E-Cigs gets support from former “Winston Man”


During the early 80s, David Goerlitz was very popular and well known as the “Winston man”. This was the guy whose face appeared on every Winston cigarette packet and was seen puffing on many different occasions in order to encourage people to smoke his cigarette brand. This guy appeared in many different billboards and many other forms of advertisements but that soon came to change.

In 1988 Winston Man publicly denounced tobacco cigarettes and joined efforts with the anti-tobacco movement. The total switch of sides was not because of witch hunt or desire to revenge because of some malicious acts but it was because of something genuine which David had experienced first hand. His brother had died because of cigarette related diseases and it was only right for him to stand up for the truth and join the fight against tobacco.

David has been on the anti-tobacco movement for quite a long time and when he heard about electronic cigarettes he was amazed. He therefore tried to do some research and he concluded that electronic cigarettes are a perfect alternative tobacco cigarettes. According to David, majority of smokers regret their habits but they are not able to quit. However, with the use of electronic cigarettes smokers can easily quit the habit and live healthier lives. The one obvious misconception is that e-cigs are just as bad as tobacco cigarettes but David discovered otherwise.

David announced that he had chosen to work with American Heritage which is a US e-cig company, in order to help save lives. This is big news and a major boost for the electronic cigarettes industry as yet another experienced and knowledgeable person supports e-cigs.


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