WizMix E-liquid Review


In the United Kingdom, there are a lot of e-liquid manufacturers and distributors. One of them is Ecigwizard, a company known for offering a wide variety of e-liquids, coming in a lot of flavours. It is quite a popular favourite, since its e-liquids have often been described for their richness and smoothness. They are so popular that there is often a problem encountered with their availability. They are often found to be out of stock, and customers have to wait a while before they could get their hands on new stock.

Ecigwizard currently has four different e-liquid brands available. They are Wizmix e-liquid, MRS B’S e-liquid, the Redwood blend, and the Vermillion redwood river e-juice. The most popular among the brands is Wizmix.

Wizmix E-Liquid

Ecigwizard is closely identified with their e-liquids, and they make no secret of that. They have purportedly devoted 2 years to the development of the e-liquid flavours that they are currently offering for sale. Their team made sure that each flavour comes with a unique and distinct taste.

According to Ecigwizard, life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, and that philosophy also applies to the enjoyment of e-cigarettes. That is their motivation for working really hard on their e-liquid development.

Another thing that set this company apart is also their efforts to keep their prices low. As such, vapers are more capable of affording these high quality e-liquids.

In order to keep their production costs low, Ecigwizard decided not to import any of their raw materials, especially from dubious overseas sources. Instead, the production process, starting from the sourcing of raw materials, all took place right here in the UK. The facilities are UK-based, so they are able to keep a close eye on their quality control and maintain high safety standards.

Ecigwizard also made sure that their WizMix range is regularly tested as proof that their e-liquids are “clean”, and contains the right amount of nicotine. They contain 70% PG (propylene glycol) and 30% VG, and are made available in various flavours and nicotine strength levels.

In packaging their e-liquids, Ecigwizard also took the sensibility route. The e-liquids are packaged in child-friendly bottles that resemble the shape and form of droppers. This gets our thumbs-up, since e-liquids contain nicotine which is, by nature, toxic. This way, children are protected in case they accidentally get their hands on the bottle. As a precaution, however, you should always make sure that the bottle is capped and securely closed, and keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Ecigwizard’s production varies with respect to scale, and this could have an effect on the flavour of their standard e-liquids. It is highly possible that there are going to be differences from batch to batch.


If you are looking for e-liquids that you can trust when it comes to safety, reliability and quality, you can turn to Ecigwizards. Their e-liquids will not only give you the flavour, vapour and nicotine strength that you need, you can also rest assured that you are using quality products that are safe to use.


  1. Some of the bottles are very difficult to open, I have been struggling to open one for a few days now. I am glad they are child friendly, but this is over the top .


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