About E-Cigarettes


As we all know smoking is unhealthy. Not just for ourselves, but also for people around us. We all know that smoking is major problem that causes cancer, and if you do choose to smoke you will become addicted. You don’t care whether it affects your health or not, and the addiction makes you crave for a cigarette.

This has been a global problem for years all over the world. Even now we have very few alternatives, therefore, we offer you the Electronic cigarette which is the healthier choice for smokers. It is almost like a real cigarette with all benefits. You can hold it; you can smoke it, taste it, and you can get the most important from it – the nicotine.

You may ask, “how then electronic cigarette can be healthier, if it has all benefits as normal cigarette?” Answer is simple – electronic cigarette does not contain any of the cancer promoting chemicals (carcinogens).

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How do Electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs is becoming very popular in today’s society but there is one very common question: how do electronic cigarettes work?

How Electronic cigarette works

Electronic cigarette has three basic components: the battery, the cartridge, and the atomizer.


The battery is the power supply of the electronic cigarettes. Usually it is rechargeable lithium battery. Therefore,  battery is responsible to make electronic cigarette working.


The second component is the cartridge. Usually cartridge is made of disposable plastic. One end is attached to the atomizer. Second one end serves as the mouthpiece through which the smoker inhales vapour.


The atomizer is the part that vaporizes the liquid by heating.  Every time smoker takes a drag on the electronic cigarette; the atomizer is activated, and vapour is produced.

Electronic cigarettes have definitely taken smoking into the next level. It is healthier; you do not need to worry about second-hand smoke hazards. Therefore, an electronic cigarette gives smokers the unique opportunity to choose taste which they prefer.

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