Apollo e-liquid review


Apollo E-Liquid review

Apollo is a leading manufacturer in the e-cig industry offering a full line of electronic cigarettes as well as a wide assortment of gear to make vaping a pleasure. In addition to this, they also offer over 40 flavours of high quality, American made juices for the e-cigs they sell. Their assortment flavours include not just the traditional flavour but popular blends like dessert and fruit-flavoured too.apollo e-liquid review



Apollo E-Liquid

Not only are their e-cigs of high quality, but the assortment and quality of their e-liquids have clinched them a top-rated place in the industry. Apollo makes their e-liquids from only American ingredients of the highest-quality. Professionally developed in Northern California who has set the bar of quality control and standards, there is no doubt why Apollo has grown so quickly over the last few years. The guidelines they adhere too are equal to that food industry, which is one reason why their product is so well trusted. The strict quality-control guidelines include detailed safety protocol starting with the development of different recipe to the bottling so they can be sure that there is consistency in the delivery of their products.[vc_separator]

My Personal Opinion about Apollo’s liquid

This vapour user was attracted to Apollo and their 40 different flavours. Their assortment is excellent and there is a flavour for everyone. They even offer limited editions of their e-liquids throughout the year, to give vapour users a choice. While all of their fruit flavours are big hits and I like those as well, my favourite is the dessert, menthol, and tobacco flavours.

The Top 7 Flavours for Me

Cherry (5/5)

While I like all that I have tried, this is probably my favourite of all, which is an improved version of the original Apollo’s Cherry, which I wasn’t as impressed with. Their new cherry flavour shows this is an e-cig company that is constantly working toward improvement with their electronic cigarette and their liquids, which is part of what keeps me with them. While this new version of cherry still isn’t there as a fresh cherry flavour but more like a food flavouring, it is deliciously awesome.[vc_separator]

Watermelon (5/5)

Another favourite for me is Apollo’s watermelon flavour. It is a flavour that I will quickly recommend to any newbie vapour or experienced vapour. Anyone that has tried agrees it offers a refreshing and smooth, but subtle flavour of watermelon sweetness that is authentic and natural. With no aftertaste, it is one of the better flavours for somebody new to vaping.[vc_separator]

Baja Burst (5/5)

One of Apollo’s newest flavours is their Baja Burst and it has become a favourite of mine now. While the clear and fruity flavours have always been more my taste, this flavour is a fine, rich flavour they have created. Their inspiration came from Taco Bell’s Baja Blast drink and offers the same combination of numerous tropical fruits with a prominence on lime. For the citrus flavour fan, this is a definite gotta-try flavour of e-liquid from Apollo.[vc_separator]

Mango Peach (4.5/5)

Another great flavour from Apollo is their Mango peach, which just as the name indicates, is a mix of Mango and Peach that is well-balanced better than anything I have ever tasted. This is a great flavour for the vapour user that is longing for a summer vacation on the beach right in the middle of the freezing winter. While the peach flavour is the dominate taste of this e-juice, the hints of Mango are there and most noticed as you exhale.[vc_separator]

RY4 (4.5/5)

The RY4 is probably the most favourite flavours of e-liquids around the globe. It mixes the fresh taste of tobacco and the sugariness of caramel & vanilla, making it one of the absolute best of all this vapour user has ever tried. There are some really tasty RY4 e-juices on the market today and there are also several nasty tasting ones as well. But Apollo’s RY4 is the best of them all in my opinion. They have balanced the tobacco flavour well with the caramel and vanilla offering simple hints of flavour varieties that soften the strong edge of the tobacco. Some vapour users may say it borders on their dessert flavour.[vc_separator]

Simply Tobacco E-Liquid (4/5)

I have been a vapour user for many years now but from time to time, I do miss real cigarettes. This Apollo flavour can cure that for me in just a few puffs, tasting much like real tobacco. When those days come around that I lean toward going back to tobacco cigarettes, a few puffs of this resolves that urge quickly.[vc_separator]

Tobacco E-Liquid (4/5)

I ordered this new flavour from Apollo simply out of curiosity and I was very pleased! It is apparent that this company listens to their customers and works hard to give us new flavours.[vc_separator]


It wasn’t easy to narrow down my favourites to 7 from the 40 plus flavours from Apollo. My intended purpose of this review was to give fellow vapours an idea of what this manufacturer can and will deliver. The other e-liquids that I have tried were the 18 milligrams of nicotine and definitely conveyed a decent hit to my throat.

Overall I am impressed with the Apollo brand e-cigs and e-liquids, in particular, the quality of their products and the large range of flavours that come in an array of nicotine levels. Of the several e-liquids that we have tried, the Apollo was the best tasting, especially their fruity range and their pricing is right on the spot.



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