Can Athletes Use CBD Oil?

Until very recently, athletes were not able to use CBD oil (otherwise known as cannabidiol) as they ran the risk of violating the international doping regulations. However, for those athletes who could benefit from using CBD oil, the good news is that there has now been a change in the rules, and as of the beginning of 2018, WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) has removed cannabidiol from its List of Prohibited Substances and Method. This is the recognized list of banned substances which athletes are forbidden from using, and is used by athletic agencies and leagues worldwide as their guide to testing and rules.

What Is WADA?

WADA was first established in 1999 and is an independent, international agency which is funded by and made up of governments and sport movements from around the world. Some of its primary activities include carrying out scientific research, educating people and developing anti-doping capacities as well as the monitoring of the WADA code which is the document which is the golden standard in anti-doping policies across all countries and in every sport.

The Uses Of Cannabidiol

Today, there are increasing numbers of people who are using CBD as a treatment or for a therapeutic purpose. Some of those people are also athletes. As CBD has known anti-inflammatory properties, it is very effective at relieving pain, which is very useful for athletes, and it also has a number of other benefits including the ability to reduce anxiety as well as to potentially strengthen the bones.

THC And CBD – The Difference

There are many misconceptions around CBD. Unlike THC, another cannabinoid compound, CBD has no psychoactive properties and cannot affect the user’s perception of time or space, or make them experience a euphoric high. In fact, if CBD is used together with THC, it could even reduce THC’s mind-altering effects.

WADA will not be removing the cannabinoid THC from its anti-doping list, and this means that any athlete which wants to reap the benefits of taking CBD will need to obtain it from a lab produced product which has extracted the cannabidiol from hemp instead of from a cannabis plant which has been bred to also include THC. Still, the fact that WADA are finally making CBD a permitted substance means that athletes who could benefit from its many health-giving properties can enjoy taking it without any fear of being disqualified or disciplined.