Electronic cigarette benefits

There are so many reasons to switch from traditional cigarettes to E-cigarettes. It is not just for your health – it is for your finances too. You can feel the difference as soon as you have made the right decision. So here are the Top 10 reasons that E-cigarettes are the best option for smokers.

Electronic cigarette benefits

1. Cheaper – This is a really significant advantage, because you can save save hundreds or even thousands per year. E-cigarettes are a lot less expensive than regular cigarettes – you can save around £5 per pack! Let’s do the maths: A pack of cigarettes normally costs around £7. One electronic cartridge is the equivalent of almost a full pack and only costs around £2. Isn’t that great? So this means that we can save around £5 per pack!

2. Healthier – Experience improved health without all the carcinogens and other toxins! Normal cigarettes contain over 4000 harmful ingredients which aren’t found in E-cigarettes! You will feel better and healthier!

3. Extremely easy to use – Another important benefit. Electronic cigarettes are simple to use – just flick a switch and enjoy! Refilling electronic cigarettes is also very straightforward.

4. No smoke – E-cigarettes do not emit smoke but give off only water vapour. What could be better than smoking without the actual smoke?

5. No second-hand smoke – No more worries about second-hand smoke, which is dangerous to the non-smokers around you. Electronic cigarettes do not produce any  smoke at all, meaning your children and family can now stay safe while you smoke.

6. Great flavour – There are loads of flavour options available when it comes to refilling electronic cigarettes. You can purchase regular tobacco flavours or try more exciting flavours such as coffee, vanilla, or many others.

7. No smell – At last, you can forget about your hair and clothes carrying that stale tobacco odour, because you only exhale water vapour when using an electronic cigarette.

8. Lower fire risk – Since electronic cigarettes do not require any flame or have a lit end, there is much less possibility of causing a fire.

9. Smoke whenever and wherever you like – E-cigarettes can be enjoyed in many public places where smoking is normally banned, such as theatres and restaurants, since they do not produce second-hand smoke.

10. No more yellow teeth – Electronic cigarettes do not damage your teeth, so you can finally get your movie star smile back.

As you can see, there are many powerful reasons to make the switch to electronic cigarettes. So what are you waiting for? Buy your E-cigarette now!