Advertisement of E-Cigs in the UK


Advertisement of E-Cigs in the UKThe U.K is in the midst of a great debate over whether or not electronic cigarette companies should be allowed to promote their e-cigarettes, publicly. The invention of e-cigarettes came with a level of controversy that nobody saw coming, particularly within the anti-smoking groups and politicians. Many people claim that the electronic cigarette normalise and encourage smoking but is that really the case?

Electronic cigarettes are proven to be a safer and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Vapers (electronic cigarette users) inhale water vapour instead of smoke because there is no tobacco or other “smoke – dispensing “products within an electronic cigarette. There are only a handful of “harmful” components within an E – cigarette but none of them are harmful enough to cause damage to the user or anyone around the user.

As of today, electronic cigarette companies are legally allowed to promote their products through the media. Whether that is online, television or the radio, there is no law that says they can’t promote their product. C.A.P: the committee of advertising practice monitors and sensors any ads before they are sent out to the public. They review the ads to make sure they are clear and do not portray any negative or misinterpreted messages.

The current secretary of CAP, Shahriar Coupal, claims that the current set of guidelines provided to electronic cigarette companies/advertisers is not clear enough. She is in the process of creating new guidelines to insure no ads invoke similar messages to tobacco cigarettes. She wants to ensure that the public is not offended or concerned, especially in terms of children (possibly) being provoked to try these electronic cigarettes.


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