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Cigees review– new on the scene, but already booming

Cigees LTD are located in the UK. They are company with almost 3 years of experience in the E-Cigarette market and their popularity amongst electronic cigarette users, as well as overall demand for their products, is rapidly increasing. There aren’t too many reviews online about Cigees yet, so I decided to buy their Majestic starter kit and be one of the first to review this brand (this was a few months ago now). The things I like most about Cigees are that the product is an affordable 2-piece electronic cigarette, and they have good customer service as well as fast shipping.

Cigees Packaging/shipping


For this review, I purchased the Majestic starter kit. It wasn’t the cheapest option they had, but I wanted to try their best kit. There are also cheaper kits – for example, the Classic kit which only costs £12.00.

First impressions: Looks pretty good and seems promising. The presentation of the packaging and branding is very professional. The package includes:

  • Long lasting rechargeable battery (1100mah) x2
  • Cartomizers x3
  • Wall and usb charger x1
  • Car charger x1
  • Full instructions

Another big positive with brand is that the shipping was extremely fast. I ordered my Majestic kit on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday, which was a pleasant surprise. Remember: to receive delivery on the following working day, you must place your order before 3:00 PM.

Overall, I am satisfied with Cigees’ product quality and shipping.


As we know, batteries are proned to run out of power, so for this reason, I normally use E-Cig kits which include at least 2 batteries – this is the main reason why I chose the Majestic kit.  This way, I can still enjoy my E-Cig with the second battery while the first one is charging.

Also, these batteries last quite a long time. I was able to take around 250 inhales without charging. Such long battery life will satisfy the needs of all smokers.




As I said before, Cigees products are brand new, but they are great! Their tobacco vapour tastes and feels like a real cigarette. The smoke looks really realistic as well. Sometimes, when using different E-Cigs, I can feel that I am smoking an electronic cigarette, but with Cigees, I truly don’t notice that it isn’t a real cigarette. Bear in mind that preferences for flavours vary from person to person.

Customer service

Cigees are really serious about their customer service, so it is no surprise that they offer various ways to get in touch. You can contact them either via email or phone. I wanted to test their customer service myself, so I emailed them and claimed that I had a problem with my E-Cig. I received a reply just 7 hours later.

I was pretty shocked – in a good way, of course – to hear from them so soon. They offered me various solutions for my problem. In my opinion, Cigees customer service is fast, reliable and informative. And as we are all aware, only serious companies care so much about their customers.

Cigees video review

Cigees review – Overall

I’ll be honest with you – in my opinion, Cigees is a decent and affordable cig-a-like e-cigarette. The product quality is decent, the battery lasts for a long time and the flavour is smooth and enjoyable. However, lately there better brands available. For example V2 cigs or JacVapour.


  1. i had to stop smoking because of health reasons. so i bought the majestic kit and i am really glad about my purchase. it is really easy to use and the taste is really good! going to order some extra carts next week. I am really happy about the price just 36 pounds. Most e-cigs are 50pounds +.

    Shipping was really fast – ordered my kit on monday kit arrived on wednesday. thank you for this review! you really saved my life.

  2. I have been smoking for 10 years. I felt really unhealthy, even after a longer walking I was exhausted. So i decided to do something. I had no idea what to do till i found this site. I red a lot of reviews and decided to try the cheapest brand. And I am really impressed. Cigees are cheap but they are great! Vapour is smooth, flavour is tasty and battery lasts long! Haven’t touched normal cigarette for like 2 months. Thank you cigees! Thank you ecigaretteuk!

    • I just bought the majestic starter kit, plus extra cartridges, £45 in total, arrived pretty quick, out the box yea it’s a really good looking piece of kit, but after reading the reviews, and people saying it’s so smooth and good taste! RUBBISH! Bogus review for sure, how can anyone inhale that for one second never mind 5 without coughing there eyeballs out, i smoke roll ups for 30 years and never coughed so much, I’m really not happy cos I really wanted it to be good, my friends love their’s and don’t cough at all, I’ll find out what make they use and maybe have to change, maybe because of the cartridge thing and not the separate oil bottle makes it not so easy to experiment, or maybe it’s just a bad product.

      • Hi Lee,

        We are sad to hear that you don’t like Majestic kit. About your issue – I’m sure that you just chose too strong nicotine level for you! That’s why you are coughed.

      • Hi Lee
        Just had to reply to your review. I use a different brand than this one, however, the one I use makes me cough like heck most times I use it, and I thought that all e-cigs would be the same, hence, I still plod on with it. It could be as Niko says, it could be too strong, or perhaps, there are people like you and me who are going to cough more from the oils in e-cigs. I too used to roll my own. Anyway, try other brands and if you still cough, then it could just be the oils irritate and make you cough. And, try not to draw in too strongly, I find that helps.

  3. Have not seen too many reviews by customers for this product. Decided to get the Majestic. Arrived very quickly as I opted for the next day delivery. No nonsense setup. Charged up quickly within a couple of hours as promised. Still going on the first battery -simply amazed. Have used other e-cigarettes – never had this experience. The flavour is quite appealing – could have more than just tobacco and menthol, though.

    Have been smoking around 20 a day – had not had one since the last 5 days – mild psychological urge on the second day – passed quickly. Very pleased!! Have ordered more cartomizers now/

  4. bought cigees majestic kit 2 month ago. i must say that it is a great kit and i really love it! i really love to experiment with new flavours and cigees provide more than 14 e-liquids for “tank” ecigs. i will buy a kit for my wife on christmas too!

  5. Purchased Cigees Break Free kit several weeks ago. Must say that I am really happy with my purchase! Cigees has great value for money – they provide consumers with affordable and top quality e-cigarettes. I’ve been smoker for around 15 years, but thanks to Cigees I haven’t touched a single “fag” for weeks. Thank you!!!


  6. I have been vaping Cigees for past 2 months and I must say that it’s a great product! I simply love it. Everyone should try this.

  7. I have been a smoker for 30 years. I started with the Cigees Break-free kit after reading the review on this site, and was very impressed with the speed of delivery and the quality of the product. Then I had a problem when purchasing a 50-pack of cartomizers, because they had run out of stock. After speaking with their customer service dept, we came to an acceptable solution – rather than send me the cartomizers, I was sent the CE5 refillable starter kit, and 4 extra bottles of e-liquid (which is available in a variety of strengths and 14 flavours). My replacement kit arrived the day after my phone call, and is even better than the cartomizers! The batteries last for 300+ puffs (all day!) and the e-liquid is even more cost effective that the disposable cartomizers. I haven’t had a cigarette for a whole month, and don’t feel the need to either. An excellent product from a company that cares about its customers and has 1st-rate customer service.

  8. After 53 years smoking I decided to quit. I started using Nicolites 16msg tobacco flavour which were great, but left my mouth dry. Then I read the Cigees review on this website and purchased the Majestic kit @ £36 it is good value and more important has good flavour and does not leave me with a dry mouth. Their cartomisers are also good value, especially buying 50 at £54. Customer service I have found to be good and delivery excellent (have rec’d next day each time). Battery life I get about 2 days use from each one So all in all would recomend Cigees. Now completed 44 days ciggy free……………

  9. I’m going to try and be as detailed as possible as all the detailed reviews I read really helped me in making my decision! I’ve been smoking for approx 30 yrs, the last 10 hand rolling. The problem I face is although I’m desperate to give up smoking, I essentially enjoy the experience so I needed something to replace the harmful tar etc but not diminish the pleasure. I started with e-ciggs about 12-18 months ago. I tried elites (0/10) Nicolites (2/10) and more or less settled for Motives (5/10) Menthol. Menthol because I found the standard tobacco flavour to harsh and artificial. However, I soon got fed up and went back to tobacco 6-8 months ago. So, I returned to the e-cigg recently and spent a couple of weeks (totally unlike me) reading every review I could find. Thanks to to E-Cigarette UK I settled for JacVapour and Cigees. I really couldn’t separate the two so went for JacVapour! Bad mistake (read my review on JacVapour!). So swapped to Cigees. OMFG (sorry) finally a decent e-cigg. Fantastic customer service and delivery, I ordered 7.30 am thurs and received fri afternoon with standard delivery. Although the cigarette is a lot bigger than a standard cigarette this is so you have a decent battery which lasts me about 10 hours (10 smokes). Carts last for I’d say approx 20 smokes and the vapour is bang on the button, to the degree I feel obliged to open van window just like the old days! I’ve scored the flavour down ever so slightly purely as I do not believe you will ever get the 100% taste from a mechanical device, however, its as close as your ever likely to get I think. Finally, the hit/satisfaction. Without doubt this is 10/10, I probably get as much if not more satisfaction from the cigees. Finally (thank god I hear u say) I regard myself as a medium strength kinda guy, however, I used their higher strength and medium strength and definitely found the higher strength gave me much more pleasure for longer and ultimately believe I will succeed because of that. I hope this helps?

  10. After an initial problem with the cartomizers in a starter kit , which the staff dealt with alacrity combined with a genuine concern for ensuring customer satisfaction which I’m pleased to say has been on-going .
    I’ve tried quite a few makes : all more expensive , none match e-cigees for duplicating a cigarette smoking experience that leaves you without any craving for tobacco.
    My main motivation for giving up tobacco was up-coming spinal surgery , I’ve now been free of tobacco based cigarettes for over 6 months .
    My only criticism was the initial short life of the batteries , however any battery that failed was replaced without question & the company has subsequently changed to a battery with more longevity .
    I must stress that the combination of superb customer service along with a product that duplicates the tobacco smoking experience without the inherent deleterious effects , makes this product a must for any tobacco smoker wanting to switch to electronic cigarettes .
    I’ve recently switched to their liquid based e-cigarette & have been similarly impressed .Their pricing structure is extremely competitive & their product range broad enough to satisfy smokers wanting to experiment with flavors & strengths.
    I would give a 9 out 10 for the product & company .


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