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One of the most respected and a well-known brand in the e-cigarette industry is Apollo E-Cigs. They have been around for as long as most vapour users can remember, and there are many loyal users if the forum postings and user reviews are any indication.

One of the first things I found attractive about the Apollo brand was the packaging. It was an elegant look, but yet a simple black or white packaging. The next thing I discovered was the portable charging case which is something that you won’t find in other starter kits but is extremely useful. So one has to wonder if it “walks the walk” or not. Does it hold up to its looks in regards to how it works? Well here is our review, which we believe you’ll find to be honest and open across the board.[vc_separator]apollo e-cigarette review


Selection: (9/10)

There are 5 different starter kits offered by Apollo. There are also over 40 flavours of e-Liquid, blank refillable cartomizers, and the disposable e-cigars. There are also 2 different types of batteries: the e-cigar style and the eGo style batteries. And they give you plenty of ways to charge your unit with a car charger, a wall charger, and a USB charger. All this fits neatly in a leather case as well as few other accessories that are useful for everyday vaping.

We believe it is pointless to say that the Apollo brand offers a larger variety of products the experienced or the new vaper.[vc_separator]

Design and Packaging: (8/10)

The e-cig offered by Apollo has a design that is sleek and smooth. The boxes that their starter kits are boxed in are magnetically-sealing and their products look more like a futuristic gadget than a clunky e-cigarette. The company logo is clean and neat. What else can we say other than the Apollo brand e-cig simply just looks cool.apollo case[vc_separator]

Vaping Experience:  (8/10)

The experience you’ll have smoking the Apollo brand is excellent and has a consistent vapour production with every inhale. Each inhale is a smooth hit that doesn’t take as much effort as other brands or a tobacco cigarette. The Apollo brand is an economical product with a quality vaping experience. They also offer their Reliant Kit and their VTube Kit V4.0 for those wanting more vapour.[vc_separator]

Price:  (9/10) 

We used the Apollo OHM Go Kit to conduct this review which is priced at £39.95, which we found to be a very good price in comparison with other brands. There is one 1900 mAh batter included in the Apollo OHM Go kit, making it a great starter kit for current smokers that are looking to change over to vaping. The kit has and elegant design that is easy to use and with the OHM plus Portal, everything that is needed to get started is supplied. It is as simple as plug & play setup. There is a USB charger in include as well as a two coils (0.5ohm and 1ohm) and a eml sub-ohm tank. There is also a car charger included in the kit as well.

Overall, this is an excellently priced starter kit making it one of the best deals out there![vc_separator]

Hardware:  (8/10)

The colour of the Apollo brand e-cig is much like the colour of the Colibri Nano, another high-quality brand name. They have black and they have white, we chose to go with the black. Both are the same sleek, smooth, and style which prompted several comments of approval from females.

Each puff of the Apollo Extreme produces a fantastic vapour cloud of vapour, but the battery is a little awkward being extra-long. It will be a bonus for vapour users when one of the e-cig companies comes out with a design that is like the standard cigarette with a battery that has a longer life and still provides a bigger production of vapour.

Apollo also has blank cartomizers which a vapour user can refill with either one of the 40 plus flavours they offer or a homemade version. This offering is very innovative in this industry, which tells us that that are in position for some great moves in this market. [vc_separator]

Flavours:  (9/10)

The large choice of e-liquids that Apollo offers puts them above all other brands of e-cigs. Some of their top selling flavours are Dessert, Drink, Fruit, Menthol/Mint and Tobacco along with their Limited Edition flavours they have all year long. They also offer a superior range called driptonic, which are maximum VG e-liquids which are perfectly suited for dripping. The average Apollo e-liquids are mainly made up of a fifty-fifty PG/VG mix, which is different with each flavour. The e-liquid bottles are child protective bottles that have a small nozzle so that the e-liquid pours easily.apollo e-liquid


Popular Apollo’s Starter Kits

Apollo V-Tube 4.0

In the world of e-cigarettes, Apollo has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers. This would be mostly in part to the well-built devices that cover all the points that a vapour user looks for in an e-cig. After our time reviewing the Vtube 4.0 by Apollo, we feel confident to say this unit is the flagship of their catalog currently out and ranks extremely high when it comes to advanced personal vaporizers.

Everything that you need to vape is included in this kit and there aren’t any tools needed for the easy setup it offers. You will be vaping in just a few minutes of opening the kit. The device has several adjustment buttons on its front, making it easy to get the right setting for your personal liking. And while I didn’t have any issues with their earlier v3 model, and vaped with it for several months when they introduced this one, my hesitance was put to rest quickly and my expectations were met above and beyond. The LCD screen that comes with this newer model is an easy to read size that takes the guess work out of your settings.

The kit for the V-tube kit is great for a vaper that wants a device that offers an amazing battery life and variable voltage while producing a vapour that is amazing.Apollo VTube V4.0 Kit



The Endeavor Starter Kit by Apollo

The Endeavor starter kit by Apollo is a great beginner kit that wants to give e-cigarettes a try. Everything comes in the kit to get a newbie vapour started on their journey of vaping and we promise it to be a fulfilling journey. There are 2 batteries, chargers, and a wall adapter in the kit, as well as 2 cartomizers, 2-10ml bottles of your choice of their 40-plus e-liquids making it a great kit for the person looking to get started vaping.Apollo-Endeavor-starter-kit



The Reliant 75W by Apollo

The Reliant by Apollo is a well-built device that provides the vapour user an outstanding form factor. It will function just as well in either mode: Temperature or Wattage. And while is on the upper end of pricing that other devices that are comparable, you’ll find the durability and performance that you’ll enjoy.reliant-mod-by-apollo



The OHM Go kit by Apollo

The OHM Kit is the impeccable starter kit for the smoker that is looking at changing over to vaping. It has an elegant design that is simple to use and provides you with everything that you will need to begin vaping. The setup is a simple plug & play form.

The OHM comes with a 1900 mAh battery that provides the coil a perfect amount of power for an excellent vape each time. You are able to use any variety of e-liquid blends and not worry about the performance or settings. It simply works. With this unit and a tube of pennies being approximately the same size, the cloud that is emitted from it is amazing compared to other brands.

ohm go kit



How Apollo E-Cigs Stands Out from Their Competition?

They have 2 operations and warehouse in place

There is a fantastic warehouse staffed by a fantastic team in the UK at Apollo. This means that anyone in the EU or the UK can order these fabulous e-cigs and accessories from Apollo and have it with 2 to 3 days. The customer service team in the UK facility is a pleasant group that is always helpful and such a pleasure. When we placed our order from Germany, it took three days for it to arrive, which was totally fantastic! Their website has a live chat feature which is most helpful if you have never tried e-cigarettes and have questions. Or if you have questions about their products or simply need some customer service. For vape users in America, Apollo also has facilities in Northern California.[vc_separator]

Money Back Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty

Apollo is so sure of their products they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for their products and a limited lifetime warranty as well. So if there are any concerns or issues with any of the Apollo product’s electronic components, you can return them for a replacement. Or if you decide within 30 days of getting your Apollo product that it isn’t what you expected, they will provide you and exchange or full refund.[vc_separator]

Free Shipping

For orders over $30 in US funds or £30 in EU or UK funds, Apollo will pay the shipping. Since the majority of their kids are $30 or £30, you won’t pay the shipping. This is a money saver which you can use to buy more e-liquids![vc_separator]

Innovative Products Made Of High Quality

Apollo is continually updating their e-cigarette products in an effort to stay above their competition in an industry that is fast to change. Their offerings of electronic cigarettes are some of the best on the market and this company has so much confidence, they aren’t hesitant to offer a 30 day guarantee or a lifetime warranty.[vc_separator]

The Best E-Liquids

Apollo offers some of the best e-liquids for their e-cigs which are all made in their California lab. The selection they offer is more than any of their competitors and many different options of nicotine that will suit everyone.[vc_separator]

In Conclusion

The Apollo brand offers a great product for experienced or newbie vapers. They have the most simplified starter kits, their Standard Starter Kit or their Extreme Starter Kit. And for the new vaper that already knows what they want, their Superior eGo Starter Kit or their eSlim Starter Kit are perfect. After a new vaper has mastered any of these starter kids, you are a vaping pro and the Apollo VTube Starter Kit is an excellent choice.

The quality of products that Apollo offers is large with their 5 starter kits and 40+ different flavours of their high-quality e-liquids. There is most definitely an e-cig for anyone and everyone. And with their constant promotions they have out there, it is definitely worthwhile putting their website in your favourites!



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