Best E Liquid Brand Reviews 2020 – Where to Buy Vape Juice In the United Kingdom?

Looking for the best E Liquid in the UK? We have tested and reviewed the most popular and best E Liquid brands and listed our TOP 6 favourites below. Keep reading to see our TOP picks.

Best E-Liquids in the UK for 2020


VsaviVsavi specialise in producing only 100% VG e-juice using only the highest quality European ingredients. Ethically sourced and never tested in animals, all Vsavi’s e-juices are completely organic and produced in an eco-friendly way. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, there are only 10 flavours in the Vsavi range but all are honed to perfection. The gourmet selection encompasses tobacco, menthol, fruit and dessert flavours, all of which maximise your vapour production for a wonderful, heady vape.

Top Flavours

  • Classic Virginia – a rich, medium strength traditional tobacco flavour with a bright and light aroma. This is a perfect choice for all-day vaping
  • Arctic Menthol – a fantastic combination of spearmint and peppermint, this cool and refreshing concoction ensures a powerful throat hit
  • Coffee Cream – with a delightful coffee aroma and all of the rich taste of creamy coffee, this is the perfect breakfast time vape

Why To Choose Vsavi

  • Impressive vapour production
  • Organic, eco-friendly and ethically sourced
  • 100% VG – ideal for those with allergies to PG


V2 Cigs

vape juice uk from vapour2V2’s Platinum e liquid UK range has been rigorously tried and tested to produce the best possible product, so you can rest assured of a high quality vape. One of the world’s biggest e-juice brands, V2 has come up with 12 great flavours that cover all of the bases from traditional tobacco and menthol tastes right up to fruity and sweet offerings. Each product comes in a choice of 5 nicotine strengths to suit the needs of most vapers and in 10ml bottles (TPD 2017 compliant). Whatever your preferences, there is sure to be something in V2’s collection to suit you.

Top Flavours

  • Congress – ideal for those who are just transitioning from smoking regular cigarettes, this smooth Virginia-style tobacco flavour has been compared to Marlboro Lights
  • Green Tea Menthol – if you’re used to smoking menthol cigarettes you should definitely give this blend a try. A hit of menthol with a twist of refreshing green tea as an aftertaste makes this a subtle but pleasant flavour
  • Cherry – you can’t go wrong with this classic fruit flavour that is both sweet and authentic with a mild throat hit

Why To Choose V2

  • Reliable and impressive flavour from one of the industry’s biggest and best brands
  • A choice of 5 nicotine strengths



buy nicotine liquid uk from ApolloMade in California by skilled chemists with a passion for flavour, Apollo’s e liquids are designed with the preferences of vapers in mind. With 20 different e-juice lines and over 400 varieties in their range, Apollo specialise in offering tastes to suit every palate with layered gourmet flavours and a choice of nicotine strengths. Beautifully packaged, these e-liquids encompass every option from classic tobacco to exotic desserts, all made to the highest possible standard.

Top Flavours

  • RY4 – this is one of the most popular flavours in the world, and it’s easy to see why this is a bestseller thanks to its innovative mix of authentic tobacco with sweet caramel and a hint of vanilla
  • Baja Burst – with a taste that comes close to a Margarita combined with Mountain Dew, this citrusy, fruity blend captures the best of sweet and sour
  • Menthol Breeze – one of the best menthol flavours out there, this e juice is cool and minty, just perfect for all-day vaping

Why To Choose Apollo

  • An extensive range that encompasses all varieties of flavour
  • Produced by qualified chemists
  • Competitive pricing



FA-Q vape liquid ukDesigned specifically for use on drippers and in sub-ohm tanks, FA-Q is an exciting range of e liquids from well known and reputable manufacturer Apollo. With no PG content and a VG content of up to 82%, this is the ideal e-juice for anyone with a PG sensitivity or for cloud chasers, since the vapour production from this e-liquid is especially impressive. The FA-Q range is also characterised by its delicious and exotic flavour blends, and there are 9 fantastic combinations to try, all of which are based on dessert and fruity mixtures.

Top Flavours

  • American Pie – a classic from the USA, this flavour combines delicious buttery pastry with mouthwatering cinnamon apple that is sure to remind you of grandma’s baking
  • Funky Money – a flavoursome fruity combination that blends the sweetness of strawberries with the exotic taste of kiwi and the creaminess of banana – the perfect combo
  • Miss Samoa – a true taste explosion, this e-juice is a powerful and more-ish mix of chocolatey caramel and crunchy cookies topped off with powdered coconut

Why To Choose FA-Q

  • Excellent vapour production
  • Made by the reputable Apollo brand
  • No PG content – ideal for those with sensitivities



jacvapour e liquids ukWell known as one of the UK’s top premium e-liquid brands, Jacvapour’s e-liquids are produced to the highest quality standards and come in an astounding range of types and flavours. Choose from standard, premium, vapourless and DIY ranges in a selection of flavour profiles including sweet, gourmet, coffee, fruity, tobacco and menthol. With a choice of both 10 ml and 30 ml bottles and 5 nicotine strengths from 0% right up to 18 mg, there is certainly something for every vaper in this extensive and impressive collection which comprises no less than 26 different flavours in its Standard range alone. You can even opt for either a PG or VG heavy mix to best suit your vaping style.

Top Flavours

  • Banana Milkshake – creamy and fruity, this e juice tastes surprisingly authentic with a soft smoothness that enhances your vape
  • Smooth Cigar – if you are still craving the strong, smoky, full-on flavour of tobacco, this is the e-juice for you
  • Spearmint – combining the best of a menthol cigarette with all of the refreshment of a stick of gum, this minty sweet flavour has a great balance

Why To Choose JacVapour

  • A choice of either a PG or VG heavy mix to suit different vaping styles
  • A huge selection of flavours and e-liquid styles including the new vapourless version
  • Affordable pricing



epuffer e juice ukAfter almost a decade in the industry, ePuffer have perfected a high quality range of premium e-liquids that are sure to impress. Every product in the line is kosher, gluten free, vegan, alcohol free and non-allergenic, meaning that they are suitable for use by just about everyone, and with a choice of both classic and innovative flavours, there are options to please even the most demanding vaper. Their enormous selection of e-juices comprises just about every taste from authentic tobacco flavours to exotic sweet blends, and every one comes in stylish packaging.

Top Flavours

  • Midnight Pleasure – just as exotic as its name, this unique mix of cotton candy and martini has a delightfully rounded flavour with just enough sweetness to tantalise the palatte
  • Belgo Tobacco – great for new vapers who are making the switch from regular cigarettes, this smooth and authentic tobacco e juice has a lower VG to PG ratio for a hearty flavour
  • Caramel Mocca Latte – an inspired blend of rich coffee with caramel undertones, this coffee house favourite is ideal with breakfast

Why To Choose ePuffer

  • An enormous range of both standard and premium flavours
  • A long established manufacturer with a good record for reliability and high quality
  • Safe for use by all kinds of vapers


Ingredients Found In Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Those who are new to vaping may be wondering about the various ingredients that are contained in e-liquids and want to find out more about what goes into making them. While some people have concerns about vaping a liquid that contains nicotine, they can rest assured that it is a better and, indeed, much safer alternative to standard tobacco cigarette smoking.

The Base Of E-Liquid

While most people are now aware that tobacco cigarettes contain potentially harmful carcinogens and toxins, e-cigarettes have less ingredients which could be damaging to the health. Most e-cig liquids only have 4 or 5 ingredients, which is considerably different from regular cigarettes which are made up of thousands of ingredients. On the other hand, e-cigs generally only contain PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), distilled water, flavourings and, in some cases, nicotine. Both Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol are considered to be safe to vape since they are already found in many popular and commonly used substances like pharmaceuticals and food preservatives.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene GlycolAlthough some critics of vaping have stated that inhaling the Propylene Glycol in e-cigarettes is similar to inhaling antifreeze, there is no truth in this rumour. Although PG is used in the production of antifreeze, it is only the industrial grade version of the product and not its pure form. The PG used in the manufacturing of e-liquids is pharmaceutical grade, and is 99.9% pure, being classified by the FDA as a food additive that is safe for use in food products, medicines and cosmetics. Although some vapers report that PG causes a dry mouth, and it is known to limit vapour cloud production, it does improve the way in which flavour is carried, and it is therefore a useful ingredient in e-juice.

Vegetable Glycerin

Non-carcinogenic and non-toxic, VG is equally as safe as PG and can be ingested and inhaled without causing any harmful effects on the health. VG produces impressive vapour clouds, but is not great at carrying flavour, and this is why it is generally blended with PG for the ideal mix of vapour and flavour. VG has another advantage in that it is hypoallergenic, unlike PG which may sometimes cause an allergic reaction.


e liquid uk with nicotineNicotine is the addictive ingredient that keeps you coming back to tobacco cigarettes, and it is therefore also often found in e-liquids too. However, there is a difference between the nicotine in e-juice and the nicotine in a regular cigarette. While there is no way in which you can measure the nicotine content in a cigarette, its level in e-juice is rigorously measured and can be customised to suit the preference of the vaper. Different manufacturers offer a variety of nicotine levels in their products, and they are generally marked as mg/ml or with a percentage. The most commonly found strengths include:

0.0% (0mg/ml) – this is the ideal level for anyone who has completely quit smoking but who still enjoys the experience

0.6% (6mg/ml) – slightly less nicotine than the amount contained in a regular light cigarette

1.2% (12 mg/ml) – the perfect level for anyone who smokes light cigarettes

1.8% (18 mg/ml) – this is an average nicotine level and is great for regular smokers and anyone who likes a nicotine hit

2.4% (24 mg/ml) – a higher level which is ideal for heavier smokers

3.6% (36mg/ml) – the best choice for chain smokers and those who need a stronger nicotine hit

You can choose the right strength of nicotine that best suits your preferences. If you have tried switching to e-cigs but are still finding it hard to quit smoking, you can try an e-liquid with a higher nicotine strength. On the other hand, if you find you are experiencing symptoms like dizziness, you can try a lower strength and talk to your doctor.

Steeping your E-Juice

e cig liquidWhen you steep your e-juice, you allow it to rest for a while to improve its flavour, much in the same way as you would allow a fine wine to age. There are a number of ways in which you can steep an e-liquid, but for proper steeping there are two essential factors – patience and experimentation. Top e cigarette liquids are made up of around 5 different components and once it has been produced and stored for a while, you may find that the denser ingredients have separated and dropped to the bottom of the bottle. By shaking the bottle as part of the steeping process, the mix becomes homogenized.

When To Steep

You steep an e cig juice to improve its flavour, so if you are already enjoying your e-juice there is no need to steep it at all, you can simply vape straight away. However often you will find that you will enjoy a better flavour after steeping, and therefore if you find that you aren’t enjoying your e-liquid as much as you think you should, you could try experimenting to see if you can improve the taste.

Slow Steeping

Properly steeping an e-liquid requires patience. The simplest method involves allowing the e-juice to sit and rest. First, you should shake the bottle to mix the viscous ingredients, then put it in a cool, dark place where the light will not degrade its flavour. After a week, shake the bottle again and then repeat for a couple more weeks. After this time has elapsed, try tasting the e-liquid and if you are still dissatisfied with its flavour, keep repeating the process, if necessary right up to its expiry date.

What Happens After Steeping

Once your e juice has been steeped you will usually find that its flavour becomes deeper and smoother. It may also undergo a colour change as the nicotine becomes oxidised.


What Is E-Liquid?

Instead of burning tobacco like a cigarette, e-cigs work by atomising e-liquid. E-liquids have a base made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or a mix of the two as well as flavouring and, usually, nicotine. E-liquids come either in pre-loaded cartridges or in bottles.

Nicotine Strengths

When you choose an e-juice it is important to select the right nicotine level for you as this will determine how strong the throat hit will be. If the level you choose is too high, you will get too much of a kick, however if you choose a level that is too low, you will find that your craving will not be satisfied. E-juices are measured in mg/ml, so if the e-liquid bottle contains 11mg, there will be 11mg of nicotine in each ml of the fluid.

6ml – this is an extra low level which is ideal for casual smokers i.e. those who usually smoker under 5 cigarettes a day. This will produce a minimal throat hit.

11mg – this is a low strength which is good for people who are just starting out with vaping. Ideal for anyone who smokes up to 10 cigarettes a day, this level produces a noticeable throat hit.

18mg – a medium level that suits those who smoke up to a pack of cigarettes each day. The throat hit with this level will be quite powerful.

24mg – a high level that is perfect for those who smoke 20 or over strong cigarettes a day, 24mg will produce a strong throat hit.

36mg – the strongest of all the nicotine levels, this is the right choice for chain smokers.

What Are PG and VG?

PG is propylene glycol and VG is vegetable glycerin. These two components are the most commonly found bases for e-liquids. Usually, e-juices contain a mix of these ingredients in various ratios. For example, an 80/20 PG/VG ratio will contain 80% PG and 20% VG. Both ingredients are safe to consume and carry flavour while producing vapour, however PG is able to carry flavour more effectively and VG produces larger vapour clouds. Some people prefer a VG based e-liquid as they suffer a bad throat reaction when vaping PG.

What Is a 100% VG Liquid?

A 100% VG e-liquid contains only Vegetable Glycerin without any PG. Most commonly used for sub-ohm vaping, this kind of e-liquid has a smoother taste and throat hit while being thicker and producing a lot of vapour.

How Should I Store My ejuice?

The way that you store your e cig liquid can have an effect on the way it tastes. As light and heat can damage the flavour, e-juices should be kept in a cool and dark place. They should also be hidden out of the reach of children, preferably in a locked cupboard for extra safety. It should also be kept away from any microorganisms until its expiry date. You may find that your e juice changes colour over time, however this is part of the natural oxidation process and will have no negative effect on the taste. Storing eliquids in glass bottles will help to preserve its flavour and quality, and if you put the glass bottle into a container, you will prevent air transgression.

What Flavours Should I Choose?

Everyone has a different answer to this question depending on their own preferences. To find out which e-liquid you like best, try experimenting with a number of brands and flavours to see which you enjoy. You may prefer a traditional tobacco taste, or alternatively, you may like to try a fruity or dessert flavouring. You should also experiment with a range of VG/PG ratios to see which you prefer.

What Nicotine Strength Should I Buy?

Heavy smokers will require a stronger nicotine content in their e cigarette liquid, however nicotine strength is not always a key factor when vaping. If you vape a lot, you may find that a lower level is actually better since higher levels can cause a strong throat hit that may be too intense. You may also need to vary your nicotine level depending on which device you use, since powerful devices can produce more vapour with each puff. Those who vape infrequently will prefer a strong e-juice, however some experimentation may be necessary to determine the best level for you.

Can You Make Your Own Eliquid?

It is certainly possible to make your own e-cigarette liquid as long as you have the right supplies. You will require bases, flavourings and a pharmaceutical grade nicotine solution as well as an e-liquid calculator to produce the e-juice of your choice.

Why Do I Keep Getting Ejuice In My Mouth?

This shouldn’t happen, and if it does, something is definitely going wrong. When you fill your e-cigarette, you should always ensure that no liquid drips into the middle pin as you need to keep it clear to allow the air to flow. You should also never store your e-cig upside down as this will cause the e-juice to run into the mouthpiece, resulting in it going in your mouth when you begin vaping. Avoid overfilling your tank and if this does occur, place a paper tissue over the atomiser’s open end and blow hard through the battery connector end as this will force the excess out.

Am I Vaping Too Much? How Much Nicotine Is Too Much?

If you find that you are experiencing dizziness, nausea or headaches when vaping, you may be taking in too much nicotine. If this happens, lower the level of nicotine contained in your e juice to 18mg or even 11mg or 6mg. You should avoid chain vaping and always pay attention to how you are feeling as this will act as a warning if you are consuming too much nicotine.

What Is The Maximum Legal E-Juice Nicotine Strength In The UK?

New European TPD laws which are going to be introduced will restrict the maximum e-liquid nicotine level at 20mg per ml. This is slightly lower than the maximum level which is currently offered by the majority of manufacturers, however it is still a decent amount, and a lot of people already vape e-juices that have a lower strength as 18mg or lower is suited to the majority of former smokers unless they were used to chain smoking very strong cigarettes.

Are 30ml Bottles Still Legal In The UK?

At the moment, it is still legal to buy and sell 30ml e-juice bottles in the UK, however a law was passed on 20th May 2016 which stated that refills of e juice can no longer be bigger than 10ml and all existing stock must be sold within one year of this date. At the present time, you will still find bottles on sale that are as large as 60 ml, however very soon this will come to an end as the 20th May 2017 approaches. This new law has been designed to protect vapers from being exposed to high nicotine levels, although it is bad news for anyone who preferred to buy in bulk to save on expense.

Common Problems And How To Solve Them

  • Not being able to taste the e-liquid – this is a common problem which is commonly called “vaper’s tongue”. It happens if you stick to a single flavour without variation. This is a problem which you can easily solve by simply switching to a different flavour for a while. You should always make sure you drink plenty of water, as dehydration exacerbates the problem.
  • Using it too much – if you use low resistance or multiple coils you’ll find you use more e-juice. To solve the problem, switch to higher resistance coils or use a device that has fewer coils.
  • E-juice has changed in colour and flavour over time – if you have stocked up on your favourite flavours but then have found that after a few months the flavour and colour have changed, this is a normal process. Chemical changes happen with time and in some cases, this may work in your favour by improving the flavour, and sometimes it may make it worse. The solution is to use your e-liquid before it turns brown with age. Although steeping for a while can benefit many e-liquids, most have a “sweet spot” where the flavour is at its best. You may need to employ some trial and error to find the perfect spot for your favourite flavour.