74 percent of Smokers Surveyed Quit using E-Cigarettes


74 percent of Smokers Surveyed Quit using E-CigarettesMore than 70 percent of smokers who were interviewed in a Survey done recently by University of London, quit smoking with e-cigs, among whom 38 percent had not used a single cigarette for over one year.

Addiction Less of a Concern

Only 18 percent of individuals using e-cigarettes felt that they were addictive like tobacco cigarettes.

As well, the study found e-cigarettes were addictive to less extent than cigarettes with tobacco.

Just 18 percent of total number of users indicated that e-cigarette cravings were equally strong just like for regular cigarettes. Vapers (users of e-cigarettes) as well indicated they waited longer prior to having first puff within the day.

Benefits to Health

Users reported that breathing improved.

The study as well discovered smokers who made the switch to vaping ended up experiencing a large number of advantages.

  • greater breathing ability
  • less jaw aching and throat irritation
  • fewer cravings

Zero Nicotine plus How EU Ban May Prompt Ex-Smokers Getting Back to Regular Cigarettes

The limit set by EU on nicotine may return vapers to cigarettes

Just 1 percent of the users who were surveyed utilised electronic cigarettes with zero nicotine levels – majority vaped 0.8 percent.

The tobacco directive by EU aims at allowing a 0.4 percent maximum in e-cigarettes. E-Cigarette Consumer Association’s Chris Price believes this would render it ineffective for roughly 93 percent of e-cig users. Despite claims by the EU, this tobacco directive is in reality a ban.

Bias Possible

The results unfortunately are very likely to somewhat be skewed since they got recruited via link from the website of an electronic-cigarette retailer. Individuals who have attempted and failed using e-cigarettes obviously have the less likelihood of touring a website compare to those who are exercising continued use of e-cigarettes.

The survey, even then, supports the growing amount of studies showing e-cigarettes are much more effective compared to other devices.

Did e-cigs enable you to quit smoking – as well, do you see them as being less addictive? Kindly comment and tell me your thoughts!


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