Celebrities that vape

Are you a first-timer and feeling strange at smoking an e-cig? You are not alone anymore. There are more than 300,000 Britons who have already switched to the much preferred alternative to real smoking, Electronic Cigarettes. E-Cigs have become a favourite with thousands of individuals across the world. Also there are celebrities that smoke e-cigs.

The pleasure and feel of smoking minus the ill-effects are the real reasons behind the product being so well-known and accepted the world over. And it’s not an average person like you and me who’s fallen in love with vaping with these e-cigs; renowned celebrities are known to be game to this newfound trend and are so eager to give their habit of tobacco smoking a much-needed makeover.

The connection between celebrities and their electronic cigarettes seems like a truly passionate one, with tech-savvy icons like Kevin Connolly, Dennis Quaid, Leonardo DiCaprio and the Emmy Award winner Katherine Heigl switching to the modern digital alternative to smoking – SmokeStik.

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Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson & More Celebs switching to E-Cigs

Johnny Depp smokes E-cigarette

This revolutionary digital invention has swept the celebrity world. And several A-listers of the likes of Johnny Depp and the heartthrob of millions, Robert Pattinson, among others have been flaunting their newest obsession. Johnny Depp was seen vaping on an e-cig in his successful Hollywood flick ‘The Tourist’. Robert Pattinson was recently caught on camera puffing on an e-cigarette in an awards ceremony.

As a gesture to celebrate ‘No Smoking Day’, last month, eminent broadcaster and renowned author Alan Titchmarsh puffed on an E-lites on a TV show. This act was accepted even by non-smokers, because Alan does not smoke in real life. And his act of waving an e-cig on air was simply aimed at expressing a preference for smokeless cigarettes.

Even the extremely pretty Katherine Heigl went ahead and smoked an E-lites on the famous late-night show hosted by David Letterman. In fact, the host himself was intrigued by her e-cig vapour cloud that he couldn’t resist puffing away on it. She even created quite a stir with her bikini-clad pictures, flaunting her obsession with e-cigarettes, on her little vacation at the Miami Beach.

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Leonardo DiCaprio and his E-Cig


Leonardo DiCaprio is one star who’s known to have been fighting against tobacco smoking for years now. However, his pictures showing him cycling and vaping on an electronic cigarette indicate that e-cigs have come to his rescue and will take him a long way on his journey towards turning into a non-smoker.

Young and ambitious Lindsay Lohan were captured on camera smoking on her personal electronic vaporising unit while serving a house arrest for infringement of her probation.

Media calls it a beginning of development of healthier habits for this troubled star. These high profile personalities are only a few among many stars who have turned to electronic cigarettes and have no qualms about making their passion public. Acceptance of the trend of smoking e-cigarettes by celebs has boosted the demand of this product.

Burning tobacco is already passé. And it’s certainly considered rude to pass on the effects of tobacco smoke to non-smokers. People are getting increasingly aware and buying this product with a view to switch to it and alleviate the effects of tar of tobacco considerably. E-cigarettes are definitely a rage with their popularity soaring with each passing day.