E-Cigs stepping up its game


When the electronic cigarette was first introduced to the market, it engendered all sorts of responses, the most notable of which is the excitement and appreciation of smokers who are looking for a safer and less harmful way to enjoy smoking and get their dose of nicotine. As time passed, the electronic cigarette has undergone several facelifts and enhancements, which is further increasing its appeal to more users.

One of the latest innovations in e-cigs that is garnering a lot of attention is the e-cigarette manufactured by E-Njoint BV, a company that has already built a reputation for coming out with “healthy” and legal fruit-flavoured electronic cigarettes. This e-joint stands out because of its soft drugs content, such as cannabis.

Of course, there are some issues regarding the legality and acceptability of this product, considering how the use and consumption (even cultivation) of cannabis is still deemed as unlawful in many countries. The market just is not big enough to justify mass production of this product, much less sanction its widespread distribution and use.

Groups that actively protest the production and use of electronic cigarettes predictably latch on to even the smallest issue that will help their cause. Right now, their strongest argument against the matter is how the electronic version of cigarettes cause more harm than good. While advocates say that e-cigs help people quit smoking, protesters argue that it is actually the opposite. Even non-smokers will be tempted to try smoking because of e-cigs, since these are campaigned to be healthier. With the entrance of e-joints in the picture, it won’t take long before these smokers will also take to using them.

Groups that are denouncing e-cigarettes are also zeroing in on the fact that these e-cigs come in various flavours. The mere fact that some of them come in bubblegum and other fruity flavours implies that it targets young users who are more partial to such types of flavours. No doubt, with the use of such flavours in these latest e-joints, these groups will have more ammunition to use against the e-cigs industry as a whole.

Let us not also discount the fact that there is an existing market for cannabis out there. It might be a small market, but they exist nonetheless, and they are sure to be waiting with bated breath for the release of this e-joint. It is also bound to gain more attention because it has something that other e-cigs do not, and it is human nature to want to stand out and do something that others don’t.

As to whether it will gain worldwide acceptability and recognition, and be used in other countries, remains to be seen. But we are not keeping our hopes all that high.


  1. What a ludicruous idea, an e joint. When so many are trying to get ordinary e cigs accepted in public, why does some idiot come along & rock the boat even more? I stopped smoking over 2 1/2 years ago, after over 45 years of smoking, with the help of e cigs, & I don’t want even more reason for the do gooders to ban them.


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