Eleaf iStick 30w Review


It wasn’t hard to see why the Eleaf iStick 20w box mod was so popular when it first came out last year. Still, though, it needed some improvements and with this iStick 30w, I think they have landed on an e-cig that is almost perfect.  Finally, a manufacturer that listened to customer feedback and acted upon it quickly – congrats Eleaf and thank you!Eleaf iStick 30w


The Packaging and Shipping

This was the first improvement I saw. It came packaged much better than the original unit did last year. It was well cushioned and looked very professional this time. I felt surer the device would be in working order as I unpacked it and it was! This is a definite plus over the 20w.



The Battery and Responsiveness

I wanted a pass-through type device, meaning I could use my 30w as it was charging, but this unit isn’t. However, I feel that Eleaf is listening to their customers and there will be an upgrade to this model soon that will be a pass-through type. For a nervous person like me, being able to use the unit as it charges is a great plush when you can’t remove the battery and replace it with a charged one. For the average vaper, though, the Li-Po battery is 2200mAh and it will most likely last them a full day on one full charged battery. It only takes just a little over 2 hours to charge, so not like that’s an awfully, long time unless you’re like me, a chain vaper user.


The Vapour and Flavours

The flavours are endless! Just in the Tobacco Flavour group, there are over 20 kinds! The other groups of flavours is Characteristic Flavours, Drink Flavours, Food Flavours, Fruit Flavours, and Herbal Flavours (my favourite!). In the Characteristic Flavours, the Clear Spring, Sunshine, and Sweet Dew are absolutely the freshest flavours ever. And Spring Rain and Rainbow are right there behind them. The Herbal Flavours of Cinnamon, Menthol, and Mint are absolutely delightful and refreshing with each hit. I haven’t been able to try the other groups yet, but the Drink Flavours and Food Flavours are on order and I expect to have a review for those in just a couple of weeks.


The Guarantee and Warranty

I am very impressed with Eleaf’s customer service. They are focused on making each customer a happy customer. I received a new batch of the Herbal Flavors and one bottle wasn’t full. I called and expected to get a run-a-round, but they were very apologetic and sent me out a replacement without asking for the partial filled one back. How much better can you get than that? When I expressed my pleasure in seeing that they appear to be listening to customer’s feedback, they thanked me for participating and being a part of what is making this company one of the best in the industry.


In Conclusion

They call this iStick 30w a box mod, but the narrow and rectangular shape would almost dispel that label. It is actually about the size of a disposable lighter and so easy to hold and use. It fits perfectly in my jacket pocket or pants pocket and is easy to hold as I vape. Definitely a user friendly unit with a locking function that keeps it from being accidentally turned on and burning up the delicious e-liquid or from overheating.

They have made it very easy to change the voltage and it is now spring-loaded so you aren’t as likely to be over-tightened the unit.  The battery level is easily visible with the OLED screen which also shows your resistance in ohms, the volts, and the watts, all making for great safety features that I am very impressed and pleased with.



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