The Avatar Vapenut – A Complete Review


One of the problems that some vapers have is that their habit can often create a lot of vapour in the air, and this can not only annoy non-vapers in the environment, but it can also prove to be irritating or even dangerous, for example if you’re vaping in your car. Now, there’s a potential solution to the problem. The result of a collaboration between three of the major vaping industry players – Wismec, Joyetech and Eleaf – the Avatar’s 2, we look at whether or not this device can live up to expectations.

Testing In The Home

Most vapers prefer to vape in the comfort of their own home, and finding a way of eliminating clouds from the air, especially if family members are sharing the space, is often desirable. The Vapenut comes complete with a wall plug, car adapter and two filters, and with four different settings – High, Medium, Low and Auto – to choose from, it should be pretty effective. The automatic setting takes around a minute to filter the majority of clouds from the room, and it works pretty quietly.

Testing In The Car

There is also a car adapter supplied with this device and when used in the smaller environment of a car or truck it works much more rapidly. The auto setting takes around a minute for the filtering system to kick in, but on the high setting, all the vapour is sucked up virtually instantly. This makes vaping inside the car on cold days with the windows wound up a possibility without clouding up your windscreen!

Vaping In Indoor Public Spaces

In indoor public spaces where vaping is allowed there is often poor ventilation and this can mean that clouds hang around for a lot longer than would be desirable. As these spaces are much larger than a car or living room, the Vapenut isn’t as effective but it can reduce clouds by up to 40% even on the medium setting.

High Vapour Concentration Environment Test

Even in environments with a very high concentration of vapour, the Vapenut still produces an impressive result although more than one device might be required depending on the number of vapers in the room. With ten people vaping in a mid-sized room, it took two devices on a high setting to keep the air clear.

Overall, the general opinion is that the Vapenut definitely works, and it functions especially effectively in small spaces. While it does work in larger spaces, it needs to be on a higher setting or there needs to be more than one device, especially if the cloud cover is heavy.

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