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Insight on E-Cigarettes

The research/ studies on e-cigs have been going on for many years. The e-cigs is the best alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes that one can think off. If you are consuming e-cigs on regular basis, you should always be updated with the latest research and the findings which are going on in this field. This indeed is very important for your own healthy life style and well-being. The in-depth research findings do take a lot of time, but you can always make use of the online material, blogs and the latest news which is available to keep yourself updated.

According to a research conducted by a highly reputed company which very clearly states that the consumers who have switched from the traditional tobacco cigarettes to the e-cigs have provided them with many health benefits, this was indeed a survey which was conducted with a sample size of 19,000 users, this is a sizable sample to come to a full proof conclusion. This particular study was conducted in 10 different languages so as to get a complete assess of the patterns, side effects, benefits and the experience by the consumers of this product. The results thereafter stated that around 80% of the consumers had substituted the tobacco cigarettes with e –cigs and the rest of the consumers reduced considerably their rate of smoking from around 20 to 4 tobacco cigarettes per day.

E-cigs any day is regarded a better and a more effective way of smoking. The side effect of e-cigs according to the research was mainly dry mouth and throat. Benefits reported were smooth and better breathing, improvement in the respiratory disease, hypertension etc. This study was conducted on the dedicated users who are experts with using the device of e- cigs and hence these people can share their experience with the newbie’s who are eager to try e-cigs, so that they can do it the right way from the very beginning.

You will find a number of studies, presentations, research, reports by highly experienced people on e – cigs. As we move forward in this article we will try and summarise some of the main results which can benefit many consumers of e- cigs.

E- Cigs – A big relief to Asthmatic Smokers

A study conducted in this field clearly states that all the asthmatic smokers found e-cigs a big relief as they experienced improvement in the asthma outcomes. A person who is trying to quit smoking but cannot actually do that, the e-cigarettes is a big relief for him.

E liquids have low Cytotoxicity

A study conducted in 2013 confirmed that the e- liquids have no adverse effects on the cardiac cells. The study was done by testing around 20 –liquid samples.

Comparison between Tobacco Cigarettes Smoke and E – Cigarette Vapours

The result by one of the unique study revealed the fact that the high nicotine e- liquids from the e-cigs have no risk to human health, but on the other hand the same from tobacco cigarettes is responsible for damaging your lungs and thus degrading health.

E-cigarettes – Harmless Inhaled or Exhaled

pic1An important report from New Zealand about the e-cigs vapours also confirms the fact that they do not contain any harmful substances which can lead to death in humans.

E-cigs effect on smoking reduction and cessation

A study also confirmed the e-cigs are responsible for decreasing the cigarette consumption and that too without causing any side effects to the smokers.

E-Cigs- Not responsible for damaging Heart Function

A study which was conducted in the cardiac surgery centre in Greece, whose main aim was to evaluate how the e-cigs and the normal tobacco cigs impact the heart functions. A research was conducted on a sizeable sample size which states that the participants who used e – cigarettes have a very slight increase in the blood pressure and absolutely no impact on the functioning of the heart.

E cigs – Does not cause Cell Damage

pic2A recent study by Onassis Cardiac Center in Greece in May 2013 gave some exceptional results. It was an in depth research of  around 21 different e –cig brands, the highly knowledgeable researchers concluded that there was no evidence in the e-cigs which gives an indication that these cigarettes can cause cell damage or even death of an individual.

Electronic cigarettes can never be as toxic as the regular tobacco cigarettes, because of the simple fact that the e-cigs produces no combustion of tobacco. According to a research done on sales data, it is proved that these products are accepted by the smokers all over the world. Consumers are enthusiastic about using e-cigs. It is indeed very essential that we regulate e-cigs in the right manner.

E Cigs- No danger to Public Health

The National Vapors club in Oct 2012 conducted a study to determine the impact of e-cig vapours on the environment and if the vapour from the e-cigs is a threat to the people sitting next to a smoker. The results as expected proved that the e-cig vapours does not pose any risk to the public health.


One should be fully aware of the facts, causes and the effects of the products that you are consuming. Also you need to make sure whenever you are buying/ordering the cartridges, never order the ones which contains nicotine. The zero nicotine option is the best preferred option by most of the consumers, because nicotine can make this habit more addictive at times. Make sure of the type of device, cartridges, refills or even some other related accessories which you are buying. Do your full research on the latest information about each and every item you are interested in buying. You should also make yourself updated about the bans in certain countries or cities, because you would certainly not want to land up in a place which does not permit smoking e-cigs. That indeed will be a very frustrating situation.

As it is rightly said by someone “Health is Wealth”. You should never compromise with your health in any situation.


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