Breaking: 10,000 Lives Saved by Electronic Cigarettes in 2014


By now we are aware that electronic cigarettes are a much safer alternative to tobacco, but until now, public health benefits have ben unclear pertaining to the vaping alternative. This week, CASAA Scientific Director Carl Phillip revealed the current importance of e-cigs to Americans. CASAA data suggests that to date 10,000 lives were saved and he further predicts an additional 400,000 lives could be saved in 2015 pending e-cigarette availability.

Phillips’ statements revealed the importance of electronic cigarettes to the future of American health. “We are confident that smokers who switch to e-cigarettes have an increased likelihood of being saved from smoking related premature death.” Phillips further states that mounting evidence indicates that e-cig alternatives account for both cessation and lowered premature death rates.

2009 tobacco research calculates the number of American deaths that were prevented by the e-cig alternative. He estimates that 10,000 smoking related illnesses and deaths would have resulted in 2014. Research further demonstrates that e-cigs offer a safer alternative than a “cold turkey” approach.

“Switching to a low-risk alternative is usually more successful than sudden cessation, even if the alternative has zero risk.” He believes this is due to prolonged smoking before complete cessation; which poses a greater risk than its alternative counterpart.

In addition Phillips suggests that 400,000 deaths will be prevented in 2015. These numbers are significant for e-cig research and need to be carefully examined in compliance with FDA regulatory procedures. “If the FDA had been successful in their 2009 e-cig ban, over 10,000 Americans would be deceased. Phillips further states “There is much work to be done to ensure that smokers have an attractive alternative to the statistical result which is premature death.”

As we move forward into 2015 New Year, we should continue spreading the word about the benefits of e-cigs to American health. There are many critics that insist that e-cigs are nothing more than a modified regurgitation of analog tobacco products and so proper evidence must continue to be presented.

How was your health impacted by e-cigs in 2014?


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