The E-Cigarette Beats the Patch Hands Down


As you probably know E-cigarettes have been getting a lot of attention lately. Research has recently shown to the  European Respiratory Society suggesting that the E-cig is just as effective if not more so than the nicotine patch when it comes to ceasing smoking.

Still while research has in fact proven that the E-cig does help people reduce or quit smoking altogether, there are very huge differences in opinion concerning the safety and the efficiency of the device.  With the device being so new it is also hard to tell what the long term effects of electronic cigarette use will be if any at all.

The E-cig is a device that heats a nicotine laden liquid that consequently then  turns it to vapours. It is inhaled through a strikingly remarkable replica of a traditional cigarette and exhaled as smoke would be. There is no smell, and it is not as dangerous as second hand smoke.

Smokers still get their nicotine, and the effects of it. They also satisfy  the habitual cravings because the rituals are satisfied through the similar motions taken when using the E-cig when compared to those taken in smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

When all of a smokers weaknesses from mental to physical and even habitual are targeted, and the physical nicotine withdrawal is eliminated by the vapours their chances of success in quitting smoking are greatly intensified.

New Zealand University of Auckland implemented research on just a little under  700 people comparing the patches to electronic cigarettes. They found that 7.3% of those who used the electronic cigarette quit compared to 5.8% who used the patches.  Moreover, after 6 months into the study more than half of the e-cig users had reduced smoking or quit altogether, whereas only 41% of patch recipients were successful to any degree.

Prof Chris Bullen from University of Auckland said e-cig users were more optimistic, they performed better and they were less stressed. He also acknowledged that electronic cigarettes were in fact a very effective smoking cessation aid. Some countries like the EU and the UK are even considering recognising them as a medication. Many other countries are thinking of regulating them even in light of the polarised opinions that do still revolve around the devices and despite the studies that have been done on them.

Smokers do lean more towards the E-cig than they do the patch as an attractive alternative to smoking. It is more easily obtained, and e-cigs are reasonably prices in comparison to many other methods in place to help individuals stop smoking. Health professionals agree that E-cigs will relieve the burden of tobacco on health service as well. Still, Prof Hajek and many of his counterparts agree that there is much research to still be done as to the effects of electronic cigarettes and their safety.


  1. The new electronic cigarette is already a very popular item. Because of this, many different types have been created. This can be great because it offers many different options for all different types of people.

  2. to me the patches were costly and useless just started the ecig but I need to try a few to get the right amount of vapour to suit

  3. I work in the catering industry and the patches peel off when in a hot environment, not good as may fall into food!! Nicotine gum and lozenges taste absolutely vile, if they can be kept in the mouth long enough, you deserve to give up smoking. The tablets made me sleep for approx. 36 hours over a weekend, so dare not take them when I had work. Use a CE5 and have gone 8 weeks without a traditional cigarette. Having smoked 20 -30 cigs a day for about 30 years, this has worked far better so far than any patch, gum, lozenge or tablet!


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