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Smoking and its effects

No denying the fact that our  knowledge about smoking is becoming vast with so many resources and journals available online, but in spite of this fact, it is seen that a large number of people still smoke the traditional cigarettes which is  not good for health. Smoking in general is considered to be a very crucial health issue and it is the responsibility of each one of us to find a perfect solution/ method to deal with such kind of issues. It is estimated that a large number of crowd has experienced severe health problems because of their bad smoking habits. It is indeed very difficult to stop smoking and hence this is the main reason that the doctors and scientists have been working hard to invent a healthy smoking alternative, so that some of the health issues can be resolved.

Smoking indeed is the most talked about topic. And our scientists are trying hard to find answers to the question: Is switching from cigarettes to e – cigs have benefitted the consumers or not?

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is basically a device which is designed mainly to imitate the original tobacco cigarettes by delivering nicotine through inhalation and that too without combusting tobacco. The toxicants levels are around 10 to 400 times lower that the regular cigarettes. Many studies conducted across the world have concluded the same findings which very clearly state that the e-cigs is the best option for the smokers who are unwilling to quit.

Important Studies on E- Cigs

A study which was recently conducted in New Zealand found that the e – cigs are definitely better than the regular nicotine patches. This study was one of the first few studies which also compared the 13 week quit rates of the smokers using the electronic cigs and of the normal tobacco cigarettes. Also a study which was published by the Lancet, states the fact that consumers using the e – cigs have no danger of health.

Also according to the German researchers, who used the measurements of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry measurements to actually determine the level of some important organic compounds both in traditional as well as in the e- cigs. The result of this study was not out of the blue i.e. it was as expected. It was found that the e-cigs vapour contains less toxic compounds when a comparison with the natural traditional cigarettes is done.

A research conducted at the Boston University also revealed the fact that the electronic cigarettes are healthier than the traditional ones and also on the other hand the e -cigs acts as a successful tool for all the consumers who want to quit smoking completely.

The Greek researchers did an extensive research on this topic and gave some very promising news to the entire world. The research very clearly indicates that the e- cigarettes in no way pose a threat to the human heart. Hence this research is not stating that using this device is a healthy option, however the results of the research only confirms that this is by far a  better option for the heart as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The findings of this extensive research clearly showed that the e-cigs does not have any kind of adverse impact on the proper functioning of the heart.

A recent study which was conducted using 20 year old test subjects. The subject hearts were then monitored very carefully before and after having a tobacco cigarette and by using an e -cigarette. The result which was then deduced was that the tobacco created a spike in higher blood pressure and also in the heart rate. Whereas on the other side the elevation on the electronic device was very slight. So this point in a way proved that the e-cigs are way better that the traditional cigs.

This year a paper on e -cigs was published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation which signifies that e-cigs deliver a nicotine containing aerosol which is very popularly called as vapours and this is no threat to the human health.

Also an important research conducted in US which concludes that the e- cigs do not burn in the same fashion as the conventional cigarettes do and so the positive point is that they do not emit side stream smoke and so it does not cause much problem to the people who are standing close to a smoker.

In spite of so many researches and in-depth study conducted in this filed, there are still some unanswered questions. E-cigs no doubt has a big market in the entire world especially in the United States of America. The product is majorly sold by some the popular multinational companies, these devices are marketed on a huge scale everywhere be it television, internet, print etc.


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