6 myths about E-Cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes were on the receiving end yet again with the Arkansas Health Department being on the attacking side. The health department recently released a public health advisory with regards to the health effects of electronic cigarettes. According to the Health department, electronic cigarettes are harmful to the health of both smokers and those who may be close to the smokers. However, the argument presented by this health department cannot hold water and can easily be disapproved. The argument is based on government sources that can be disapproved by a simple and quick internet search. The information published is false and not sincere. We are going to look this public health advisory and point out all the key sectors where information has been misrepresented.

E-cigs can cause cancer among other diseases.

According to the Arkansas Health Department, nicotine activates a number of biological functions or pathways through which smokers are at risk of adult diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis as well as cancer.

This is all a myth and a very wrong assumption. It is true that smoking puts one in danger of getting cancer as well as other adult onset diseases but the chemical responsible for this is tobacco. There is no type of electronic cigarette that contains tobacco, and nicotine on itself has no capacity to cause cancer or any other related diseases. To further prove this point, the American Council on Science and Health publication clearly states that tobacco is the culprit responsible for causing cancer and other diseases and nicotine is in no way harmful to your health.

E-cigs produce potentially harmful chemicals

The Arkansas health department argues that electronic cigarettes emit harmful chemicals which are unregulated and these harmful chemicals pose known and unknown health risks to smokers and non-smokers alike.

A study on vaping done by a professor from Drexel University showed that electronic cigarettes do not pose any danger to smokers as well as bystanders. The study involved over nine thousand observation sessions and it was concluded that there are no toxic chemicals being produced by electronic cigarettes and thus there are no health risks whatsoever to smokers and bystanders as well.

Childhood addiction

The Arkansas health department suggests that exposure of high nicotine levels to teenagers and children may lead to addiction and eventual smoking habit. The health department warns parents that nicotine is easily available in many different forms and this may be tempting to teenagers and young kids.

The main purpose of electronic cigarettes is to help smokers quit smoking the tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes in no way encourage one to be a smoker. Numerous studies done on the use and impact of electronic cigarettes have all suggested that electronic cigarettes have been in fact been helping very many people quit smoking. There is no recorded data where vaping led to any person becoming a smoker. This information put forward by the Arkansas Health Department is false and has no basis at all.

Threat posed by secondhand vapour

The public health advisory states that electronic cigarettes emit substances that pollute the environment and thus affect all those who are exposed to these pollutants. The advisory warns that the devices should not be used indoors or in cars.

This is a myth and totally false information. Secondhand vapour produced by electronic cigarettes are not harmful in any way. Scientists have found no apparent risk to human health on the nicotine content produced by secondhand smoke from electronic cigarettes. Actually, one e-cigarette produces three millionths of a gram of nicotine in one cubic meter of room air. This amount of nicotine is insignificant and poses no risk at all to human or animal health.

Smoking is becoming a Norm

The health department claims that electronic cigarettes produce smoke that resembles tobacco cigarette smoke. The similarity in the combustibles produced by these two products creates confusion at work places, bars and restaurants as well as other places that people vape. This re-normalises smoking behaviours and the clean indoor gains are not experienced.

The claim put forward by the Arkansas Health department that electronic cigarettes are making it normal once again for people to smoke. This is not the case as in fact many smokers have been able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and have totally reformed. The gains of clean indoor air will still be experienced as people cannot stand those who smoke tobacco when there is an option of electronic cigarettes. On the matter of the combustibles produced by both kinds of cigarettes; the two products cannot be compared. Tobacco stinks and produces ashes at the tips while the vapour produced by e-cigs is odourless and there is no ash produced as the device uses rechargeable batteries.

E-cig does not help to quit smoking

Arkansas department of Health recommends that products such as nicotine patches and gums which have controlled amounts of nicotine be used for tobacco cessation. The health department says that electronic cigarettes have not been adequately tested to be used adequately for tobacco cessation. Until electronic cigarettes get the food and drug Administration approval, they are not safe to be used for tobacco cessation efforts.

Ninety nine percent of vapers are ex-smokers. Electronic cigarettes wouldn’t have gained so much popularity if they were not helping in tobacco cessation efforts. Majority of people who use electronic cigarettes are former smokers and they have clearly benefited from these gadgets. Furthermore, there are numerous studies that have been done which have proved that e-cigs help a lot of people to quit smoking habits. The argument put forward by this health department is misplaced and only misleads peoples.


For a very long time there has been a serious war being waged on electronic cigarettes from many different sectors. The war is normally launched based on misconcepts and false evidence. It is time to rise up and tell the truth so that people may not be lied and the right to vape clean and healthy cigarettes taken away. E-cigs are not harmful in any way and in fact they are very helpful when it comes to quitting smoking.


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