E-cigarette health

e-cigarette health

One of the most popular question about E-Cigarettes health is: Are electronic cigarettes safe?  If you are planning to switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to an e-cigarette, then you are doing the right thing.  No doubt that the old tobacco industry is still huge and powerful, and they will do everything to survive but let’s be honest. E-cigarette is much more healthier than a tobacco cigarette.

Facts about smoking talk themselves. British Cancer Society stated that cigarettes kill more people than AIDS, suicide, alcohol, drugs and car accidents combined each year. Actually, this is quite shocking.

About 102 000 people in the UK die from smoking  every year.  It’s proven that traditional tobacco cigarettes cause different illnesses, for example, cancer, cardiovascular illnesses and even hypertension and diabetes. However, still cigarette market is very popular and successful.

Electronic cigarette- chance to have a healthier life.

Many researches had been done for many years to find a healthier solution for people who are addicted to nicotine. Few years ago, scientists invented an electronic cigarette. Because this is a very new invention, there are many doubts about it. However, still there are a lot of positive feedbacks from users and even doctors.

In simple words an E-Cigarette is a battery operated tool, which gives you needed nicotine dosage. It feels almost like real cigarette, but the main difference between them are that electronic cigarette does not produce tar, second-hand smoke, ashes or any other dangerous chemicals, which are in normal tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been acknowledged as the healthiest substitute for a traditional cigarette.

Doctors opinion about E-Cigarette health.

It is really important to know what doctors think about e-cigarettes. Their thoughts about e-cigarettes are fairly different than about the tobacco cigarette. Doctors say that regular cigarettes are really dangerous because they damage the lungs and cause serious illnesses.

Many years they have been censuring against smoking but e-cigarettes has made a lot of doctors to change their view on smoking. Doctors agree, that e-cigarettes are new, but they are more harmless than regular tobacco cigarettes. Also many doctors think that E-Cigarette can help you to quit smoking.

It does not affect people around smokers.

This is a very big advantage for e-cigarettes. Smoking is deadly not just for smokers but also for their family, kids and friends. E-Cigarette does not produce second-hand smoke, so smokers families are safe now. Furthermore, it is allowed to smoke an e-cigarette in public places like cafe, restaurants, airports, etc.

Since e-cigarette doesn’t have any smoke, your friends, family and other people won’t feel bad around you, because your e-cigarette won’t cause a bad smell. So no more smelly clothes, hair or breath for you!
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