Cigees E-liquid review


Cigees E-liquid

E-liquids often range from mid-priced to ultra-expensive. Cigees seems bent on breaking that mould by offering e-liquids that come with affordable price tags.

Most of the e-liquids offered by Cigees come in varying nicotine strengths, starting from zero nicotine options. At the moment, Cigees has four nicotine strengths available: 0mg (or the zero nicotine), 6mg, 11mg and 16mg (High Strength). Most of the flavours come in these varying strengths, although there are some flavours that are available only in High strength. It would have been better if Cigees made sure that all its e-liquids are available in all strengths. As things stand right now, there are flavours that moderate vapers cannot touch for the simple reason that they come in High Strength only. For example, only heavy vapers can try out the Apple, Vanilla or Strawberry flavours, since they are High Strength.

Let us have a quick rundown of the 14 currently available flavours.

Tobacco. The classic go-to, especially for cigarette smokers who are making the shift to electronic cigarettes, this e-liquid offers up a real tobacco flavour that has the advantage of offering familiarity.

Menthol. The aftertaste of this e-liquid is just the right amount of intense. First-time vapers will have no trouble trying this out, and since it is still mild, it can be vaped all day.

Menthol Extra. A bit on the stronger side, this is Menthol, several times over. It is more intense than the Menthol flavour.

Coffee. Coffee lovers can get their caffeine fix with this e-liquid. Cigees made sure to perfectly simulate the rich taste of coffee with this Coffee-flavoured e-liquid.

Cappuccino. Milk coffee is hugely popular, and cappuccino in your e-cigarettes is no doubt a stimulating experience. It has the right amount of sweetness and creaminess that will have you vaping all day long.

Cherry. The refreshing taste of cherry gives this fruity e-liquid a lot of character. The scent and aftertaste are also sure to leave you satisfied even when you are finished vaping.

Liquorice. Licorice and liquor. Now there is quite a combination that more adventurous vapers will have no trouble latching on to!

Apple. Available in High Strength only, this is a classic fruity flavour found in e-liquids. It is fresh and crisp, and has a nice aftertaste to it.

Orange. Any citrusy vaping experience is worth repeating over and over. We love how Cigees incorporated this taste in its e-liquids.

Strawberry. Also available in High Strength only, this e-liquid is refreshing and has just the right amount of sweetness and tartness, all rolled in one package.

Vanilla. Nothing boring about this flavour. It has that hint of sweetness that everyone looks for in high quality vanilla. It offers a most pleasurable vaping experience.

Cigar. Get that authentic cigar experience when you vape this e-liquid.

Whisky. It’s not every day that you come across an e-liquid that gives you an entirely different experience. The whiskey flavour guarantees smooth vaping, while giving you that distinct whiskey taste and feel.

Chocolate. Yet another classic e-liquid flavour, this caters to those who want a bit of a kick to their usual sweet e-liquid fare.


Cigees e-liquids have a lot to offer. With 14 flavours to choose from, and various nicotine strengths, you are sure to find something that totally works for you!



  1. I recently started the I breathe ciggy and am amazed, 16 days I have been off my 60 a day habit, the e ciggy oils are fantastic, and these ciggys are just what I needed after smoking 36 years and trying everything available, thank you e ciggy I think u saved my life


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