Do You Steep Your E-Juice Before You Vape? Should You?


Do you steep your e-juice before you vape? Do you even know what steeping is? Steeping is an oxidation process which occurs in between the base, flavouring, and nicotine. This process gives the e-juice time to get stronger in flavour so that is more like it was intended to be. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong about vaping as soon as you fill your tank, but chances are, you are not getting the full flavour.

Why Is Steeping Recommended?

The majority of the companies that manufacture e-juice want you to get the full enjoyment of their product. That means getting the full throat hit of flavour so that you have a wonderful experience with their device. The e-juice is mixed with care and while they are made full of flavouring, by letting it steep for a short time, you’ll get even more flavour and a better hit of the nicotine level. This is especially so if you special order a blend of flavours instead of mixing them yourself.

What Is The Best Way To Steep Your E-Juice?

Now that you know what steeping is, what is the best way to steep your e-juice? To steep your e-juices, place them in a place that is cool and dark. Then you’ll need to release the air that gets trapped at the top by taking off the cap and squeeze the bottle ever so slightly. Then put the cap back and shake the bottle a little bit to mix up the e-juice. Once you have completed this routine, return it back to the cool and dark place you’re storing them.

It is recommended by experienced vapours to let your e-juice steep two to four weeks for most of the flavours and four to eight weeks for the tobacco flavours. This gives the e-juice ample oxidising time and allows the components to meld together which will give you the absolute best flavour.

What About DIY E-Juices?

A fresh atomiser is the key to getting the max from any e-juice. What some vapours don’t realise, atomisers get less and less efficient the older they get and thus the flavour of the e-juices will be boring and dull. This is especially so with DIY mix e-juices. By mixing smaller batches, you will be better able to get the flavour result you desire and expect and you won’t be wasting those precious ingredients either by getting an e-juice you don’t like.

To get the desired flavours from your DIY mixes:

  • Smell the concentrated that you are planning on using. The nose is a very accurate gauge when it comes to flavours.
  • Note the ratio of the PG/VG so that if you liked it, you’ll have your ‘recipe’. Some vapours like the 80/20 mix and others prefer a 50/50 mix. To each vapour, their own!
  • In general, when you mix your own, the flavour concentrate is normally 15 -25% for optimum flavour. But again, to each vapour, their own!
  • Don’t forget to steep! The DIY e-juices can use one week steeping period instead of the two to four or four to eight-week steeping we discussed above for the ready-made e-juices.

If you end up with a flavour you aren’t happy with, allow it to steep in a cool, dark area for another week. If you’re still not happy with the flavour, mix it with another like berry or vanilla. You may be surprised what you can concoct!

First, mix your desired flavour and save the nicotine by making certain the base flavour is right. After you have your flavour like you want, add the nicotine, but be prepared for the nicotine could alter the flavour some. With a little tweaking, you can get it just right.

Side Notes

Manufacturers recommend that you use you e-liquid within twelve months. However, when e-liquid, is properly stored in a cool and dark place, the original taste will keep for as long as two years, especially without the nicotine. The longer e-liquid is stored, it become darker and thicker and more flavourful. However, the nicotine doesn’t fare as well and will begin to lose its strength.

In regard to Cartomizer models, it is recommended that they are consumed within one week after opening the bottle. But if they are left sealed, the original taste will keep up to two years if they are nicotine free and one year for the ones that contain nicotine.


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