Electronic Cigarette Sales Prove a Surges in Popularity


The co founder of Napster, Sean Parker, is a part of a multimillion dollar investment group for an E-cig manufacturer known as NJOY. This group also has prestigious members like Founders fund (the cofounder of Paypal) and Peter Thiel’s who coincidentally also financed the movie known for its anti-tobacco theme ‘Thank You for Smoking’. That may not mean a lot to some people, but to the vaping world that is big news since e-cigs were chalked up as a passing trend only a few years back.

Vaping is becoming increasingly more popular, and many techies and brands are entering the revolution as well. Electronic cigarettes are on the global map, and they are becoming more and more popular daily. They are not only being used by those who would have been tobacco smokers but chose to vape instead of smoke, but they are being used by smokers in social settings and even to quit smoking!

This is a device that looks very much like the traditional cigarette. It uses a battery to heat a nicotine laden liquid and produce a vapour rather than smoke. There is even a LED light at the end that lights up when you inhale. Many have refillable cartridges that even allow you to control your nicotine levels. Others are only meant for a single use and deemed disposable.

While the vapours do contain nicotine it will not contain carbon monoxide, tar and the other horrific chemicals that are both inhaled and released into the air by tobacco cigarettes. Still, that is not to say that the E-cig is completely safe. Electronic cigarettes are after all still being looked at by the FDA, and there have been a small amount of carcinogens found in the vapours that could mean health risks to users of E-cigs.

The carcinogens were found in trace amounts in the vapours of the electronic cigarette. Other studies showed that even brief vaping can increase difficulty with breathing,  respiratory inflammation and asthma.  There were also trace amounts of metal in the vapours which came from the e-cig itself in the heating process.

FDA employee Mitch Zeller said though the electronic cigarette is in fact substantially safer than a traditional tobacco cigarette, it is not safe in itself. He said if is half heartedly regulated and referred to it as the ‘wild, wild west” in the industry. The only safe smoking (or vaping) is to not use anything and inhale clean air.

Golden Dragon Holdings id the Chinese company who launched the first electronic cigarette back in 2005. Within the 8 years that followed more than 2.5 million of more than 45 million active smokers are using the electronic alternative. Sales are on the rise almost daily, and revenues from E-cigs are estimated to be around 2 billion for this year and grow to 10 billion by 2017.  This is because many are using it as a smoking cessation aid and they can be used by smokers in social settings as well.

Even Philip Morris with Marlboro is trying to compete with the e-cig by developing a healthier cigarette.  Winston, Camel and Kool brands are also launching the Vuse e-cigarette. One major player, Playboy, is launching a bunny branded hookahs and  E-cigs expected to be released this fall. The major tobacco giants now this is a shift in the market for smokers and leaders are trying to stay in the game by maintaining production of a more desirable, healthy  product. The growth and potential are huge in the electronic cigarette market, and the sales are there to prove it. Numbers don’t lie.


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