E-Cigarettes do not attract non smokers or derail the attempt to quit smoking


There are many anti-smoking groups and people in general out there that have some concerns about the use of electronic cigarettes. The three most common concerns to date are:

  • E-cigarettes will attract ex-smokers due to the use of the addictive substance, nicotine.
  • E-cigarettes will attract non-smokers to start vaping because it is less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and will still provide the nicotine fix.
  • E – Cigarettes will derail those who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

Research so far has not confirmed any of those points; in fact it states the opposite.

The Study

The smoking toolkit study is a survey that has been conducted since electronic cigarettes first emerged in 2006. The study is conducted through household surveys taken by people of at least sixteen years of age. The survey brings in about 1,800 respondents/month with about 450 smokers/vapers per sample.

E-Cigarettes Do Not Draw In Non Smokers/Ex – Smokers

According to the research gathered through the smoking toolkit, nearly all, electronic cigarette users who participated in the surveys are either ex-smokers or current smokers.

Results based off of a group of 2,633 participants showed that only 0.3% of participants who have never smoked obtained their nicotine fix through electronic cigarettes. Participants who were once long term cigarette users claimed they preferred their nicotine fix come from some form of NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). Only 1.8% of these participants obtained their nicotine fix through electronic cigarettes. The data shows that even though electric cigarettes are readily available to non – smokers/ex-smokers, these people still prefer to get their fixes the only fashioned way, through some form of NRT such as a nicotine patch.

E-Cigarettes Do Not Effect the Determination to Quit Smoking

The other common concern is that electronic cigarettes are promoting rather than discouraging nicotine addiction. This is a reasonable concern but data shows the concern is not necessary.

According to the data from the smoking toolkit study; 723 dual users, those who use both tobacco cigarettes as well as electronic cigarettes: vape every day. That is actually a very good conclusion because data from other studies show that over time, dual users decrease to only using electronic cigarettes without the use of an NRT. This reduction will result in better health as well as a decrease in their nicotine addiction over time.

Along with this concern came the question of, “do e – cigarettes decrease the motivation to quit?” Research says no. According to the results from a group of 12,094 participants, electronic cigarettes actually enhanced their determination to quit. There has not been a drop in quit attempts since 2011, showing us that vaping does not effect one’s determination or ability to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The One and Only Negative

Of course, not everything can be positive in today’s world so there is some minor bad news. The use of electronic cigarettes has come to a standstill. It is not decreasing by much nor is it increasing by much. There are a few factors that could be playing into this situation.

  1. There has recently been a decrease in electronic cigarette use amongst ex-smokers (meaning ex-smokers are not using e-cigarettes to quit smoking as much as they did back in 2012)
  2. The way electronic cigarettes are being campaigned may be misinforming the public.

Right now, there isn’t much that can be done about the above problem other than figuring out how to properly advertise electronic cigarettes. Advertisement agencies are working on that already so it’s up to them and the public opinion now.


The results from the smoking tool kit study do show that the above concern, do not need to be a concern at all. Non-smoking groups can relax knowing all is well in the world of nicotine addiction and motivation.


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