Eight very critical factors to consider when selecting an Electronic Cigarette


E-cigarettes are increasingly becoming the cigars of choice for more smokers today. They are preferred because they can be smoked in areas that traditional cigarettes are completely out of bounds. Smokers do not have to keep worrying about odours, cigar breath, or even ash. However, all e-cigars are not similar. To get the best, here are the most critical eight things that you should consider when selecting one.

1) Durability and quality of batteries: The battery is the key part that defines the effectiveness of your e-cigar. It is important for you to confirm that the e-cigar you select has a powerful battery that can last the entire day. In particular it should be able to work in about 300 puffs. It is also very crucial to ensure that the battery for e-cigar is durable. Often, the battery will have to take many bumps and presses when put in the pocket.

2) Ease of use: When e-cigars were introduced for the first time into the market, they came with a three piece design. This required smokers to refill the electronic cigars with a cumbersome smoking liquid manually. This often turned out very messy. The liquid would spill over to surfaces, stain clothes, and even damage documents. The e-cigars also came with atomizers that were re-usable but that often clogged them and lowered the ultimate performance. Modern e-cigars are different in design. They come in two piece design that makes cartridge replacement very easy. Since the new cartridge comes with pre-filled smoking liquid, all you need to do is screwing off the used cartomizer and fit the new one. The new two design e-cigar also comes with a fresh atomiser to give the smoker a fantastic experience for every puff. Make sure to go for the new two piece design when you order e-cigars.

3) Multiple options for charging the e-cigarette: E-cigar battery is the power source for the cigar to keep vaping. If you go for an e-cigar kit with only a USB adapter, you might get into problems when charge goes low and you are away from your computer. It is strongly advisable to select the e-cigar kit that comes with multiple charging alternatives. Consider looking for the kit with a wall adapter, car adapter, and a USB charger. This gives you the guarantee of topping up your cigar battery wherever you are.

4) The flavour: Let us face the facts, though you can smoke literally any cigar available, you can only get special pleasure when you have great flavours. Some people like changing flavours to match their moods or want to try several flavour types to identify their best. The crucial point here is that the larger the number of flavours, the higher the chances of getting the most appropriate for you. To be precise about tobacco flavours, just like traditional cigarettes came with differing tastes, electronic cigarettes should also give smokers multiple options. Select an electronic cigarette company that releases different flavours and diverse tobacco flavours for clients to choose. Besides, go for the e-cigar with good reputation for its great flavour.

5) Cartomizer Life: This part is another critical section for effective e-cigar operation. While it is true that everybody want to get great favour, they also want to get what will last. It can be really annoying when you are required to replace the e-cigar cartomizer after just fifty puffs- even if you paid cheaper for the cartomizer. You should always make sure that the cartomizer you select can last for a longer period of time; about 340 puffs for every cartomizer. The higher the number of puffs that a cartomizer can take, the lesser the need for charging and the more you will save.

6) USB Cigarette: It happens and it can happen to you. Sometimes, people just forget to charge their batteries. How will you enjoy your lovely puffs with an uncharged e-cigar battery? A USB cigarette is a special type of battery for plugging in and puffing. It is often referred to as “the USB Passthrough”. This is a great way to have some back up power for continued enjoyment even when the process of charging other batteries is on. All you need is plugging the cartomizer to the USB port and continue enjoying until other batteries have recharged completely. You should look for an e-cigar kit that comes with USB cigarette as part of the key components.

7) Higher Volumes of Smoke: One of great source of pleasure for smokers is seeing the smoke escape into the sky to form a cloud. However, e-cigars are designed differently. To know the e-cigar that releases greater volumes of smoke for greater enjoyment, make sure to go through reviews, and where possible, watch videos to set your expectations on smoke volumes right.

8) Customer Support: This is a concept applicable to all products you buy. Good customer support is crucial in guaranteeing you get great experience. You do not want to use a lot of money to buy an e-cigar kit only to establish that it is faulty and then spend hours or days trying to reach the a real person who can assist you from the manufacturer. It is even worse when you are told that your faulty kit cannot be replaced.

Look for a company that has a good reputation on high quality customer support and guarantees for products released to the market. Go for lifetime warranties on products that you buy, live chats, direct calls, etcetera. Good customer support is an important component that will help you achieve great experience with your e-cigar. A number of companies specialising in e-cigarettes have established themselves in the market. They release different products and messages to suit their clientele. While it is not a very easy way to select the best, these tips will be useful in selecting an appropriate choice.


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