9 out of 10 Smokers can Quit Tobacco With E-Cigarettes


The electronic cigarette is a major breakthrough for anyone who is  willing to embrace the technology and give it a chance.  Smokers across the globe have made the transition, and many others are pondering doing so for many reasons. Many have chosen to utilise the E-cig as an alternative to their tobacco in areas that they are not allowed to smoke tobacco,  while others are using their e-cig to stop tobacco altogether.

There is a lot of hype with the E-cig being at the heart of it all. Studies done by the University of East London have recently have proven that almost all (9 out of 10) smokers used an electronic cigarette to completely stop smoking tobacco. Many of these were long term smokers who had tried other methods and failed in the past. However, in the last decade the E-cig has disproved critics claims that it would increase nicotine dependence and has actually saved lives by freeing people from their nicotine addictions.

When the London University conducted their study they used 1,123 former smokers alongside 218 active smokers. These people were from different regions and from more than 30 countries. There were both male and female participants. Seventy percent were men and of those sixteen percent were from the United States and seventy seven percent from Europe.

[sws_pullquote_left]The end result rendered eighty six percent of those who went in as a smoker coming out as a nonsmoker thanks to their being able to use the electronic cigarettes[/sws_pullquote_left]

The conclusion was nothing short of impressive. The end result rendered eighty six percent of those who went in as a smoker coming out as a nonsmoker thanks to their being able to use the electronic cigarettes. Six percent did still use tobacco at times, but did rely more on an E-cig that traditional cigarettes in social settings.

The study also gave a report on the awesome health benefits that these participants gained from their participation. They coughed less, their breathing improved and they had more energy/motivation. They also reported their skin looking better and a noticeably “clean” mouth and fresher breath. There is no doubt that an E-Cig can and will help even long time smokers kick their nasty tobacco habit. The electronic cigarette is a fairly new item, and like anything new on the market improvements and more studies are being done with the product.

The studies so far have proven to foes and critics that an E-cig is in fact a great solution to smokers who want to live longer, healthier and tobacco free lives. The numbers do not lie, and 9 out of 10 smokers who have tried to stop smoking with an E-cig did stop smoking with an E-cig. Many of these started out simply relying on an electronic cigarette in social settings. It can be done.
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