E-Cigs give hope to smokers and offer them a choice


Some people say that all electronic cigarettes do is make a way for the addictions of nicotine to continue and solve little to nothing. In some ways that is true, but the argument is mussing a large part of the picture. It is a safer way for the one vaping and everyone in their proximity. It is also cleaner and better smelling. For people to be able to successfully quit there had to be some nicotine in the product. This is because tobacco is such a nasty addiction in the first place.

Look, there is a harm reduction approach like that of AA or NA. It is an approach that supports abstinence only, and while some are successful in this approach, many are incapable (or think themselves incapable) due to physical and mental withdrawals that can be ongoing from nicotine abstinence.

Smokers now have patches and gums that may or may not work for them to quit. They do not address the habitual addictions that e Cigs will address. The fact is that smokers are far more successful with electronic cigarettes. Some of these smokers started vaping as a means to have nicotine in places where smoking is unacceptable and had no intentions of stopping, however, they did stop smoking.

Yes, it is a fact that nicotine is highly addictive, but with the electronic cigarette there is now a safer way to get nicotine that is much needed by those already addicted.

The electronic cigarette is a reduction measure that has been needed for a long time, and they are really major breakthroughs to health and life. They offer a bridge, a middle grounds of sorts, that smokers never had. This has helped many people kick the habit of nicotine all together, and they can save the lives of many more.

The thing with electronic cigarettes that you simply will not find with traditional tobacco cigarettes other than the non-toxicity is the availability of several different nicotine strengths allowing long time smokers who have never been able to quit before to taper themselves off of nicotine slowly by stepping down a level when they are ready. Eventually the individual will be able to move on to a nicotine free liquid, and the mental or habitual regimen will be all that is left to break.

Many started the program with a lot of skepticism but found that they were very successful. If someone wants to stop taking in nicotine it has never been more possible, but it is up to the individual.

It is also important to note that nicotine alone is not dangerous, or at least no more than caffeine is. While abstinence is best, if you have a nicotine addiction, electronic cigarettes are your safest option (other than quitting cold turkey).


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