E-Cig popularity on the rise in the UK


One of the most controversial products on the market is electronic cigarettes. Since its inception, electronic cigarettes have always been on the news for all the good and bad reasons. There are so many people who have still not yet accepted that electronic cigarettes are a healthier option to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. There are many scholars who are working day and night to prove that electronic cigarettes are as bad as the tobacco cigarettes and one thing which is very clear is that the fight against electronic cigarettes is far from over.

Despite the many challenges that electronic cigarettes have always been facing; research shows that the number of people using electronic cigarettes in the UK has been on the rise. Over the years the use and popularity of electronic cigarettes has been on the rise. Recorded data shows that in the year 2010 about eight percent of smokers had had experience with electronic cigarettes. Fast track that to the current date and about fifty percent of the smokers have experienced electronic cigarettes. This is a large increase in popularity averaging to about ten percent increase per annum. The research was done a survey group known as the Action on Smoking and Health and about twelve thousand adults were involved in the data collection.

According to Action on Smoking and Health or ASH, it’s only about one percent of people using electronic cigarettes who had never used the tobacco cigarettes. Another study also reveals that a majority of people using electronic cigarettes do so in order to reduce on their smoking habits. This is so because, when the ex-smokers were asked why they had adapted electronic cigarettes, seventy one percent of the respondents said they were doing so in order to try and quit smoking. When these people were also asked if they preferred electronic cigarettes in an effort to cut down the use of tobacco, forty eight percent said yes while thirty seven percent admitted that they were using electronic cigarettes in order to reduce on cost of smoking and save money.

In conclusion, Deborah Arnott who is the Chief Executive officer of ASH says that the main reason as to why smokers were opting for electronic cigarettes is for them to eventually quit smoking or reduce the levels of smoking. However, she noted the number of non-smokers who opted for electronic cigarettes was negligible and each individual had their own unique reason for doing so.

ASH findings are further boosted and confirmed by The Smoking Toolkit study which produced similar results and opinions. According to The Smoking Toolkit Study, though conducted in England only, revealed that more smokers are opting for electronic cigarettes in order to help the smoking habits. Electronic cigarettes were a preferred choice as opposed to nicotine delivery products such as patches and gums. The study further indicates that the numbers of smokers in England are steadily declining. This only shows that electronic cigarettes are doing a good job in helping people quit the smoking habit.

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