Which Is The Better? The Standard E-Cig or the Personal Vaporizer


So you’ve decided to quit smoking and you’re going to wean yourself by way of using e-cigarettes, but you’re not sure which one to go with. Understandable since there are so many varieties on the market now. Not sure if that is a blessing or a hindrance, especially for the indecisive person. So we’re going to see if we can help you out by educating you on the differences.

Your first decision will be deciding to buy personal vaporizer or a standard e-cig. The standard e-cig are shaped just like a regular tobacco cigarettes and are the more common among e-cig users. Personal Vaporizers look more like a pen and they have more types that advanced users prefer. Here are some other characteristics to help you make your decision.

personal vaporizer vs e-cig

The Standard E-Cig

The e-cigs all had a similar appearance when they first came out on the market. The intention by the manufacturers was to have them look as much like a tobacco cigarette in shape, size, and weight. The thought behind this was the more they felt and looked like tobacco cigarettes it would be easier for smokers to switch. Each e-cig has 3 main parts:

  • The Battery
  • The Cartomizer
  • The mouthpiece – this is made of silicone and an LED light in the tip

Advantages of the Standard E-Cig

  • For a smoker, the feel and look will be familiar
  • The flavour cartridges are pre-filled, eliminating spill of e-liquid

Disadvantages of the E-Cig

  • The cartridges are opaque making it difficult to tell the refill level
  • Smaller batteries and smaller tank
  • Too close of a resemblance to tobacco cigarettes makes for an easy mistake
  • The nicotine delivery is inconsistent
  • The device and it’s accessories are not interchangeable with other brands

The Personal Vaporiser

In recent years, the technology of e-cigs has advanced giving us a wider selection. According to a recent survey by the Wall Street Journal, personal vaporizers are almost 50 percent of the e-cig sales. The personal vaporiser looks more like a pen instead of a tobacco cigarette and uses a battery that is bigger than an e-cig. It has a see through tank, also called a cartomizer, and a mouthpiece.

The Advantages of a Personal Vaporizer:

  • The battery is larger allows you to vape longer
  • More choices in flavours
  • Can be customized
  • Easier to detect level of e-liquid
  • Refillable making it more budget friendly

The Disadvantages of a Personal Vaporizer:

  • It is bigger and bulkier
  • Does not look like a tobacco cigarette
  • Refilling can be messy and a waste of liquid
  • Upfront cost is more

In Conclusion

In the end, it is your decision to choose either a personal vaporiser or a standard e-cig and which will work best for you. Most people will try both over time as they settle into which one is best for them. Those who have gone through this process offer the advice to start with an e-cig first until you have become familiar with the use of non-tobacco cigarettes. Over time, you may decide to try the personal vaporiser and find that is the preferable method for you over the e-cig.


  1. I have personal vaporizer pen and with the one I chose (the Vapour 2 series 3X) I don’t get almost any of the disadvantages you describe in your article. I mean the prize was a bit higher that you would pay for the e-cig but it’s worth it. You can use it with three different cartridges one for e-liquid, for loose leaf and for wax. You also say that the personal vaporizers are bigger, true but not that much bigger. And the fact that it doesn’t look like a normal cigarette? It doesn’t really matter, does it? Lastly the refiling with this one isn’t messy at all. Sure, those disadvantages might be true for some of the vaporizers but not for the one I have.


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