Buying first E-Cigarette?


I am sure, that you are really confused now – reading all those things about E-Cigarettes. Too much information, right? Just relax. I will try to answer to all of your questions. In this tutorial I will provide you with all the Information you need. If you have additional questions – feel free and post a comment.

I hope that after reading this tutorial you will be ready to make your choice. An E- cigarette is the best replacement to a normal cigarette. It is healthier for you, for your family, and also it is cheaper! What can be better  than healthier and cheaper alternative?

How does it work?

You turn on the E-Cigarette, then vaporizers heat up substances (in our case this is nicotine liquid) to a specific temperature. So when it is heated up, it starts the evaporation. You should remember that different E-Cigarettes can contain some different parts, but all E-Cigarettes have the same essential parts:

  1. Cartridge: It holds the nicotine liquid.
  2. Atomizer: Element that vaporizes liquid into harmless vapour.
  3. Rechargeable Battery: this element is used to power the atomizer.

It is possible; that cartridge and atomizer are individual pieces, but usually you will find them as a single, combined unit. This is not a big deal. Here you can have a look at both:

Important things when choosing your first E-Cig

First of all order only from trusted sellers. It is better to pay a bit more but receive top-quality product, than pay a bit less, but there is chance that you will get a bad quality of fake E-Cigarette. In our site, we promote ONLY top-quality products. Really vital component is the battery. It is important how long you can use your E-Cigarette without charging. I suggest you to visit our “Review” section. There you can read reviews about various E-Cigarettes, and they’re specifics and choose from ones you better prefer.

Can I refill cartomizers and cartridges?

Yes, most of them are refillable numerous times. Because of this, E-Cigarette is a cheaper than normal cigarettes. Refilling your E-Cigarette yourself is really easy, and you can keep costs down to less than 1 dollar per day.  Furthermore, I recommend you to order some E-juice with your E-Cigarette. E-juice will make your smoking more comfortable and tasty.

You can choose many different flavours. E.g. coffee, vanilla, watermelon and many more! Furthermore, atomizers and cartomizers eventually burn out so you will need to replace them from time to time. This also depends – sometimes cartridges work ~1 week, other times it could last for even 4 weeks.

Which Nicotine strength you should choose?

This depends on each individual. But if you are a pack smoker-per-day, I would suggest you to choose 18-24 mg nicotine liquid. If you smoke less than a pack per day, you should choose less than 18 mg nicotine liquid. The best thing to do is just to try various liquids to find the right strength for you. More detailed info: how to pick up a right nicotine strength

Other useful things

There are many different extras for E-Cigarettes so you can experiment with them if you want, but I would suggest you to buy an extra charger – USB, wall adapter or car charger. They are really useful, because if you have those chargers, you can charge your E-Cigarette anywhere you desire.

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  1. Great tips on buying your first e-cigarettes. Though, there are still other things to know about e-cigs, this post basically covers what you need to know. In my opinion, the first and primary thing one should know about is his nicotine addiction level… True for the first part though, I’d like to emphasize a part of your post: If you are a smoker who smokes a pack a day, it is advisable to have a 18-24mg e-cigarette. Then slowly lower the nicotine level every 3 months once you get used to it. lol

    Kind Regards,


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