Best E Cig, Vape and Box Mod Reviews in the UK – Top Sub ohm kits for sale

Box mods are rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to vape thanks to their customisability and the excellent experience they offer. Today, there are countless different vape mods on the market, however it can be difficult to know which is the best one to buy. Luckily, we have done all of the hard work for you, and have compiled a selection of the top box mods for sale in 2018.

Best Vape & Box Mods for 2018

#1 Best choice in 2018 – Smok Alien 220w

smok alien 220wSmok’s latest offering has truly taken the vaping world by storm, providing vapers with a comfortable yet powerful vaping experience. This Mod boasts clean lines as well as ergonomically designed curves for a smoother feel.

Smok also continues to master the fire bar thanks to its new ergonomically placed and perfectly balanced button. Its refined chipset ensures perfect accuracy as well as perfectly adjusted Ohm readings and the stylish OLED display keeps the user well informed about their Ohms, voltage, amperage, working temperature, number of puffs and mode.

The dual battery life indicator is unparalleled for its accuracy while delivering an impressive 220W of power, and the vaper can choose between both temperature control modes and variable wattage to suit all kinds of coil type. This innovative box mod is powered by two 18650 batteries, giving the user improved control for an even better RDA or tank vaping experience. If you are looking for the best vape mod in the UK, SMOK Alien will be a perfect choice.CTAred

#2 Innokin iTaste Kroma TC Starter Kit

innokin itaste kroma tc starter kitThe Innokin iTaste Kroma TC Kit represents the ultimate in discreet vaping, remaining stealthy while still boasting impressive power. This starter kit delivers sub-ohm power to the vaper all in one beautifully compact package, with a slip stream tank which is met by a lowered 510 connector for improved ergonomic value. Its fitted grip ensures that the vape remains securely within your grasp while the perfectly positioned fire button is easily accessed.

You can dial in your settings on the user-friendly OLED screen which is powered by the device’s powerful 75W Aetheon chipset. Compatible with any sub tank, this device can be used with kanthal stainless steel, titanium or Ni200 coils for extra versatility, and it comes with a 2000 mAh dual-lipo battery which is specially designed to cope with long periods of continual use.CTAred

#3 Kanger TOPBOX Nano


topbox nanoIf you want your box mod to be a fashion accessory as well as functional, the Kanger TopBox Nano is the ideal choice. Perfect for ladies who want a beautiful device in a selection of pretty colours that is also small enough to fit easily into the smallest handbag, the Nano, with its ergonomic design, is easy to handle and intuitive to use.

Of course, safety is always paramount when selecting a box mod, and again, the TopBox Nano fits the bill, offering adequate protection against over-charging, over-vaping and short circuiting. If you’re just starting out with sub-ohm vaping, this is also a great choice of device for you, since it lacks the complexity found in many other box mods and has a relatively user friendly operation.


#4 Aspire EVO75 Vaping Kit

aspire evo75Getting the best quality vape is top of every vaper’s agenda, and now you can achieve that ambition with the Aspire EVO75 kit. Designed to meet the needs of sub-ohm vapers like you, this kit comes with an Atlantis EVO tank which has been optimised to allow faster absorption of VG-heavy e-liquids to produce the huge vapour clouds you love.

Unlike some other devices which are difficult to get to grips with, the EVO75 has an intuitive 5 button set-up while still offering all of the features most desired by advanced vapers such as variable wattage and voltage, and customisable firing button profiles.

If you’re worried about problems with complicated menu settings, there’s no need to worry when you choose this device, since it has a menu-free interface, and its battery is powerful enough to ensure impressive performance while giving you more than enough charge to last all day.


JacVapour Series-B

jacvapour series b

There are many vape mods available in the UK including Jacvapour’s new Series-B mod. This compact, premium 50 Watt ecig box features a new and updated design that is specifically tailored to the needs of mouth to lung vapers. The Series B Tilt can be supplied with a choice of three tanks – either the 22mm Geni Aero Mega Tank, the 18mm Geni Aero Tank or the S-22 tank, all available in a choice of two stylish colours.

Its unique design incorporates both variable wattage and variable voltage modes for extra versatility as well as a quick release magnetic battery cover and spring loaded positive connector for extra functionality and convenience.

This device is sub-ohm compatible down to 0.2 Ohm for improved flexibility of use and has plenty of advanced safety features including short circuit protection, bottom and top battery ventilation, overcharging protection and reverse circuit protection.


What is a box mod?

Named for their boxy shape, box mods do not look like a traditional cigarette, however the extra space that they provide allows for extra components to be added to the device that enhances the vaping experience, such as digital OLED screens, safety features and variable power controls.

Box mods have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to the impressive power that they provide, however they are still relatively easy to use and offer a consistently high quality vape.

While they can be used by beginners and casual users, they tend to be most popular with vaping veterans as they can cater for a wide range of vaping requirements including sub-ohm vaping. Whether you are a cloud chaser or prefer impressive flavours, a box mod can be tailored to meet even the most demanding of vapers’ needs.

Box mod types

typesThere are many different styles and designs of box mods. They may come with a fixed internal LiPo battery which can be recharged through a USB cable, or alternatively, they may have a removable Li-Ion battery which is able to be recharged through a USB cable or via a dedicated charger.

Most box mods which are charged via USB allow the vaper to carry on vaping whilst the device is being charged, however this is not always the case. A mod which has a removable battery enables the user to swap a drained battery for a fully charged one. Both kinds of mods are available and both are very popular.

While two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries is the most common configuration, there can be any number from 1 to 4. Most often, a box mod has a rectangular shape, however some may feature a more ergonomically curved design. Box mods also have regulating chips or boards which may be of the basic variety that simply provides safety protections or a more advanced variety which offers sophisticated functions like temperature controls and variable wattage outputs.

A box mod that has no chip (and sometimes no soldered wiring) is known as a mechanical mod (or mech mod). They can come in a range of sizes and designs and can be made from all kinds of materials including wood, plastic and metal.

They are also available in a broad spectrum of colours, from basic black up to beautifully decorated devices. Box mods are considered to be “disposable” hardware, and their lifespan can range from just a few months right up to several years of excellent service.

All you need to know about Regulated (Box) Mods

An interesting fact about mods is that they were first created from flashlights! In the early days of vaping, some vapers were looking for more power from their device and therefore they used flashlights in combination with a vape pen to achieve extra power.

These mechanical modifications became known as mods, and once manufacturers realised the market potential of these devices, they began to produce sleek commercially available versions. As mechanical mods have advanced through time, new chip technology has been incorporated to produce regulated variable mods with high power outputs as well as impressive safety features.

There are two types of regulated variable mods: variable wattage and variable voltage. These can be used to find the perfect vape to suit your preferences every time. In general, more vapers prefer variable mods to mechanical mods, especially since many of the modern variable wattage mods can match the power of most of today’s mech mods.

They are also more user friendly, easier to maintain and have good safety features such as reverse battery protection, short circuit protection, automatic cut offs and thermal protection.

Mechanical Mod Guide

mechanical modsMechanical mods are simpler than regulated box mods. They take the basic form of an enclosure to hold the battery and connectors installed which attach to an atomiser. As there is no regulating chip, the battery’s entire power courses through the atomiser producing a more intense vaping experience.

Regulated devices are often limited to 3.7 V, however mech mods with newly charged batteries often output as much as 4.2 V resulting in a more powerful vape when the mod is used with a sub-ohm or low-resistance atomiser.

Mechanical devices also have no in-built protection feature to prevent the e-cig from firing if the atomiser is under 1.1 Ohms, and therefore they will still fire at very low resistance e.g. 0.01 ohms. As this may raise safety concerns, vapers who use mech mods often use safe chemistry batteries which will not explode if a short circuit occurs or if power is overdrawn as their special springs will melt the battery if it overheats.

Mech mods are simple to repair. Often, problems can be solved simply by checking the battery or atomiser, or a loose connector or melted spring could be the issue. More maintenance is necessary for mechanical mods however, and regular cleaning needs to be carried out to keep the connectors and threads clear to guard against short-outs.

Another problem with mechanical mods is that the power will drop once the battery loses charge. While a newly recharged battery outputs 4.2 V, it will drop over time to around 3.2 V and therefore users often have to carry several spare batteries with them.

Mech mods are best reserved for experienced vapers who are aware of the safety issues and know how to avoid problems. A less experienced vaper who wants the power of a mech mod but who still wants the peace of mind of safety features should try a variable mod instead.

Vape Mod FAQ

Are Vape Mods Complicated To Use?

There is no single answer to this question as the complexity will vary from device to device. Some are fairly advanced, for example, devices that have temperature controls require a specialist atomiser to use the TC mode, and some mods require vapers to choose their own wattage or voltage levels depending upon their requirement. However, while this makes box mods more difficult to understand and use, they do offer vapers much better flexibility.

Are Box Mods dangerous?

Many people are concerned that box mods are dangerous, and in the past there was some truth in this opinion. However, with today’s modern technology there is no need for anyone to be unduly concerned about the safety of these devices. While box mods do use lithium ion batteries, they are no more dangerous than a mobile phone if they are charged properly and used correctly. For any device which uses batteries to be safe, it is important to use it properly and to always read the instructions thoroughly before using the device for the first time. If you familiarise yourself with the equipment before beginning to vape and as long as you buy your vape mod from a reputable supplier, you can rest assured that your device will be perfectly safe to use and will give you years of high quality, enjoyable vaping.

What Device Is Best For Beginners?

If you have little or no previous vaping experience, you may not be familiar with the complicated concepts like Joules Law and Ohms Law. If this is the case, you should opt for a low output regulated vaping device with integrated internal batteries. When paired with a clearomiser that uses replaceable coils with resistances over 1.0 ohms, you can be sure of excellent safety and ease of use. While a more complicated device may give a more impressive vaping experience, these simple devices will allow you to determine if vaping is the right choice for you before you go to the expense of purchasing a more complex device. There will also be a much less steep learning curve when starting out with one of these more simple devices. Try to embark on vaping with an advanced vaporizer and you could end up putting yourself off the experience for life. A user-friendly vape with simple controls will be more than adequate for beginners and will enable you to get to grips with the basics before moving onto a more technological experience.

What batteries to use for a Vape Mod?

The battery is a key part of your vaping device, supplying its power. Although some devices incorporate an internal battery which cannot be replaced, many use up to four replaceable rechargeable batteries. If you choose a device that has replaceable batteries, you will need to take care to choose the right battery to match your device. You can find out which type of battery your device requires by reading its description carefully before purchasing. Although it can be tricky to get the right kind of batteries to go with your vaping device, there are many advantages to having a model which uses replaceable batteries, since you can always have a fully charged set of spares to hand so that you need have no downtime while you wait for your batteries to charge.

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