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Best E-Cigarette UK 2016


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top electronic cigarette details

v2 logo

V2 Cigs was established in 2009 and now it is one of the biggest E-Cigarette brand worldwide and #1 brand in the USA. At the moment V2 Cigs have over 10000 retail outlets. In any review site about e-cigs, you will always find the V2 cigs review among the top. Some of the reasons as to why this e-cig brand is standing out and giving many of its competitors a hard time is because it is durable, elegant and reviewvisit site

jacvapour logo

JacVapour is another well-known E-Cig brand in the UK market. Based in Scotland, they offer a wide range of options for both new and experienced e-cigarette users. Lately JacVapour are offering some really advanced vaping devices, so I would strongly suggest to check them out. Okay, let’s take a closer look at the Jacvapour V1P starter kit…
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epuffer logo squareePuffer manufactures only medical grade made of highest quality controlled electronic cigarettes. They take meticulous care of the entire production process, starting with the selection of the raw materials, pharmaceutical grade liquids, training and various detailed tests on each and every product. This company has been around since 2008, launching their first product in April 2008 and since then have grown to a reputable and well-known brand. If it’s the quality you care about then you won’t be disappointed with any of their products…
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cigees logoCigees LTD are located in the UK. They are company with almost 4 years of experience in the E-Cigarette market and their popularity amongst electronic cigarette users, as well as overall demand for their products, is rapidly increasing. There aren’t too many reviews online about Cigees yet, so I decided to buy their Majestic starter kit and be one of the first to review this brand (this was a few months ago). The things I like most about Cigees are that the product is an affordable 2-piece electronic cigarette and they have good…read review  visit site

vype box logoVype is a well known e-cigarette brand in the UK. At the moment they offer 3 different starter kits – eStick kit, ePen kit and eTank kit. All three starter kits are very affordable and range from £12.99 to £19.99. For this review I used most popular Vype’s kit – Vype ePen starter kit. It cost me £14.99. Let’s take a closer look to Vype E-pen..
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E-lites logo

E-lites are veterans of the E-Cig industry – they have been developing and improving their E-cigarettes since 2007, so I am not surprised that they are one of the biggest E-Cig brands in the UK. E-lites are authentic and top-quality E-cigarettes. For this  review, I bought the E-lites Original Full Starter kit, which cost £14.99 and is nice cig-a-like kit for beginners. So let’s take a look at this kit…read review  visit site

apollo box logoOne of the most respected and a well-known brand in the e-cigarette industry is Apollo E-Cigs. They have been around for as long as most vapor users can remember, and there are many loyal users if the forum postings and user reviews are any indication. One of the first things I found attractive about the Apollo brand was the the packaging. It was an elegant look, but yet a simple black or white packaging. The next thing I discovered was the…read review  visit site