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E-Lites Review – Original Full Starter Kit

E-lites are veterans of the E-Cig industry – they have been developing and improving their E-cigarettes since 2007, so I am not surprised that they are one of the biggest E-Cig brands in the UK. E-lites are authentic and top-quality E-cigarettes. For this review, I bought the E-lites Original Full Starter kit, which cost £13.99. So let’s take a look at this kit…e-lites original full kit review

E-lites Packaging/shipping

The E-lites Original starter kit is something very similar their old E200 starter kit. It comes in a standard carton box, which can hold 2 cartridges, one battery and a USB charger. In my opinion, the kit’s design is very simple and practical and, in addition, its size is pretty much the same as a traditional cigarette packet.

E-lites dispatch all orders within 48 hours, and all products are delivered by courier within 2-3 working days. (No delivery on Saturdays or Sundays).
The E-lites Original full kit includes:

  • Battery x1
  • Carton Box
  • Cartridges x2 (Filled with EU made E-liquid)
  • USB Charger

I have to say that I was most pleased with the packaging and shipping. At this stage, E-lites looked pretty promising.




The first thing that I noticed about the battery is that it is extremely responsive. With this battery, you get a good dose of vapour immediately, with no need for multiple drags. Compare this to some other E-Cig brands, where you have to inhale several times before you can really get a smooth drag.

E-lites electronic cigarettes have a green light, which lights up when you inhale the vapour (it also flashes to warn you when the battery is running low). You can also buy batteries with a red light instead, but the ones with the green light are more common since this allows you to use the E-Cig in public places without fear of misunderstandings.

The battery lasts quite a long time without the need to be charged (E-lites claim that the battery lasts the equivalent of 30-40 traditional cigarettes before needing to be charged). In addition, E-lites state that the batteries can be recharged 250-300 times before being replaced. This means that 1 battery can be used for approximately 6-12 months, obviously depending on how often you smoke. I would suggest you buy an extra battery as well, so you don’t have to wait while your E-cigarette is charging.



This is the aspect that impressed me the most. It tastes great and the feeling is really close to that of a real cigarette. After a few “vapes” you won’t even notice the difference. I enjoyed the taste from the very first drag, and after a few days, it really felt like this was just a regular tobacco cigarette.
The E-lites E-Cig has a clean taste, but you still feel a nice hit on your throat. In addition, the volume of vapour is really good, and it looks surprisingly realistic too.

e-lites cartridges2

There are also different refills available (light, regular, menthol and nicotine-free), and 5 cartridges cost £17.99. So let’s do a quick calculation – if 5 cartridges cost £17.99, then you get each cartridge for £3.6. Since 1 cartridge gives you the equivalent of around 40 cigarettes, we can divide it by 2, and we see that it works out at around £1.8 for 20 cigarettes which, I am sure you will agree, is great value.


Customer Service

Customer service is another important factor when buying from any company. I feel much more secure when I know a company offers reliable, friendly and helpful customer service, and I am pretty sure it is the same for you. For this reason, I always “test” each brand’s customer service as well as their products.

As usual, I sent them a complaint that my E-Cig wasn’t working as it should – they replied to my email after roughly 10h (pretty fast) and offered me various solutions. I was satisfied with their response and felt secure with the company, so that’s another big pro for E-lites.


Money-Back Guarantee/Warranty

E-lites offer a seven day return for packages that remain unopened. Batteries come with a six month warranty, while chargers and e-packs have a 12-month warranty.


Summary – Are E-Lites Recommended?

I am satisfied with E-lites electronic cigarettes; I think they offer a decent product. The product is quality, the packaging is simple, professional and looks really nice and, furthermore, their customer service is fast and helpful. Another positive is the battery, which I found lasted quite a long time.The flavour is smooth and clean and the vapour volume is great too. So overall, I am extremely satisfied with the E-lites E-cigarette.


  1. This was the e-cigarette that helped me to stop smoking normal cigarettes. I was a heavy smoker for almost 23 years. One day i heard about “e-cig” and googled it. Found Ecigaretteuk and checked several reviews. I don’t know why but i felt that E-lites will be the best choice for me.

    I really liked their website, it was easy to use. Ordered E200 kit and received it after several days. Packaging was really nice and looked really similar to analog cig. Battery lasts for about a day and it takes only around 1 hour to charge. Also the volume of vapour is great and taste of it is really good.

    I must say that I am really satisfied with E-lites and i would suggest others to try it!

  2. I was a heavy smoker for many years and some time back switched to E-Lites, changing from traditional cigarettes to E-Lites was no problem whatsoever, from my first puff of an E-Lite I have not smoked an ordinary fag since, however I have to say that they do work out as expensive, if not more so than ordinary smoking, the claim that one tip is equivelent to 40 cigarettes I find to be grossly exagerated, I’d say more like 10 cigarettes, and the battery life is abmissmal, I have four spare batteries and at any one time at least three of them are on charge. However, that said, they do do what they are supposed to do and since substituting to nicotine vapour instead of inhaling tobacco my health has improved dramatically, I feel much better in myself and the hacking smokers cough that I have had for years has completely disappeared. I would recommend them to anybody that wants to improve their health, but would be cautious about advising them to save money.

  3. Absolutely awesome not smoked in ten days and its so easy with this I only bought a single with charger and refills im still on the 1st one not even opened my refills i was on 20 a day. the key is this its a device to help u quit not a substitute cigarette puff it as and when required not all day like fags or ull end up spending more on refils and u may as well smoke real fags just as u get a bit groggy u no like u really need to smoke cause uve had enough just smoke this its so much easier than patches and gum try it ull love it and u can breathe agai

  4. This e cig is good and I haven’t smoked for a few weeks now but the price and inconsistency of the cartridges have made me look else where.

    The cartridges are way over priced compared to other e cigs and you would be lucky to get one last 24hrs (I’ve had a few last 2-3hrs!).

    I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone.

  5. Good product but I find the cartridges to be a bit hit and miss, sometimes they will last a day, often less and twice I have had cartidges with nothing in them at all! The claim that they are the equivalent of 40 cigarettes is enormously optimistic in my view. I used to smoke 20 a day so thought one cartidge would last the best part of two days but that is certainly not the case. Changing the battery can help as sometimes a new battery will give a few more puffs.
    The taste and look is good but not sure about the cartidge life.

  6. I have been using elites for 4 months now,and have spent a great deal of money on this product,so I was very encouraged by there reward scheme. You return used tips,for every 20 you return,they will give u a 2 e tips,so I sent off 60 tips,paid almost ten euros,to claim reward. Anyway they sent me tips alrite, out of date tips that tasted quiet unpleasant ,disappointed to say the least,will be trying a new product ,the company sent me 6 tips all out of date 2012 ,not on and totally unfair

  7. I have been on these for over 3 weeks now and have to say as a landlord in my own pub they are great. From smoking around 20+ cigs a day to making a tip last 2/3 days now is amazing I don’t even crave a cig. People have to realise this product is not a substitute to cigs it’s to help you quit. Work out how much you spend daily on normal cigs at around £7 a packet and you can get 2 tips for £6.
    Smoke them when the crave hits you don’t puff all day, great product I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to QUIT.

  8. I have now forked out in excess of £40 on these products in less than a week. I have had to buy 3 batteries as they never work once charged. I have spent a further £19 on filter tips as they do not last nowhere near the 40 cigarettes that they claim to. Spoke with customer service on a number of occasions who are as helpful as a chocolate teapot. I will take my business elsewhere.

  9. i have been using these for a couple of months and was really pleased to begin with. I used the red ones and liked the flavour but recently have had quite a few that just aren’t right – some taste awful and have had to bin them. Also there is no way they replace 40 real cigs – 20 at a push. Also the usb charger broke once when pulling it out the laptop so then bought a plug charger which is better. These are way over priced and work out at just half the price of cigs so I have gone and bought a vap stick today which will cost £5 a week in liquid.

  10. I’m really interested in a quality lower cost alternative to Elites.

    Like several of the others mentioned above, I was a medium to heavy menthol smoker previously but from my first puff of an Elite I was converted to vaping, it was surreal yet entirely enjoyable…..

    ….However as time has gone on I’ve been really miffed with the quality level of both batteries and tabs, when they’re good they’re fantastic batteries can last for ages as can the tabs, but for around the last eight months I’ve been constantly annoyed as the batch to batch consistency just isn’t there and whilst the company have been good to replace defective products (batteries and tabs) the replacements are just as hit and miss.

    Elites are can be very satisfying or damn awful, but now I need to change brand and that means investing in more batteries and chargers, frustrated, any recommendations?

  11. After smoking for over 35 years, I decided to try e-cig and about 7 months ago I started with E-Lites cig. First 5 months it was great. Battery OK and the refill were lasting well over a full day ( from smoking point of view ) but recently, after I change the battery ( normally need to change after 6 hours ), it will take about one hour and the refill is useless, like I have smoked it to the end. I have called E-Lite company but it seems they are not going to do anything. Has any other user have had such problem? I am going to change to another brand, any suggestion?

    • Hi Mamad,

      We are happy to hear that you finally quit smoking :)

      From our experience we could suggest you Green Smoke, JacVapour or V2 cigs. All 3 are world-class brands with premium products.
      I personally prefer them much better than E-lites.

  12. I have tried to buy the starter kit, but found that I could not find the correct site to order these cigs can any one help me please


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