E-Cigarette F.A.Q


Here you can find E-Cigarette F.A.Q.  If you can’t find your question here, feel free to leave a comment, and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Q. Does it feel/taste same as a real cigarette?
A. The smoke you inhale is a vapour so it feels a bit different, but the taste and sensation are very similar to smoke. It is warm and fill your lungs the same. Furthermore, you can get many different flavours. However, E-Cigarette will never be 100% the same. And in our opinion, it is good, if you want to quit smoking!

Q. Why this is better than a normal cigarette?
 Well, there are many reasons. First of all, it is much healthier than a normal tobacco cigarette. Furthermore, vapour does not taint your breath. Another extra is that E-Cigarette does not ruin the taste of food, so finally you will feel a great taste again!

Q. How do I bring my E-Cigarette on a trip with me? What to do if the batteries run out?
A. That is not a problem. Almost every E-Cigarette has a charger, so it is easy. Just enable charger and your E-Cigarette is charging. There are many types of chargers: USB, car chargers, wall connectors, etc. So there will be no problem with charging an E-Cig.

Q. Will I be enough with one E-Cigarette?
 It really depends on you. You need to remember that everything can happen with electronic. If you are ready to wait few days, while you wait for replacement parts or warranties to be fulfilled?

But if you really can’t live a day without smoking, then I would suggest you to have replacement parts with you, so you could easily fix E-Cigarette yourself. If you don’t like repairing it yourself then I suggest you to have two E-Cigarettes.

Q. What replacement parts I should have?
A. Most important extra parts you need: a backup atomizer, charger, and battery. Furthermore, you can have an extra cartridge too.

Q. What does it mean to have 2 or 4 air holes?
A. All the E-Cigarettes have holes that allow you to inhale air through them; some have 4, and some have 2 and some have 1. This can make an easier pull and put less strain on the atomiser. Moreover, it can change the amount of vapour, but it all depends on brand.

Q. How to know when I am done smoking?
A. This is very popular and common question, but the answer is really simple. Sometimes when you smoke a cigarette, you are just at the half, when you feel, that’s it, you do not want it more. Your body is really smart, and it will feel when you have enough.

Same thing happens with E-Cigarette. As well, some E-Cigarettes have a built-in LED which will tell you how much you have smoked. You may get a bit of a head rush in the beginning, but after a while you will know how much you need.

Q. Bigger or smaller E-Cigarette?
A. For different situations you could have both, but it depends on you. Larger E-Cigarettes requires less time refilling or replacing cartridges and charging batteries. Do not worry – larger E-Cigarettes is not large at all, still they are smaller than your pen.

Q. How many flavours E-Cigarette have?
A. There are hundreds of flavours, so you can test which one you prefer. Most popular are chocolate, coffee, vanilla, menthol flavours, but there is a lot of more.

Q. Can I smoke E-Cigarette everywhere?
A. E-Cigarette produces only pure vapour without a smell, so technically you can smoke it anywhere, but it would be smart, to check it with managers or place owners before smoking, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.


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