E-Cigs a Motivational Force for Young Smokers


With the electronic cigarette being such a controversial device since it was launched, safety concerning this nicotine laced product that physically mirrors its deadly predecessor is at the heart of many countries. While they have not been deemed a nicotine replacement therapy officially, it seems to be only a matter of time before they are. After all, several new studies prove they do help stop smoking better than anything that came before them.

The University of Hawaii Cancer Centre Prevention and Control Program done research that was overseen by Pallav Pokhrel, Ph. D. and Thaddeus Herzog, Ph.D and it proved that the e-cig is in fact a very effective aid that is effective in helping smokers stop smoking. This study included a little under 2,000 smokers from 2010 through to 2012. In the end 13% of light smokers stopped smoking while those who had been smoking significantly more or longer and who have previously tried quitting through another method showed they were 4 times more likely to switch to an e-cig.

More smokers choose the electronic cigarette as a method to cease smoking that any other cessation aid. This is despite the conclusive facts that the e-cig is genuinely safe or effective. Regulation of these revolutionary products is seemingly inevitable.

An interesting aspect that was found in the study was that young smokers were more motivated to stop smoking. This motivation was accompanied by valuable insight into other methods that could be considered as ways to help people quit as well. Much of the future of the e-cig as a smoking cessation aid remains to be seen. If they are found safe it is good news sailing, but if they are found unsafe and risky alternatives other methods to target young smokers will have to be considered.


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