Do electronic cigarettes work?


Do electronic cigarettes work? The answer really depends on who you ask because people’s views on the subject differ. Many believe that E-cigarettes are a great help in quitting smoking, but there are also a certain number of people who disagree with this. Opinions vary and it can be difficult to come to a definitive conclusion.

Electronic cigarettes are an effective tobacco replacement tool, which is very similar to normal cigarettes. However, E-cigarettes don’t contain any of the 4000+ chemicals which can be found in regular cigarettes – and no one can deny that this is a HUGE benefit.


It is no secret, that E-cigarettes contain nicotine. Why is this? Because nicotine is the chemical most craved by smokers. When you want a cigarette, it is because your body is craving nicotine. It’s true, nicotine isn’t good for you, but it is certainly much healthier to inhale nicotine alone, rather than nicotine + 4000 other chemicals.

Another really important benefit to E-cigarettes is that you can choose the nicotine strength yourself. With this feature, you are able to gradually lower your nicotine intake, so that you become less and less addicted to smoking. You have to admit this is great! In this way, you can work towards quitting smoking completely after a while.

Other benefits

Do electronic cigarettes work?

E-cigarettes don’t produce ash or second-hand smoke, which is another huge benefit. When you smoke your E-Cig, it only puts out pure water vapour which is harmless. So the E-cigarette is also better for your family and friends, because they will be free from second-hand smoke.

Because E-cigarettes don’t emit smoke, you can say goodbye to yellow teeth and smelly clothes. Yes, you can consign all those anti-social aspects of smoking to the past. Again, since E-cigarettes only produce pure water vapour, there is no more foul-smelling smoke!

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Why E-cigarette is better than other alternatives?

electronic cigarette

The most common reason people prefer E-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, is because E-cigarettes look and feel almost like a real cigarette. Other alternatives, such as patches or nicotine gum simulate the results of smoking, but they are not enough. Why not? Well, it is pretty simple – The E-cigarette has a psychological advantage.

You can feel it – you can hold it, put it in your moth, inhale and feel the vapour. This comes really close to the experience of smoking a real cigarette. We could compare it to being addicted to food and eating something low in calories, but which satisfies your appetite – the result will be that you don’t crave sweets or junk food as much. Other alternatives don’t provide you with these same psychological benefits so it is harder to kick the habit.

Conclusion: Do electronic cigarettes work?

In my opinion, yes – they work. There are many people who have quit smoking using them. Even if you can’t or don’t want to quit smoking entirely, smoking E-cigarettes is much healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes.
I personally think that every smoker should try an E-cigarette. They are effective, safe and an amazing aid which has helped to a lot of people. Stop wasting your time and money on old-school smoking alternatives! Try an E-cigarette now!
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