Are there Some Flavours of E-Liquids that Irritate the Lungs?


Vaping with some flavours leaves the lungs feeling slightly irritated and raw. This is common happening for vapers, with a majority of individuals attributing this to propylene-glycol sensitivity. This fact makes them shift to using e-liquids which are rather made using vegetable glycerin. New research availed at the 2015 international Conference of American Thoracic Society reveals that certain flavours of e-liquid could prove irritating to tissues of the lungs on cellular level. Perhaps this is something about which you should be concerned.

Scientists took note that certain chemicals used for making flavourings elicited changes to cell proliferation, cell viability as well as calcium signalling. Temperance Rowell, UNC Chapel Hill lead scientist explained that effects of different chemical constituents of e-cig vapour on tissues of lungs remain largely unknown.

Several parameters of cell viability and toxicity pointed to 5 out of 15 tested flavours, indicating overall the adverse effects which cells experienced in dose-reliant manner. The researchers, utilised cultured cells obtained from human airway then exposed them for half-an-hour or 24 hours to varying doses of 13 total e-liquid flavours. Three distinct flavours occasioned irritation, during the 30-minute test, namely Hot Cinnamon Candies, Menthol Tobacco and Banana Pudding. The same flavours in the study of 24 hours caused damaging impact on cells.

Good news exists however, in that nicotine along with associated basic ingredients of e-liquids (VG and PG) did not cause toxic effects of any nature. It appears that irritating response was caused only by flavourings. Rowell indicated that further research is required to truly establish the chemical flavourings responsible for the irritation. The scientist stressed the need to understand potential risks to health posed by these ingredients, along with knowing what causes these risks.

Have you noticed any irritation to the throat or lungs when using some flavours? Has a negative reaction occurred when vaping with menthol, cinnamon or banana pudding?


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