E-Cigarettes: A worldwide concern


Many countries have created strict laws that pertain to electronic cigarette use and advertising.


The United Kingdom has officially begun regulating the use of electronic cigarettes. The U.K has banned vapers (electronic cigarettes users) from vaping (smoking) in any public area. The U.K. has also developed a new law which prevents anyone under the age of 18 from purchasing or using an e – cigarette.  They have also put a new law into place that will take effect in 2016 stating that electronic cigarettes will only be obtainable through pharmacies as prescriptions. The Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency will be monitoring this law and making sure nobody tries to sneak his or her way into purchasing an e – cigarette un-prescribed.


There is an anti-smoking group in Sweden that explains how teens and young adults see smoking tobacco cigarettes as a way to display a sense of fearlessness. In order to try and counteract that, this group has targeted youth through the use of video games, specifically Minecraft. They are doing so by incorporating anti-smoking establishments into Minecraft. There is no say as to how this is working yet.

United States

The United States has also created some laws pertaining to electronic cigarettes use.

A recent bill was passed in Los Angeles, California banning the use of electronic cigarettes in all public spaces. This includes bars, clubs, restaurants and any other public space within Los Angeles. The city counsel of L.A passed the bill and once the bill becomes law, L.A will be the third major city to enact such a law.

Chicago has also banned the use of electronic cigarettes from all public places that wouldn’t allow tobacco cigarette smoking while New York has simply banned the use of electronic cigarettes from all public spaces in general, regardless of previous laws.

CVS pharmacies have also taken a stand but in a slightly different manner. All CVS pharmacies in the U.S will have stopped selling tobacco cigarettes by October 2014. The government, along with the FDA also plans to establish a law that will make electronic cigarettes available only as a prescribed medication.


There is a lot of controversy in Wales over the advertisement of electronic cigarettes. The Welsh Minister, Mark Drakeford is concerned that the use of electronic cigarettes is promoting the wrong message: that smoking is okay. Drakeford discussed his concerns with the public on BBC Wales, Sunday Politics.

Drakeford made several claims on BBC Wales regarding the use of e – cigarettes and how he feels they may be doing more harm than good. Drakeford said that electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular than expected and because they contain nicotine –the addictive substance found in tobacco cigarettes – he feels that electronic cigarettes may be glorifying smoking as acceptable. In order to prove that he is not alone, he pointed out that New Zealand has already made e-cigarettes a form of medication/detox instead of something you can buy right off the shelf.

Many people argue Drakeford’s claims because of what vapers are actually smoking. Vapers (electronic cigarette users) inhale water vapour not smoke because there are no chemicals to create that substance. E-cigarettes do contain nicotine to give the vaper the fix they need while ensuring no health risks for the vaper or anyone surrounding the vaper will occur.

Drakeford is aware that his statements are nothing more than his opinion and his take on the subject. In order to put more laws on electronic cigarettes into place, more research needs to be done. Until then, the Wales government is conducting more research on e-cigarettes and starting by banning youth under the age of 18 from purchasing electronic cigarettes (a law that was also passed in England). The government has also drawn up campaigns encouraging people not to smoke/vape around any children/youth under the age of 18 as it could make the child want to purchase the product.


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