects can be dizzy spells or light-headedness, bleeding gums, sticky mucus in the throat and a few other things. How-ever, when you compare these to the more dangerous compounds found in cigarettes then it makes sense to opt for the e-cig. BUT beware …over-use or leaking units can allow too much nicotine into the body and thats when the side effects will kick in. If you get the vapour on your hands while filling the unit then wash immediately. Just use common sense. Nicotine is still a dangerous substance so treat it with caution and dont over use your e-cig. The next aim should be to reduce your use of your e-cig.

  12. I have been smoking my e cig for a week now im stil craving that real stuff tho but not as much as without.
    One thing tho since switching my eyes have been itchy sore and sensitive to sun lite so much that i can not
    see in the day time.Thinking it was a work injury i waited to see if it would heal.I am now going to see the doctor
    has any one had the same happinings. THANK U

    • Hi I have the same symptoms as you are having and hope that someone out there will have an answer since taking up e cigarette which I enjoy and havent smoked a real cigarette for two weeks now GREAT!!!!! my eyes are swollen and very sensitive and slightly red??? advice would be good. Shant give up, but may have to visit the doctor if this keeps up.

    • I have had flases in my eyes all ways in the corner of my eyes like so mm e thing goi0ng pass me,,,

  13. I was a 5 a day smoker, I hated the smell on my hands and the head rush I had every morning. I had hardly any desire to quit, but everyone in my office was doing stoptober so I agreed to join in. Not smoked for 10 days now and I cannot believe how glad I am I have done it. I use e cig only on weekends when I’m having a drink, really really helps stop me smoking the real thing. EVERYBODY QUIT ITS SO GOOD! Clean, happy, fresh and healthy. And have more money! Woohoo!

    • i am a 5 a day smoker and am on ecigs now for 4 weeks.its no problem in this case to not smoke but what milligrams do you in take and does your stomache bloat whilst using ecigs I am on 16mg but am a bit confused as to how we should feel…I hope am on a winner. thanks

  14. Hi
    I stopped smoking 6 weeks ago with the help of the e-cig all was great until now as I am feeling very very sick 24/7 .
    Nothing has changed since I started with e-cig so can anyone help as I also got blisters on my tongue and a bad acid burning in my thought,I have decreased the nicotine and use it less but the taste is so bad .

    • I also have blisters on the inside of my upper lip. It just started about 3 weeks ago and I have been smoking e-cigs for about 3 months.

      • I have that too, feels a bit like a cold sore is about to come. Then it just gets bigger. The worse one was when my tongue swelled and doc called an ambulance !! Went straight done after meds from paramedics. Really scary. I think I may be using the e cig too much as I would use it more like a ciggie. Any one else had this?

  15. hi ive been on the e-cig for 4 weeks now no bad side affects apart from hicups and coughing up tar in first 2 weeks i used to roll my owen and was going through 10 50gram pouches of tobaco a month only problem ive got is finding a flavor to start the morning of to i wstarted on 18ml strength but cut that down to 11ml strength now and not had a fag since the day i started the e-cig

  16. My husband has been a smoker for 20 yrs. He bought one of these and has not smoked in 6 months. All wheezing has stopped and his circulation seems to be improving as well as more energy. Last week he had a pretty bad headache and this week he had a pretty bad nose bleed. He has never had a nose bleed in our 12 yr marriage. We were wondering if this could be a side effect from this product?

    • Hi Summer,
      I am happy to hear that your husband has quit smoking! :)

      In my opinion, E-Cig couldn’t be the reason if he is using for 6 months already, maybe there is some other reasons why his nose is bleeding?

      But I would suggest you to visit a doctor :)

      • Hi I started using e cig 3 weeks ago and i am getting nose bleeds although not heavy, this has only been since switching to e cigs I also get sore dry eyes. Definate side effects I think. Does anybody else report nose bleeds ?

        • Me and my aunty have started at the same time and we are both experiencing nose bleeds. My aunty had a heavy nose bleed were as I woke up with dry blood inside my nose. I have used e-cigs before and experienced these nose bleeds every morning when I woke up, but unfortunately due to being young and going out a lot I found it hard to stop as all my friends smoke and ended up smoking again. I have now started using the e-cigs again and I am not finding it hard anymore.. but yes, we have both experienced it and it does worry me because from a young child I have never experienced nose bleeds until I started using this. There is no known fact wether this product is safe as not enough tests have been done on it. I suggest going to your gp.

  17. Been using a menthol socialite e cig for approx 4 months , not touched a real cigarette in at time ..just started experiencing stiff joints in left index finger and left knee ,really painful right now ..
    My question ….is the P.G causing lactic build up in my joints ,? and apart from drinking more water is there any other supplement I can take ?

    Ps ….I don’t wanna give up the e cig as I have more energy , my lungs are now mucus no morning cough anymore , my E cig hits the spot .. Any advice out there

    • Hi Martin,

      Good to hear that you are using an E-Cig. I can’t recommend you any supplement because i’m not a doctor, however, I strongly suggest you to visit your doctor and describe this problem.

      I really hope that you will be well as soon as possible.

  18. Hi, I was a 20 a day smoker and have been using a e cig for 6 days. My mouth is very dry and throat is sore but I am concerned about some large red bumps on the back of my tongue. Is this normal? Are my symptoms temporary and how long do they usually last. Thanks.

    • Hi Christine,

      Personally I never experienced such symptoms. If this don’t disappear in next few days, I recommend you to visit a doctor.


  19. HI,
    I have stopped smoking for 5 months by using E-Cig. At first I had no symptoms but for the last two months I have been on tablet because my head feels like it is wave inside. I also having mood swings and a short temper which I never had before. I’m going to stop smoking them today. I don’t need them anymore. I start on high and now I’m on Low.
    And now I’m a no-smoker Happy Days.

  20. Hi there
    Ive been reading throug the threads and feel reassured that the joint pains in my left foot; left index finger and right knee – as well as bleeding gums, are all likely symptoms of PG. Initially I thought I had rheumatoid arthiritis but I’m only only 42 so I think its unlikely. I do want to say however that I use my nicolite e-cig far too much. I stopped smoking 12 months ago (on 29th Dec!!) and for the first 3 months just used NRT. I know I need to reduce the amount I vape, I tend to go through 3 high tobacco flavoured cartridges in 2 days. Could anyone direct me to a better e-cig, for example one that has less PG?
    Amanda / North Yorkshire

    • Hi Amanda,

      I am happy that you are using E-Cigarette! :)

      I would suggest you to lower nicotine strength. Starting from High and ending with low/zero. Some of my friends quit smoking in this way in 1-2 months, however, this may vary on person.

      From my own experience I would suggest Green Smoke Express or Pro kit – depends on your needs.


      • I’ve been on ecigs for 10 months now. Piled weight on but the positives out weigh the negatives. Always had chesty cough. Completely gone now. Financially so much better off. Originally did get mouth ulcers & sore mouth but no problems now. Has any one had a black tongue? Don’t know if it’s build up of using ecig. Used toothbrush to remove it. Very odd !

  21. Hello!! this is my first time, and first day using my Vapor Craft E-Cigarette, and I like it. I breath better, even though I have only been using it for about eighteen hour’s now. I already had a head ach, and that’s because I got a cold lol. I do have Atsmah, but I’m breathing a lot better in the past 18 hour’s, then I have in the past few year’s. I use to smoke ten cig’s a day, I know that is not a lot, but it is more then enough for more than 15 year’s I think. I really like my new way of smoking, plus I don’t have to smell that god awful smoke in the house anymore, or my car. I would say if you want to quit smoking, then try an E-Cigarette. It just might help you to quit all together.

  22. Hi, I’m very proud of my husband for trying this new electronic cigarette (he uses e g o) and uses all kinds of flavours not nicotine. but bit concerned that he has headaches bad throat and feeling sick. He puffs away on this cigarette most of the day as he only used to smoke up to 6 a day. Is this the incorrect way of using it? And what strength should he be smoking?

  23. Been stopped for three years in April only used e cig for four weeks and stopped, smoked 30 a day I’m 51 started when I was 14 now no smoker

    • Hi Jessie.

      We believe that vapour produced by E-Cigarettes isn’t harmful to other people around us, however, E-Cigs are quite new invention, so we can’t guarantee that. But still it’s much healthier than tobacco cigarettes.

  24. I quit smoking 4 years ago with the ecig, however have been addicted to the ecig ever since! I panic if I don’t have a bottle of juice and 2 spare batteries when I go out! Enough is enough now and 5 days ago I quit the ecig as I hated such a little thing having so much power over me.
    I know 4 years is a long time to ‘vape’ but as far as I was concerned it wasn’t harmful to me so why not?!
    Now after reading many articles they are now saying ecigs are bad for you too!
    Since quitting the ecig I have had a constant headache and feeling dizzy most of the time too, has anyone else experienced this? How long will this last?

    • Hi Claire,

      It’s great to know that you have quit smoking using E-Cigs! :)

      E-Cigs is much more healthier than tobacco cigarettes, however, yes, it’s better to quit completely.
      I assume that you were using an e-cigarette with nicotine, so my guess is that you are having headache because your body craves for nicotine. If the headache doesn’t stop in few days, I suggest you to visit a doctor.

    • Hi
      I stopped smoking 2 years ago and like you got addicted to my e cig. Only problem now since the last year or so i have been breathless and last month had a funny do which i have had more since ( numb arms/ face feeling faint) i and am now more even more breathless. i am having tests for mini strokes which are the symptoms i am having. But is it mini strokes or is it the e cigs ? or if it is mini strokes could the Cigs have caused this ? As yet i am not sure untill tests have been completed. Just seems odd all this has happened since i started on th e cigs

      • I have had these problems too …please let me know what the answer from the doc was as its ga4d to see docs in this area.

  25. Bravo ! everyone Trick is,have a plan 3 wks strong dose, 3 wks med 3wks low,3wks 0 after that your cravings only psychological. Trying to just stop is a recipe for failure I was on 2oz pack of tobacco every 3 days, 5 pound bottle of oil lasts a week! Fitter me fatter wallet Good luck all.

    Future non-smoker(57)

    • i agree i have been an avid smoker for 35 years,tried to give up many times, got a ecig christmas, not had a real cig for a month . love it..

  26. I just spent £25 on Soclites e cigs but have been so disappointed not with the taste it’s great better than normal cigarettes but the charge isn’t lasting it’s getting hot then the menthol taste bitter so a little disappointed. Gone back to Motive 10 for time being at £5.99 for equivalent on one e cig it’s still good money

    I have left a note explaining problem it says it needs to be read before posting! I doubt they will so I have emailed them and still heard nothing from them I only had it a week and cartridges weren’t lasting either the unite got vey very hot then stop working I just don’t know what to try if I get no reply. I want a good menthol e cig

    • Hi Mezz,

      I’m sorry to hear that you are having troubles with you E-Cigarette :(

      If you are looking for a menthol E-Cig, I can strongly suggest you Green Smoke! They offer best menthol flavour i’ve ever tried. Seriously. If you don’t want to spend money on Pro kit, I suggest you to purchase Express kit with menthol cartridges. Express kit is really affordable, also you will get a top quality product.

      link for Green Smoke: Green Smoke Express kit

      If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate and leave a comment or contact us!


    • My cousin uses Menthol e-cigarettes. She tried many brands and found the ones from Asda were the best for taste, price & longevity.

  27. Hi iv been on the e cigs for a week and im so chuffed there working for me . 1 question you can buy the oil for £1.20 up to £6.95 is there any difference you know in as you get what you pay for ?

    • Hi Karen,

      I can’t really tell you that right now, because it depends on supplier. From my own experience good quality e-liquids cost around £4.50 and more. Also I suggest you to buy a e-liquid from popular brands like JacVapour or ROK.

  28. Finally quit because of the e cig 2 weeks ago. My favourite e liquid suppler is Premier E-Cigs, I mix apple and hot cinnamon and it tastes just like mcdonalds apple pie. But I have found the nausea and acne from quiting quite bad. I was wondering if it was just from not having cigarettes or from the liquids it self.

    • Hi Lain,

      In my opinion it is pretty common that at the beginning you are craving for real thing. It’s because your body still craves for that tobacco.


    • hi i have got the same problem been docs and i had a lung infec iv noticed when i use the e cig i get pains in my lungs and they are really sore .CANT UNDERSTAND THIS .as my breathing tests where normal .

  30. Hi
    Been on e cig (liberty flights) for 16 days now and not felt like returning to roll ups, smoked roughly 10-15 day. I have recently started to have headache and blocked sinuses alittle bit of sore throat and wondering if anyone else has had these symtoms or am I going down with something. Also can someone tell me what dose of liquid should I be smoking at mo on 1.8% is this to much for 10 thin roll ups? should I cut down?

  31. dawn france I had the same thing shortness of breath the problem was to much intake of nicotine it should have gone by the next day either lower the nicotine content or do not over vape

  32. Half of these side effects are due to quitting smoking, nicotine in particular, not of using electronic cigarettes exclusively!

    Of course they may have the odd side effect which may affect you or it may not, but that’s not a valid reason for them to be chastised. They are an alternative to smoking which gives a wider range of options in terms of flavour and experience.

    I have more than a handful of friends who never smoked but have got a pipe and like to smoke the eliquid flavours. I think they are a great step towards cutting down the health risks of smoking and actually providing a passable alternative to cigarettes.

  33. After smoking for around 40 years, would never have dreamt that I would ever give up my 20 a day habit , been on the e cig for 3 weeks now , great for the 1st week ,couldn’t believe how good it was , then the side effects kicked in , ( well I gather they are side effects ) . sickness , ulcers on the tongue , blury eyes , nightmares , I work full time ,so im not puffing on it all the time , anyone else suffering like this ? don’t want to stop using it as I haven’t had a real ciggie for three weeks ,just want to know ,will it get easier ???

  34. E-liquid is NOT meant to be ingested neat, only inhaled in vapour form. Some atomisers leak – I started off with one such, and it gave me numb lips, nausea etc. Won’t mention any names, but I binned it in favour of an Evod and the problem was solved. This device is not expensive and will mate up with any battery which has a 510 thread.
    This was after I tried cigarette look-alikes from the corner shop. Those completely failed to hack it owing to the batteries being far too small for the job.

  35. Further to my previous posting – ways to help avoid getting raw e-liquid into your mouth.

    1. Don’t suck too hard. It’s worth getting a manually-operated battery – one where you press a button to switch the atomiser on. With automatic ones, you have to suck fairly hard before anything happens, and this also cools the atomiser coil by drawing more air over it, meaning that you get less of a hit..

    2. When re-filling, drip the liquid down the side of the reservoir – don’t get any down the narrow tube in the middle, as this leads to the mouthpiece. Also, don’t over-fill.

    3 When not using the e-cig, try to store it with the mouthpiece upwards to keep the liquid where it belongs.

    4. After use, blow gently to clear out any remaining vapour which might condense on or in the mouthpiece.

    Can’t think of anything else just now, apart from being sufficiently mature to ignore jibes about sonic screwdrivers!


  36. I have been using mine for a week and I havnt felt any urge to have a cigarette. I smoked quite a lot, between 20-30 roll ups daily, so I got 24mg/ml oil and I am thinking it is too strong, I get headaches and dodgy dreams and breathing. Like I said ive only been on it for a week so jopefully it will pass, I will definitely get weaker oil next time I refill lol. I have a lot more energy and feel happier already tho so il carry on :)

  37. I have been using the ecig for two years. Last few months noticed pain/swelling in
    My neck, toothache and jaw pain. It gets worse when i use the ecig and lessens when i put it down. I do use it all the time though. Anyone have anything similar?

  38. Hi i quit smoking almost 2 months ago i have been using a non nicotine E cig . I have noticed in the last 2 weeks that i have had swelling in my arms legs and feet along with tingeling of my toes. I have also experienced a heavy chest while walking now that i never had before. I have had people tell me that there have been cases of people having pnemonia from the moisture that is released from the E cigs. Any thoughts on this?

  39. Is anyone suffering from insomnia? I haven’t been able to sleep in weeks. I do have my e cig with me at all times except when I’m at work. I’m on a 16 mg dose, should I decrease the dose?

  40. Hi my name is Becky I’ve being using VIP for the pass two week and like that I’ve been getting a lot of headache now for the pass week I’ve been coming out in rashs all over my face neck and chest I rang my own doctor to nite and she was able to tells I was using this VIP and that 4 other people rang her up with the same problem why is this side affect not on the sheet that came with thanks

  41. HI all
    I have been Vaping for about a week. I was smoking 20 a day Roll ups. I Took up Vaping as an alternative to smoking due to health concerns. I loved smoking. I feel disappointed as I thought it was pretty much safe vaping. I have no side affects so far apart from a shortness of breath sometimes. it doesn’t last long. I vap and am enjoying it. I just hope it doesn’t prove to be bad for you like ciggies. Will the shortness of breath stop? Or will I have to stop vaping as well?

    • i been on them for 2 months i got bleeding gums sore throat and lungs hurt ive not had a cig but to be honest im thinking of goin bk i was in better fettle i just gonna try cut down they do work but wots the piont i think itys just another habbit hiope this help s

  42. Hi,i have stopped smoking for over 3 months now with socialites e cigs which im have been happy using rather than a proper cigarette,the only thing im not sure of which I have asked the people where I buy my e cigs is are they safe.we know there better than a proper cigarette but have they been tested fully for us to use as ive heard some haven’t can you answer that please.

  43. hi ive been using e-cig cartiages for 3 years now..just recently i have been experiencing awlful headaches i know its from the e-cig..im fine until i smoke ..then i get this throbing headache so bad i vomit…went to several doctors got a brain scan..nothing wrong i have had this now for 1 month..but it only happens when i smoke the e-cig…funny how i now am having this effect ..youd think i would of had this at the beginning…but i cant take anymore..no one is helping i have missed several days of work…im weak tired all the time..nothing is getting done..i have slowed way down on it but it doesnt matter i soon as i smoke that throbbing pain is back..its making my life unmanageable…has anyone else experienced this?

    • hi Iuann
      Yes I have had some headaches. Some bad of late but none of your other symptoms. I just keep telling myself that vaping is better for me than ciggies. I am a bit worried if I am honest. I do enjoy vaping and I guess I need the nicotine. I really want there to be some serious research published to hopefully put my mind at rest. I have only been vaping for a month.

  44. Hi just got an E-cig and was wondering if it is ok to use this if u had a heart attack. I know smoking isn’t good but just wondering if it is as harmful. With all the med. heart attack people take.
    Thanks Jean

  45. been on E cigs for 17 weeks 3 days and 6 hours, I’ve read all posts here. but I’ve had no headaches ulcers bleeding noses, but my lungs are 100% better my skin is clearing up.my only problem is WIND and its very smelly any advice? P.S and I’ve put on about a stone in weight.

  46. I’ve recently gotten a sore throat on one side and I think it’s my e lite I probably use it way to much but that’s probably it? I’ve gone on it full time now about a month and got this sore throat almost two weeks, related?

  47. Here’s a case you may never have heard. I just don’t know what it is the cause. I get a yellow tinted tongue. Sensitive roof of mouth. Slight Muscle spasms, had a pain in mid abdominal off and on. This in my first week. Went back to gum then tried 50/50 blend. Same symptoms. I’m allergic. Ok. To what I know not. I also get severe shortness of breath and my heart races. I get I’m a 1% reaction. Suppose I must quit. Can’t join the club. I really want to so I’m giving it 7 more days. Wish me luck.

  48. New 50/50 and the allergic symptoms pass. Breathing restriction sometimes occurs and gone completely after 10min. Nothing serious. Happy joy joy.

  49. I had been smoking for 5 years I’m 20 now and I realized that I should stop sooner than later , living with my parents who are non-smokers I always had to smoke outside so now even with my E-cigarette i still go outside I find this reduces my usage as I don’t smoke anywhere and everywhere

  50. hi everyone iv been using my e cig for a month now it helps a lot still have craveings.just wondring my whole body iches all the time now anyone else feel like this its driving me mad HELP

    • Hi robert,
      I have been on my ecig for 5 weeks now and have all the symptoms described on here folk seem to be experiencing, including terrible wind. Its got so bad im having to be careful where I go coz its loud and smells terrible. I would also like to know from anyone if this will pass, its definetly the ecig causing, ive never suffered with it before. Im starting to wonder if I should start smoking again,smelling of smoke and being an outcast seems better than this at the moment im desperately unhappy and I was a happy smoker.

  51. hi im starting e lites today ,been smokeing 30 years ,i started the gym 4 year ago to get fit but finding it hard to get oxygen to my muscles and fatuige quickly ,will e lite help me get more oxygen in my body thanx

  52. I have been useing e-cig for nearly a week but feeling weird, always thirsty,muscle aches etc just wondering if that’s just my body starting to clean itself of all those toxins, was smoking a 12.5 gram pouch of tobacco a day , also im continuously puffing on my e-cig can that be bad for you or what, how many times a day should i smoke on it,

  53. Hi there ,I have been on E-cig for 2 months now ,I am happy I donnt smoke normal cigarets any more but Iam having some side efects with the E-cig vapourizer 1.8% Nicotine ,headaches , bleeding nose and cannt sleep very well.Any idea or sugestions on this side efects ?
    Many thanks

  54. Hey, just started using the e- cigarette about 3 days ago and I’ve noticed that I have a pain just under my ribs when I breath is this normal? Noticed it’s got a wee bit worse today??

    Thanks for any help xx

  55. Hi iv been using ecig for 4 months ,only thing I was disappointed with is that my battery won’t charge,no iv not over charged it & yes iv cleaned both battery & atomiser ever charge wouldn’t mind but cost to much to replace

  56. is it worth having ecig if I only smoke 5 cigs a day.have stopped for 4 weeks now but I have a very bloated stomache.at first I felt great but at the moment just feel same but with a lot whiter teeth.am on 16mg mid tobacco.thanks

  57. hi i have been smokin 20 a day and i got the e cig 2 days ago i had to stop because my mouth was dry and its all white and the k liquid is 18mg i was takein and my tummy is sore and i feel sick would i have to c a doc

  58. I’ve been on my ecig for 18months now ,I was smoking 20 ciggerettes a day for 17 yrs I tried everything to give up,the ecig realy is the best,I started on 2.4 nicotine now ime down to 8.0 ,for the 1st few months I was having a lot of bad dreams and stomach ache now I feel much fitter whiter teeth ,i taste my food so mych more now and smell is better than ever,the smell of ciggerettes realy puts me of wanting one as I can now smell them and didnt realise until now that I smelt like that ,,my advise would be to be patient the craving for a ciggerette will pass and you’ll never look back good luck guys :)

  59. Hi I quit smoking 10 weeks ago and took up ecig. I have had a lot of nausea, blocked sinuses ulcers in mouth. I have stopped using ecig because I cannot put up with symptoms. How long before the nausea stops please.

  60. I have quit smoking for 10 weeks now. I used VIP ecig but have experienced nausea, mouth ulcers and sinus problems so I gave stopped using ecig but does anyone know how long nausea etc goes on for please.

  61. Hi
    I am after a bit of advice please.

    I have been a smoker for around 35 years and have been wanting to quit for a long time now. I have read a lot about the E- cigarette, ie the pro’s and cons and I cant quite decide in which E-cigarette to purchase. So im asking you guys for help.

    Thanks :)

    • Hi Dave,

      I’m happy to hear that you want to quit smoking.
      About choosing e-cigarette: It all depends on your needs.

      Are you looking for cig-a-like e-cigarette or ego? Maybe you want to start off with simple and affordable disposable e-cigarette?

      Personally I can suggest you my 2 most favourite brands: Green Smoke (offers best cig-a-like e-cigarettes) and JacVapour (offers really good cig-a-like e-cigs and awesome ego e-cigarettes).

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


  62. I started using my ecig 4 days ago and my interest in tobacco has almost completely ceased. Having some symptoms, but I suspect it’s a combination of withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking and overuse of my ecig. I used greensmartliving brand and it seems to be working for me :-)

  63. I started using my e-cig just over a week and a half ago and proud to say haven’t had a cigarette since (was a 20 a day smoker and have gone on the 20mg liquids to start). I think this could be the winner in giving up smoking but one issue I have is over the weekend my mouth became littered with ulcers, have about four or five of them at the moment and wanted to see if this was a common side effect that should clear up soon or whether I should look to change anything?

    So far though everything else has been great and would highly recommend this method in giving up!

  64. I smoked for over 35 years. I really tried everything to quit. I finally managed to quit smoking with the electronic cigarette for 7 months. Now I vape 6 mg of nicotine and often 0 mg. What worries me for 3 weeks, I am out of breath and my lungs make a hissing sound. It worries me !

  65. Hi
    I have been using an E cig for 2 weeks and have found this week i have been having real odd dreams/ nightmares, they even wake me up.
    Is this normal?


  66. i used to smoke 8 to 10 cigrates over the night during my alcohol time ..by the day i have started e cigrate i m fully satisfied and even don’t want to smoke traditional cigrate.
    it’s just because i was willing to give up the cigrates … i m happy with e cigrates

  67. Ive been on E cig and bdc coil pen for 6 months now after coming off 60 roll ups per day ! Havent touched a roll up since. However I am overusing the e cigs and am now starting to feel strange symptoms.
    Strange feeling in my head like trippy feeling most of the time .
    Had sore throat and ulcers but this dosent last long
    Feeling tired and lazy don’t want to leave the house
    Feeling pains in back of legs that seem to be like deep vain thrombosis symptoms
    Feel like ime having nervous brakedown. Thinking of giving it up but ime hooked !

  68. Its miracle for me. I was very unhappy to use Traditional Cigarette. But When I known about E cigarette, Use to grateful my life. I finally managed to quit smoking with the electronic cigarette for 3 months.

  69. I gave up smoking and started using the E-ZIG ino all the side effects of giving up smoking that’s not what bothers me tho eventually I will want to quit the E-Zig aswel im jus wondering wat the side effects if any will b I have been reading about e-zigs but there isn’t much to read as these arnt that old and probably doesn’t even have a study on long term side effects

    • Omg i have been on e.lites for three years…worst thing i ever done was to start it…i am out of breath and i need help to get of them??…

  70. im on ecigs and find that after a while using it i get a pain in the middle of my chest.in between using my e cig im fine with no pain.i wonder if anyone else has experienced this

    • I also have chest pain and sore throat, today is my third day using it. Hope this is normal, because I bought my kit really cheap and think that it might be fake

  71. My partner only takes his e-cig out of his mouth long enough to change the battery & refill it. His nicotine intake has gone up instead of down since quitting real fags, as has his blood pressure. He’s always complaining about headaches and dizzy spells, but refuses to accept that his overuse of the e-cig might be, at least partially, to blame. Whilst these things might not be as bad as ‘real’ smoking, they’re certainly not safe.

  72. Hi
    Although I think e-cigs I’ve found have worked for me,I’ve been having side affects such as headaches and most of all nose bleeds. Although they are not heavy nose bleeds I wake up every morning with blood in my nose, it worries me as I don’t know whether this is damaging me because it’s not been tested due to it not being out long. Is this serious? Please get back to me

  73. I have given up cigarettes cold turkey before and for the first few weeks had the usual expected withdrawal symptoms, ie headaches and mouth ulcers, but without my husband also giving up, and he is a dedicated and committed smoker, I failed after 9 weeks.
    This time we have both stopped with e-cigs. My husband is on the 24mg and I’m on the 18mg. We both have suffered the most horrendous bad wind; not in the pains in the stomach way, but always doing it, and with a terrible smell. I’m pleased to say that after about 10 weeks these unwanted effects do go away, so to all out there experiencing this, take heart.. it does go. People say it is the toxins coming out but I didn’t get it when I gave up cold turkey. We both feel very ‘bunged up’ too.
    The interesting difference between us is that husband is on a high strength mg, and only uses it as and when he gets the craving. He shouts and talks in his sleep, although he says he doesn’t have dreams as such but the high strength seems to disrupt his sleep.
    I have been fine until recently. No dreams, but have restless sleep, and I use my e-cig a lot. I use the flavours and think that’s why I use it more as they are so nice.
    This last week or so I have been having pretty bad headaches, right at the forehead and am feeling a bit ‘travel sick’, and have dizzy moments. I have also noticed that every now and again my heartbeat accelerates like mad for a few seconds. Also, although my nose doesn’t actually bleed, I have found that when I blow my nose there is some blood there. I have aches and pains now too. Husband doesn’t get these.
    I think that because I am vaping a lot more than him, I am overdosing on nicotine, even ythough I am on a lower strength, and have now just bought the 6mg to see if this gets better. And as vaping can leave you dehydrated, then to drink more water.
    We use the 70/30 ratio of PG and VG in the liquid. The PG being higher, which gives more of a throat hit, and less ‘smoke’, but it is the PG that has more possibilty of allergic reaction, and more worrying side effects, so I am going to try the VG only, or at least a much higher VG to PG ratio. Research your liquid as much as possible, and don’t buy the cheap ones from somewhere like the PRChina.
    It does seem that if used only when the urge for a cigarette becomes bad, then most side effects are avoided, but if you’re like me and have it clenched in your hand absently using it every 15 minutes, then you obviously get the worst effects from a probable dangerously high level of nicotine.
    My husband refuses to use the flavoured liquids as he says that he knows he would use it more, so maybe that’s worth a thought too.
    I’m reluctant to be blase about the use of these e-cigs, but they do seem to be a good and effective stepping stone to giving up. I do not intend to be using them for much longer than another 3 months though, as I do have some reservations about their safety.
    Basically, from what we are both experiencing, it seems to be a case of using common sense and adjusting strengths and usage.
    I don’t have anything to ask of anyone on here, but have posted all our side effects etc as it may help if others are experiencing similar.
    Good Luck :)

    • For those complaining about mouth ulcers this is because the PH balance in your mouth is changing because you are not inhaling tobacco through your mouth. This is common if you stop smoking by any method and is nothing to do with e cigs . The ulcers only last a couple of weeks and isn’t hard to put up with if you consider the long term benefits .

  74. I have been smoking an E cigarette for nearly 4 months now, was a 30 a day smoker for 36 years didn’t think in my wildest dreams that this would work for me but I have to say it’s fabulous. Didn’t see the point of packing in cigarettes and still inhaling nicotine so I went on the zero cherry flavour some days I don’t even charge it up its unbelievble but my problem is I don’t stop getting mouth ulcers is this normal because I would get an ulcer every 2 years now there every week feeling a bit worried

  75. You see all the good stuff been said, but you never see anything about side effects

    ive got headaches feel nauseous dizziness

    pains in legs and neck

    bleeding gums

    feeling exhausted

    ive stoped smoking for over a month now and been smoking the twisp all of a sudden i started getting all those symptoms listed above, will not touch a e cig again

  76. Have been on the E cig for 5 weeks now. Was a 30 a day smoker and dont think i could have done it without the E cig. Ive been using the coffee flavour but just recently i cant taste the flavour anymore??? Any ideas why?? The only side effect I’ve had is really bad smelly wind!

  77. I started smoking my e-cig about a week ago. I do cough more than with regular cigarettes. My most disturbing side effect is the crying spells… Anyone else experiences these??

    • I coughed terribly when I first started using the ecig, lowered the nicotine level and now I am fine. I too feel very weepy, but put that down to missing proper cigs and you also have to deal with withdrawal of other substances in cigarettes. I am a week and 3 days in and miss cigarettes like you would not believe, but I am going to keep going with a view to giving up the ecig by the new year. Good luck I feel your pain !

  78. Please help. I’ve Been vaping for a couple of years now. I dint know if my systems r from the e cigg or something else! I feel like my lips r numb, throat is swollen all the time, I feel pressure in my ears, head all the time, my pulse I’d also running very low -50,sometimes as low as 38! Losing my hair, and I am feeling depressed becsuse Drs don’t know about it. It is strange sensations like I have never experienced! Ty!

  79. Hi we have both been using e-cigs for wand a half years now what a change no real cigs and bank balance a lot healthier were going to USA on hols next year thanks to e-cigs. No I’ll effects and feel cleaner and fresher. Please continue to use yours persevere, it works.

  80. Lizzy.been vaping now for 2years.using Vapestick rechargeable batteries and 2.4 cartomisers.recently had to switch to medium strength 1.8 carton users cos of EU regs.Have a few health issues so the e cig is really a stress buster for me.no desire at all for a real ciggie but I am vaping rediculously often.the only time I stop is when I am asleep.Now suffering from daily headaches(not normal for me) and increased fatigue(I already have that from my health issues).my doctor hasn’t advised me to stop as he doesn’t know enough about them, but I haven’t been exactly truthful in telling him that I Vape all day until I turn my light off at night.
    My gut tells me this is not good, I also have sore throats occasionally.i have tried the liquid but don’t like it and I only like the original tobacco flavoured ones.have tried couple of other brands but none taste as good as the Vapestick.when I try to use a lower nicotine cartomiser it’s useless.theres no pull on it at all and a total waste of time for me.i am now addicted to this in a far greater way than I was with cigarettes cos I can vape almost anywhere,bath, bed,car restaurant etc.the headaches have got worse and I know I have to start setting myself limits as to when and how much I vape but I’m so addicted now that it is really hard.my advice to any newcomer to vamping is to set yourself periods during the day when you allow yourself to vape.Start off on the lowest nicotine dose and see if that works for you.If you never smoked “light” cigarettes, which I didn’t, you will probably find the lower dose won’t be enough.if you were a silk cut light or lighter smoker the low dose will probably be fine.you will still get wrinkles(as mentioned by another blogger) around your lips as you drag on it.Because I have been vaping so long I haven’t really got to grips with the newer products on the market and have stayed with what I know.can anyone tell me the difference between what I am using and the liquid variety as in which is more harmful?As I am typing this I am finally realising I am going to either have to quit this( due to over use) or seriously restrict it.I have enough health issues already and must be stark raving mad!!!!

  81. i been using ecigerrette for nearly 3 month now i am on 0% nicotine and am getting loads of headaches why is that happening

  82. Hi. I’ve been vaping for 6 mths now.Was on 30 a day cigarettes, never had one since.its great and more money in purse.But I have headaches , mouth ulcers / blisters on my tongue throat and lips. Burning taste I can feel the liquid spitting in my mouth. I also have bad nightmares. What is causing this? Anyone have the answer?

  83. I purchased an cigee cigarette starter pack 2 years ago, no it isn’t a cigarette and never will be but for those serious about giving up, it really is the best. I decided to go straight to non-nicotine gels and selected the mint favour as I used to smoke menthol. It was great (better to have an e cigarette than nothing in my mind) and I used the vapour for a year. Now one year non-smoker and it really works. I used to carry one with me as a comforter, once I gave up, just in case, now I don’t even think about smoking and I’m married to a smoker !!

  84. I have been Vaping 8 months I stopped two months ago because I couldn’t handle the side effects neck pain shoulders pain chew pain headaches now I feel better but still I’m not 100 percent my doctor told me it takes time to recover so guys I advice you to stop this shit don’t lesson to the people telling u pg or vg or your body starting to clean it’s self thanks

  85. I stopped smoking few months ago and switched to ecig. Have not really had many of those side effects above except of headache for a while and few spots. Luckily they are gone now. I am happy that i ever stopped smoking after so many years. That disgusting cigarette smell has gone and now just those nice flavors. Still on 1,6% of nicotine but i am sure can go lower in few months. And yes i saved more money since using Vapour2. Do not even wanna think of the amount i spent on cigarettes.


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