10 Motives review


Based in Sandbach, Chesire, 10 Motives is a company that specialises in distributing electronic cigarette accessories, disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. This company is very dedicated to ensuring that all its customers get assistance when they need it hence they have made sure that they have ready customer support on every weekday during business hours. You can get three rechargeable e-cigs from 10 Motives. These are the Menthol Rechargeable, the V2 Regular Rechargeable and another one known as the i-Vape. The Menthol and the V2 Regular rechargeable are sold at £13.99 while the i-Vape, which is slightly more expensive than these other two, goes for £39.99 apiece.  In addition to the e-cigs, you can also get electronic cigars, carrying cases, refill cartomisers and a wide range of personal charging cases.

The i-Vape kit comes with the following items:

  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Four cartomiser refills
  • A personal charging case, commonly referred to as a PCC
  • A USB charging cable

With this in mind, it’s safe to place the i-Vape from 10 Motives in the same category with starter kits like the Green Smoke Express Kit and The V1P PCC Starter from JacVapour. So what’s the difference between what you get from 10 Motives and the other brands of e-cigs? Read on as we take a closer look to bring you all these differences.

10 motives review


10 Motives review – Packaging and Design

When it comes to packaging, the i-Vape starter kit comes packed with a USB cable for charging, a personal charge case, two rechargeable li-ion batteries and four cartomisers. The kit is very well designed to neatly hold all these items. The first thing most people notice when they lay eyes on this kit is the personal charge case. This case is mostly black with the brand name printed on the main front face. It also has another vertical stripe (orange in colour) and an indicator that gives the remaining battery life. This indicator is found on the lower part of the PCC’s body.

The e-cig itself is simply designed and very effective and easy to use. It’s made using a two-piece design that is very much like conventional tobacco cigarettes. The battery is white and the cartomiser looks very much like the cork found in the traditional cigarettes. The battery’s body has the company’s logo and a number of lines that are evenly spaced. Just like it is with the other electronic cigarettes, a light goes on when the vaper takes a drag. This makes it look very much like traditional cigarettes. Generally, 10 motives did a good job on the i-Vape’s PCC and the e-cigs. However, the battery indicator seems to be out of place and could use a better placement.


10 Motives review – Flavour/Vapour

10 motives cartridgesAt the moment, you can get a total of 12 flavours on cartomisers from 10 Motives. There is a “regular” flavour that gives buyers the option of choosing from nicotine strength of 11, 16 or 18mg. For the users who prefer a wide variety, 10 Motives will give you the option of choosing between Peach, Blueberry, Menthol, Grape, Cherry, Watermelon, Classic American, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee Flavours. This is one thing that makes 10 Motives to stand out when compared to many other similar electronic cigarette companies. However, it’s important to note that only two flavours will come with the rechargeable kits in the e-cig package. These two are the Menthol and Regular. If you need any other flavour, then you will need to purchase it separately.

When it comes to assembling the product, you have no reason to worry about having any technical expertise. You simply need to screw the two separate units and you will be ready! The cartomiser easily screws onto the battery to come up with an e-cig that’s not very far from the regular nicotine cigarette. While the “regular” flavour is enough for the average vaper, it doesn’t present anything really special when compared to the other brands of electronic cigarettes in the market. One downside of this model is that it doesn’t produce a big vapour cloud. Of course, this is a big plus for the users who don’t like blowing out huge clouds of vapour. In a nutshell, despite having a few small downsides here and there, the i-Vape still manages to stand out when compared with many of the electronic cigarettes available in the market today.


10 Motives review – Battery and Responsiveness

Like we mentioned earlier in this review, the i-Vape comes with two rechargeable li-ion batteries. Each of these batteries is a complete replica of the other and comes with the company logo near the junction where the battery joins the cartomiser. With a battery life indicator on the PCC, users of this e-cig are able to accurately predict the amount of vaping that they will be able to get from this unit before the need for recharging comes up. To charge the batteries, you only need the included USB cable and a USB power outlet or even a laptop. You only need to plug the powered cable to the personal charging case and in a few hours you’ll be ready and back to full battery capacity, which is enough to last the average vaper through a normal workday.10 motives battery


10 Motives review – Warranty

Being distributors, 10 Motives as a company does not give warranties for any of the electronic cigarette devices that they sell. However, they do give a three month warranty for the batteries. This lack of warranty is common among electronic cigarette companies and it makes sense because nobody would like to use a returned and refurbished cartomiser. It’s disgusting and unethical to say the least. This is why returns are discouraged for e-cigs.


10 Motives review – Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, you can get connected to 10 Motives support staff via email, regular mail or on their phone lines. Support is available on weekdays between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. Support is not available on public holidays.


10 Motives review – Conclusion

In summary, electronic cigarettes from 10 Motives come fitted with everything that you need from an e-cig. Unless you have very unique requirements, you should be able to find something that works for you from the wide range of options available from this company. However, if you need customer support, you need to plan your time accordingly because they are not as ‘available’ as most users would want them to be. That aside, they produce great products and are always ready and willing to help.



  1. I have already sent you an e-mail regarding this product which I have been using for sometime now but they the refills seem to run out in less than half a day, this does not seem correct?

  2. I stopped smoking using this brand over 18 months ago now but lately i have noticed that the batteries aren’t lasting as long and i bought one recently that only lasted for 1 week then stopped working completely. The company have also changed the flavour and packaging of the flavour refills. They aren’t as nice any more. I did contact customer services about these problems but hey just say we need receipts etc etc..I don’t keep receipts for weeks on end…in fact our local shop doesn’t give receipts unless you remember to ask for one. Looking at swapping to a new brand but have been looking around review sites like this one for advice

  3. I have been using these for 3 years. They have recently been bought by British America Tobacco. Result is they are now made in China, price has gone up and quality/taste down. The refills last a fraction of time they used to, so this is now costing me three times as much. Have left already!

  4. I have had hundreds of vanilla csrtomizers. They either have the wrong favouring in them or have a disgusting taste. When the favouring is right it’s great. I have sent so many back. I Tell them to sent them back to the manfactors. Now they refuse for me to sent them back. I opened two packets of csrtomizers. All had the wrong flavouring it made me ill. Company seem to go into denial. Very rude to me on the phone. I can’t smoke the oil, it makes me cough. I have forty in a bag faulty. Thinking of sending them to the trading standards.


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