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EcigWizard is a company that penetrated the Electronic Cigarette industry in 2011. They set up the business with a stock worth £500 and had just one member of staff. Today, on the other hand, they ship more than 500 orders every day where 40% of these orders go to international markets. They also have two permanent physicians at their warehouse.

It is surprising to find out that they also have great appraisals on TrustPilot, which means that this is a company that knows it trade well. In actual fact, I am amazed I had never heard of it prior to writing this review.

However, does the company offer you value for your money and first-rate products? Below are our findings while writing this EcigWizard review.

ecigwizard review

Starter kits

You will be surprised to learn that EcigWizard does not have a wide variety of products. In fact, they only have 2 starter kits which are new user starter kits and Swaptober survival kits. The Swaptober kits go for £29.99 while the New User kits go for £19.99. Both kits seem to be fairly priced.

You will also be amazed to find out that they do not sell whichever cig like starter kits. In actual fact, as you browse through their website, you will find that they only have E-GO E-Cigarettes.

Perhaps being a cig like electronic cigarette fanatic you might be having mixed feelings in relation to this; however, E-GO electronic cigarettes have been known to have powerful effects compared to the conventional electronic cigarettes. Maybe EcigWizard were of the same opinion and decided to cut back on unnecessary waste through avoiding the lesser product in general and opting for the bigger batteries on a reasonably priced E-GO replica.

Even though this is reasonable some people might desire the traditional electronic cigarettes more and end up not enjoying the EcigWizard. If all you want is a traditional cigarette, and need something to replace it, in that case EcigWizard will disappoint you.


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When it comes to packaging EcigWizard’s packing is pretty usual. Their products are shipped the same way other E-Cigarettes businesses do it, by using plastic and cardboard mostly.

In terms of design, the company does not stand out because it offers the same contemporary approach to their merchandise just like any other company. Even if they just provide 2 starter kits they have different accessories such as tanks, clearomizers and batteries. Some these accessories look very nice.

There was not much to protest about here and in so far as design and packing go. The wrapping on their products is standard and the product design is above board.

From the group’s website, you will learn that products are shipped in 2 business days upon ordering. They also do international shipping, although the shipping options and prices might vary depending on the destination and order.

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Battery Responsiveness

There was no need to overrate EcigWizard’s batteries by giving them incredible ratings. As mentioned earlier, most reviews found online about the company are encouraging, and there were no complaints in relation to battery performance and strength.

ecigwizard battery

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Vapour and Flavour

EcigWizard E-cigs produce vapour very well such that many reviewers and customers have reviewed it highly. Users can look forward to a premium vapour cloud, in addition to a grand throat hit particularly when it comes to the nicotine strengths such as the 24mg and other flavours.


There are a number of flavours to pick from when it comes to EcigWizard cigs and by a number of we mean more than 200. On their site they have indicated that they cover 200 flavours to choose from all around the globe which range from menthol to tobacco, to Pomegranate to honey.

It has also been established that many users love these flavours. A good number of the flavours are termed to be full, smooth and rich; however, with the many flavours available it would be difficult to describe each flavour.

However, there was a complaint regarding a particular flavour; in that, there are times when it is unavailable and once this ensues customers have discovered that it take a while for it to be restocked on the shelves.

Though, this might inconvenience a number of people, it is not enough to deny EcigWizard cigs points.

Nicotine levels

Most of the flavours offered by EcigWizard are of four diverse nicotine strengths which are 24mg very high, 18mg high, 12mg medium and 6mg low.

ecigwizard e-liquid

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Customer Support

The majority of the reviews available online concerning EcigWizard’s customer support services are very positive, although there are some negative ones available. Even though the negative reviews are not that much, the few that we read made us conclude that, since the company has many employees, at times their customer support is not always that great. This, however, happens rarely; however, it was observed as we went through some customer reviews online.

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EcigWizard has a dead upon arrival warranty on things like atomisers and cartomizers. This means that if you find a dead item upon arrival, you should report it within three days and then return it to get another one. There is also a 28 days guarantee on things like chargers, batteries, etc. Customers should, however, send a return appeal through email prior to returning the items.

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Throughout this review we were amazed by the fact that E-cigwizard presents a limited variety of products, however, this negative aspect was overshadowed by the fact that it offers premium e-liquids. If you want respectable EGO e-cigarettes and high-class e-liquids, then we would recommend E-Cigwizard. Their quality and wide range of liquids is excellent.

Even though there was no new reason to propose this group, we would still do it owing to the excellence and wide array of e-liquids offered.

On a general note E-Cigwizard takes its products seriously and they conduct their business very professionally. The products offered are great and would absolutely propose them to anybody in search of an E-GO electronic cigarette.



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