E-Cig regulations being voted down by European Parliament


This sounds serious, and it is! The down vote is a huge victory for e Cig companies and consumers as well.  With electronic cigarettes not being classified as medical devices that will keep availability and affordability assessable to everyone. The New York Times reports that lawmakers rejected several proposals from the critics of e Cigs, but they did agree to keep the sales to people 18 and over. Not only did the parliament not vote against electronic cigarettes, they focused on developing more restrictions on traditional tobacco laden cigarettes. In many ways this will serve to make the e Cig even more appealing.

Menthol cigarettes are being ban altogether, while new laws require warnings to be in photo and text covering m0ore than ½ of the products package by 2021. All eyes were on the parliament to see how the electronic cigarette and vaping would be approached. Many of those folks were pretty shocked at how they rejected strict regulations. Additionally, many European countries who have tried having the e Cig banned in the pasty faced opposition by the companies who made them defending their devices and claiming their numerous benefits.

Vaping is a continually growing and profitable habit among Europeans. The biggest debate trending today concerning vaping is whether or not people should be able to vape in public places where smoking is banned. While the issue has not been ruled out, it will be left up to national jurisdictions. Naturally, the e Cig companies are very happy with the outcome of the recent votes. E-Lights- Charles Manshaw Thomas said “This is a fantastic result for public health and the millions of smokers around Europe who are switching to the e-cigarettes,” and that “common sense has prevailed.”

The recent votes ensure that for now electronic cigarettes won’t be regulated under or classified as medical devices. Still, under the tobacco products directive they still have some advertising restrictions. The parliament feels that with restricted advertising young people would not be heavily influenced by or drawn to the product. The hope is that those trying to quit will see the e cig as an appealing option, because studies show that they will work for anyone who wants to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, and they are healthier for not only the smoker but everyone around. Legislators did discuss the verdicts, and some were quite unhappy with the outcome. One parliament member stated that “these e-cigarettes are not a path to giving up smoking but a gateway to start smoking.”

Chris Davis is an e Cig supported who went on to rebut the statement made by the opposer by saying “you are missing the big picture- these are a potential game changer – in the fight against tobacco.” He then explained that electronic cigarettes could reduce the 700,000 annual deaths in Europe significantly. Daniel Van Der Stoep came from the Netherlands and his message was that religion is far more dangerous than cigarettes were. H9is argument was that the tax revenue reduction from tobacco sales would prove bad for countries in Europe. He did not want to see tobacco regulations increased saying it would discourage sales and cause people to not “enjoy” cigarettes based on his opinion as an “expert smoker.”

In a nutshell, the recent vote is a winning one for the electronic cigarette industry. With that being said it did not end the debate by far. The environmental and public health committee will now have to decide the finalising terms for the tobacco products directive, and this will likely take place in a couple of weeks. Terms are expected to end before 2014 according to the comities member Linda McAvan. The wait for the vote to be cast drew quite a gathering of supporters. In hours leading to the vote many Europeans from across the country gathered with banners and shouting support for a product that they believe saves lives.

The head of the French association of vapers is Brice Lepoutre. He went on the record to say that he was personally impacted by e Cigs. He said that “e-cigarettes liberated me from tobacco – they saved my life.”  The vote made that dream a reality for millions of smokers in Europe still today to have a chance of survival, because with smoking there is none.

What do you think about the parliament’s decision, and do you feel that the revenue or lack thereof will make a huge impact in coming months?


  1. Yes, the EU Parliament didn’t vote for e-cigs to be classified as medical devices, but now they’re trying to introduce all sorts of other ridiculous regulations.

    A Petition’s being put together to persuade them not to make electronic devices and their accessories expensive and difficult to obtain, this text taken from it:

    “Following the recent overturning of EU proposals to bring electronic cigarettes under medical regulation, the EU is once again attempting to enforce poorly thought out and excessively draconian restrictions on the import, export, manufacture and sale of ALL currently available electronic cigarette products.”

    Read more about the proposals and sign the petition by using this link:

    Please sign the to keep electronic ‘vaping’ possible.


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